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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi hi hi!! SO sorry, didn't realize it'd been nearly 3 months since i've last posted. i'm trying super hard to get everything back on track..which leaves little time for blog posting.

ok..lemme see..

My hair is still pink.. Mom & Dad both shaved their heads.. the big reveal to my Aunt Lydia was yesterday. They surprised her in NC, along with bags of well wishes and gifts!

Mercury is in full retrograde swing, which is throwing my life horribly off! My boots that i bought when i took my motorcycle course back at the end of september are trash. If any of you follow me on Facebook you'll be able to see pictures of them and why i'm now SWEARING OFF OF WALMART! you will not ever buy a quality thing from that discount hell. so, unless i'm in a horrible bind..and nothing else is close by, i'm not shopping there ever again! I'll stick with target, and other higher end stores. as i've put Target stuff to the test..my kids actually OUTGROW the clothes before they wear out. i've been able to hand down clothes between kids because they're still in good condition..where as i've had stuff bought for them, and admittedly i've purchased from Walmart and well..just a few months down the road it's in the trash..wasted money!
So today i went boot shopping. 1st place i went too, was out of business.. some place that was in business for a long time..it made me sad :( then on the way to the Harley-Davidson store, i stopped in Red Wing Shoes..which if you need good sturdy, Made in the USA Mens foot wear..that's the place for you! but i'm not a man, and none of those styles even caught my eye. So off to the Harley place i went..and i saw several pairs of boots that i liked. yes, they're pricey but well quality & durability often are! so my hopes are that in a couple weeks time when i've had time to save up the money, the boot choices i liked i can go back and choose from. if not..i'll just have to look elsewhere.

I've also quit smoking. Told a person on my Twitter feed that i was going to be quitting..and when i'd realized it'd been a bit longer than i said..my body started to *reject* my smoking habit..and now it's been a week since i've smoked. With the cost of the brand of cigs that i smoked being over $6 here in NH that's $12 a week that i'm now saving. That money will be funneled into savings accounts that i've started for the minions. there's only $5 in each of their accounts right now..but i plan to change that monday and bump it up to $10 as that's all i'll be able to spare.(that's a $20 chunk of change as i've got 4 kids) The hubs has yet to quit .. if he does it's gonna be nearly $20 a week we'd be saving as his are over $5 a pack and he goes through a pack every couple of days since he started to cut back, instead of nearly a pack a day. i've been reminding him about quitting.. it's just not sinking in ..i'm to the point of ultimatum. we CANT afford his smoking habit.. not if we want to be able to move into our own place again. we need that extra money. that would be nearly $100 a month put aside!!!

ok.. got side tracked..haha..

Well the separation didn't last but for 3 months. It never did take me long to settle my mind on anything. i'm not whole but working for it. about a little more than a month ago, i got slammed so to speak by a mack truck. things weren't right..i'd been trying to figure out why it still didn't feel right living at my parents house. i'd finally figured it out. While it still doesn't feel like home, there's a roof over my head, i'm helping my parents out as they're helping us too. There was a plain set of rules laid out. if they're broken, all h3ll will break loose and i'll be the one letting it out!

ok well time to fold laundry so that when the time comes to put the baby minion to bed (aka Kai) i can do so and not have to worry about getting clothes out as well for the kids come morning.

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    Sounds like you are setting things in motion for the new year! May I suggest www.daveramsy.com My husband and I already we in motion to buy a home of our own when we listened to his audio book Total Money Makeover. It has changed our lives and will help anyone and everyone.
    3614 days ago
    Good to hear from you! Hope you find some boots!
    Great news about no smoking. Keep up the good record!
    3625 days ago
    Smoking is certainly NOT cheap! (It's at least cheaper in NH than in Mass!)..but CONGRATULATIONS on quitting! That is AWESOME! I really want my husband to quit, but he isn't ready, so I know it isn't going to happen...someday though...
    3625 days ago
    Congrats on quitting smoking. I quit 5 months ago. One of teh BEST decisions I ever made!
    3628 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7779450
    Congratulations on quitting smoking, that's just awesome! It's been one year and 3 months since I quit and I feel GREAT about quitting. Just keep imagining that it's been a year and how you will feel then, and before you know it, it will be! YAY for you!
    3629 days ago
  • MORETA63
    Keep on keepin' on, as we used to say many years ago. One day, one step at a time. You'll get there!
    3629 days ago
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