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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've been bouncing back and fourth with my weight. One week I will do great and be at the low point 154 then another I will be 158.. then the next 160. Now I'm 160. I'm not at all proud of myself. When I look in the mirror I can see the difference in my face even these six pounds makes. When I'm at 154 I feel so much closer to my goal even though it's still so far away. But at least I feel in control of my eating and in control of my life. I need to get back on track! It doesn't help that noone ever wants to go to the gym with me. I have a lot of negative influences in my life. My husband who only wants to go out to dinner and eat ice cream every single night. My sister who says we'll go to the gym then backs out every time, whom might I add doesn't even need to go to the gym. And my friend who also backs out every time. She was going with me full strong then nothing! I gotta just do this by myself now. It is just me that has to control the diet and exercise daily. Noone else. I can do this.
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    You've gotten so much good advice! I understand b/c my family was similar; especially concerning the hcg with 500 calories. I'd researched so much about hcg that I had good answers to their concerns and HCG SparkPeople forums helped me so much. Now 48 lbs less; my husband brags on me & HCG! He said (in our 34 years) he has never seen me so successful about losing weight & I've had no side effects. I get lots of encouragement from my family & friends. I look & feel great and I haven't said that about myself in 25+ years.

    You Go Girl!! You are so worth it! I especially liked DocDutton's reminder to me of that saying. I'm putting that back up!! When you get down on yourself, come to these forums. Most of us have probably been there and done that!! We do care!!

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    3221 days ago
    Thx for all the nice comments you guys.. shawnababy thenewcindy and docdutton your words are so true.. salina and liwetzel I'll try to keep your words with me
    3221 days ago
    Don't forget to ask your higher power for guidance! Sometimes going at it alone can be so overwhelming, but your higher power will not let you down!
    3222 days ago
    Being able to keep yourself motivated is the greatest feeling. I have the option to workout with my husband, but I've found that I now prefer to do it in the morning before he's awake. Its my "Me Time"! But I do understand how difficult it is to stay on track when there are temptations all around you. Keep Strong Girl!
    3222 days ago
    You can depend on no one to help you susceed or stick to it. You have to do it YOURSELF. I too was frustrated that no one wanted to encourage me to loose weight and get healthy,and exercise. It is so hard to go it alone, but one day I made up my mind that I would do this alone I would susceed in loosing weight eating right at what ever cost and constantly remind my self that" I'M IMPORTANT,MY HEALTH IS IMPORTANT, I'M WORTH IT ALL,AND I CAN DO THIS MY SELF." and as I begain to loose weight and eat right,and use HCG and stick to protacol, my resalts were wonderful, I'm on round 2 of HCG,day 30. to date I have lost 50 pounds, and 8 pants sizes. I'm so glad I 'm doing this by my self, now my Family see's how important it is to me and they encourage me to stick to it, and compliment me in my progress.
    3222 days ago
    You def can do it....just remember why you want to lose the weight!!! Even if you dont have the support just focus and dont worry about others...its your body!!!
    3222 days ago
    thanks for your comment and that's completely true
    3222 days ago
    There's a quote I like that I found on SparkPeople a while back that help me. I have it taped on my computer.

    "There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something you accept no excuses, only results."

    Here's to your commitment to be the change agent in your life.

    3222 days ago
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