Pictorial of horses playing in snow

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We got couple inches this morning, but the horses just can't stand it. Don't you just wish we all had that kind of energy. I did go for my usual 2.7 mile walk, but no jogging - too slippery, I burned enough energy just trying to stay upright.

Of course, Big is the center of attention in this pictorial. And even if it does look like he just wiped out, he is really rolling...snow is a lot cleaner than the other green and black stuff he has been rolling in lately.

Must have been a good idea, because even my old (28) leopard appy, Echo, decided to roll.

While Echo was rolling, Hawk (far left) and Big (of course) were sneaking up on him. But Echo jumped up and was ready to defend himself (playfully).

Echos enthusiasm just encouraged my little trouble making Big all that more.

And when Echo got tired, Hawk was ready to take over, but Big is relentless and didn't mind at all.

And then everyone decided to race around the pasture a bit.

But they are still fat and lazy and hoped that I had some treats, so they soon tried to approach me.

And I'm a mean mommy, so I only encouraged them to run some more.

And some more (Big isn't sure, he is checking me out over his shoulder).

Other horses at the ranch...

And this one looks like a Jody Bergsma...

Hope you all enjoyed this and are having a great day! Smiles - Debie

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