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What I'd Hoped to Accomplish--and DID Accomplish--in 2010: A Reflection

Monday, December 27, 2010

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog in which I reflected on 2009 and set some intentions and goals for 2010. I had a pretty hefty list! Here it is, copied verbatim from my blog with some notes on how I did working towards each of these goals.

1) Continue to work towards my goal of losing 110 pounds (I think it’s a realistic goal to say I’d like to see another 40-50 pounds gone in this upcoming year).

emoticon I actually lost 85 pounds instead of the 40-50 I had hoped for, and I'm down about 125 pounds total--not the 110 I had set my sights on.

2) Meditate more regularly and consistently.

emoticon I'm still not doing this as much as I had hoped, but I do regularly carve out space to just BE with myself and be present. I also developed my practice more by creating a space where I JUST meditate and by reading more about mindfulness and guided meditation. I know that much like anything else, this is very much about me finding my niche, my routine, my groove.

3) Make some decisions about what the future holds in terms of my degree program and next career moves.

emoticon I've very much done this, although not until the later part of the year. There is much in the works I'm not quite ready to share yet, but besides that, I'm making progress in my degree program AND have gotten to teach two semesters at the college level this year--something I never DREAMED I'd actually get to do!

4) Get back into playing / practicing / recording music.

emoticon Alright, just a thumbs up for this one. I made progress here, but not nearly what I'd intended. I hope to have more time in my life for this one this upcoming year, but I'm not certain it will make my list of goals--I'm just not sure it's as important to me now as it was last year this time!

5) Continue my self-work, my therapy, and my participation in my support group.

emoticon I so very much did this!

6) Continue being honest and authentic while also allowing myself space to keep some things private and personal; trust in my wisdom to know the difference between privacy and withdrawl.

emoticon I did this one so well that I'm surprised to see this on my list of goals from last year. The balance in my life right now between private and "public" is very much working for me.

7) Continue to jog in a way that is reasonable and safe.

emoticon I also very much did this one. At the start of the year, I could jog a few miles each week. I now run about 20-25 miles a week and absolutely love it!

8) Participate in my first 5k (and do at least a little jogging).

emoticon I participated in five 5k races this year and watched my time advance from 39 minutes to 30:05 at my last race--and I'm proud to say I've jogged every step of the races I signed up for.

9) Walk a ten-mile walk.

emoticon Just a thumbs up for this one too! I got a little derailed with this goal. I had a serious knee injury in July that actually wound up making walking long distances a big challenge. I did manage an 8.5-9 mile hike this year though--definite progress towards that goal!

10) Walk at least 500 miles total this year.

emoticon Well, I managed to meet this goal back in June--haha! I've traveled over 1,000 miles this year by walking, jogging, or running, and I biked and swam another few hundred.

11) Remain in my calorie ranges on at least a very consistent basis.

emoticon The only days I slipped out of calorie range this year were intentional--days when I had burned an obscene number of calories in training that needed to be replenished, and I replenished with healthy calories. This one has been truly key for me. There were no vacations, no "breaks." My contribution to my wellness doesn't go on break!

12) Continue to abstain from alcohol.

emoticon I'm 458 days sober.

13) Continue to reflect on and improve my spirituality.

emoticon This was huge for me this year. Meeting this goal has changed my life in ways I cannot describe.

14) Continue to connect with, and open up to, genuine friends in an authentic way.

emoticon I'm proud to say I'm doing this, AND I've actually made a handful of wonderful new friends who provide me with space to be genuine and authentic. This too was something I never really anticipated happening this year, and I could not be more thrilled.

15) Limit time spent with toxic and unhealthy people even further with the goal of eliminating these relationships from my life permanently.

emoticon I've really done this one too. I've phased out a lot of toxic relaitonships I was carrying around (which made space for those much healthier new friendships I mentioned above!).

16) Continue to use the word “NO” and stand up for myself.

emoticon I've done this one in HUGE and challenging ways this year. It hasn't always been easy, and it definitely hasn't always been received well. But I've stayed true to myself and done what I needed to do and said what I needed to said in order to be good and true to myself. For the most part, the result has been ultimately better relationships (even if the relationships struggled as I learned new ways to stand my ground and as others struggled to receive this change in my behavior). Where the relationships have faded or suffered as a result, I recognize I'm much better off, regardless of the outcome.

17) Read at least 30 books.

emoticon I read 32. :-) I have my sights set on a bigger goal for 2011!

18) Fill my journal by the end of the year.

emoticon I'm 16 pages short!

19) Increase my consumption of the healthiest foods while decreasing my consumption of less stellar foods.

emoticon I very much achieved this, and I also consider this a perpetual work in progress.

20) Eat less meat.

emoticon I've made progress on this one throughout the year, but in the past month, I've eaten meat maybe once. I am, however, still eating fish, rendering myself a pescevegetarian. :-)

21) Set a budget for food shopping and stick to it.

emoticon I did much better at this the first half of the year, and I've let it slip since late summer.

22) Set a budget, period, and stick to it.

emoticon This too has slipped.

23) Continue to find new ways to produce less waste.

emoticon I did better at this the first half of the year. But as a result, I recycle way more things, reuse a lot, and Dan and I do a lot of things habitually around the house that produce less waste--and where it's habit, it's going to last!

24) Add at least 35 more birds to my life list.

emoticon I added about 15-20.

25) Build a garden.

emoticon What a terrific joy this one was this year! My garden was one of my highlights for 2010. I'm so excited already for the spring! We're expanding the garden we started in 2010.

26) Continue to improve my relationships with family and my partner.

emoticon I'm so proud of this one. I've achieved this on all fronts, even when it was difficult and a struggle.

27) Continue to put me, my needs, and my recovery first.

emoticon :-)

28) Find more ways to be consistently joyful and grateful in every day life.


Really, I'm so pleased with how I did meeting the goals I set for myself this year. I made progress on each of them, completely surpassed my expectations on several, and learned so much about myself along the way. It's been a truly wonderful year, and I could not have asked for anything more. I've met and passed my weight loss goals, and I live, every day, a consistently happier and healthier life with more joy and peace.

I'm so excited about what 2011 might bring and am still thinking through what my goals will be going forward!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday!

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