Why I'm officially a Vegetarian on Day 57

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today is Day 57 of my 70 day countdown to New Years and the new me. Today is the start of something new for me and something that I felt like the world was just "forcing" me to do, today is the start of me officially being a Vegetarian! emoticon Last January First I made a choice to stop eating Red meat and only eat lean meats (Chicken, Turkey and Fish) as a way to get myself started on the road to a healthier me and I'm proud to say that as of New Years this year it will be one year since I have eaten read meat! However I have maintained eating other lean meats as a way to get my protein in but given recent events I have decided that the world is literally forcing me to become a Vegetarian and that is exactly what I'm about to do!!!

emoticon emoticonNow before I go ahead and divulge my reasoning's for making this choice let me first WARN all of you that if you are a visual person(as I am) or if you get grossed out easily or if you are a avid meat eater, you may not want to read further because Id hate to disgust anyone as I have been. emoticon What I'm about to tell you was so gross it has literally convinced me to stop eating any type of animal!
So without further adieu... Last night like my activity feed stated I had Popeye's for the first time ever. Our friends came over we had a nice dinner there of Popeye's with lots of sides and I was there my eyes big as can be serving up my dish and all was well. I sat down to eat (just a side note I was starving since I normally eat dinner at 5pm and this time it was 7pm) as I bit into my delicious fried breaded chicken I felt something weird in my mouth and as I pulled it out I literally gagged in my mouth.. anyone wanna take a guess at what it was?? Well I will tell you, it was a fried, wrapped up in the batter and skin of my chicken a freaking FEATHER!!! emoticonso freaking disgusting!!! Okay so I did my whole ewww that's gross thing and the whole I'm not eating this anymore and my husband and our friends where like come on Bri just eat a different piece... Okay so it smelled so yummy and good I just couldnt leave my other piece alone, so I picked it up and bit into it and this time I got a mouth full of yummy tendons and cartilage... emoticonthat's it I cant handle this! So I was fully disgusted and content having mac and cheese and pototes and corn for dinner!
Okay so flash forward to today, I had fully forgot about the incident and just decided that I wont eat Popeye's again. We are having a lunch to celebrate the holidays here at work, the bosses ordered chicken emoticon Okay I thought, maybe I'm just being a baby so I will give it another try. I serve up my dish full of salad with a little pita bread and humus emoticon I'm all ready to chow down, I even decided to give chicken another chance cause I was starving and it smelled AMAZING! Anyway so I go to bite into it and what do I pull out but a big ass long hair!!!

emoticon emoticonChicken! emoticon emoticon Meat! I am so over this! I am down to eat anything from the ground or grown from nature but I am so over the disgusting unsanitary meat industry and there lies to us! I am so grossed out and disgusted, I dont know if I will ever be able to eat meat again.. So now my new journey as a vegetarian begins! Anyone who is a vegetarian I would love tips on how to get my protein in because that is the only thing I worry about with my new life style choice!

Thanks for reading, hope I didnt scare anyone off the meat wagon or gross them out to badly. As far as everything else its going.. slowly, I allowed myself to eat Del Taco this AM for breakfast and indulge in some humus and pita bread for lunch emoticon but I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow AM before my little guy and hubs wakes up and before the craziness of my weekend ensues! I'm a little scared about tom. I dont know how my body will handle the workout since I havnt worked out in two weeks but hey you gotta get back on the wagon some where and its better sooner than later!

emoticonHappy Holidays Everyone!! May you all have a safe and blessed weekend! emoticon

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  • RACEMOM576900
    Now that is really appetizing!! I love chicken, but will only eat it if I cook it or it is broiled. No batter fried covering for me. I like to see what I am eating. Good for you for going all veggie. I may be joining you soon enough, but for tonight it is Red Lobster!!
    2713 days ago
  • JENNIE745
    Eww gross! As gross as it sounds, but at least it gave you a good reason to stick with it. I have been working towards vegetarianism/veganism over the past year also. Your story gives me a reason to not eat meat at restaurants, as that is the main place that I eat meat.

    As for protein, you can get it from many sources, my favorite is quinoa, it is a full protein containing all of the amino acids. This grain pretty much takes on the flavor of anything you cook with it. My suggestion is to cook it in vegetable stock and be sure to rinse it well before cooking. I slip it into many things just to make sure I get my protein allowance.

    Another is beans, but obviously you should stark slowly with beans so prevent any stomach issues, such as bloating and the after effects ;-)

    There is also tofu, nuts, and other things like that.

    There are a ton of cookbooks and other books that you can get from your library. My favorite cookbooks are Viva La Vegan and anything by Colleen Patrick Goudreau... Oh and Babycakes has a lovely one, there is an awesome banana bread recipe in there.

    Good luck on your vegetarian journey.
    2714 days ago
  • POOK_70
    Way to go! I've been on the doorstep, with one foot over the threshold of becoming a vegetarian for a long time now. It's been a LONG time since I've eaten red meat too.
    I have a lot of weird/gross food issues, and I KNOW those incidents you had would ruin my meal! You'll do awesome as a vegetarian!
    2714 days ago
  • BEAR2009
    Hope you do well as a vegetarian! I think those episodes would have totally grossed me out as well.
    2714 days ago
  • CHRISTINA_2948
    wow that is really really gross... good luck... emoticon
    2714 days ago
  • MUNCHIE718
    Hello! I've been a vegetarian for more than 20 years. The first few months are the hardest. I add beans, nuts, soy, tofu & organic dairy to my meals. To be honest, getting protein isn't a problem at all. If anything, it is probably the idea of a meal needing to include meat that is the harder adjustment to make. I'd recommend adding a multi-vitamin with extra B12, as without meat it can be hard to get enough. Good luck!
    2714 days ago
    Three strikes and chicken is out!!!! That's pretty disgusting!!! Good luck with your new vegetarinan lifestyle!!!
    Great job getting back into the gym!!!!
    2714 days ago
    I totally get it... I saw a deer getting gutted in a garage right after it was killed in a hunt. I found it interesting and wanted to learn but the after effect is that I didn't want to eat meat for 2 months. I just couldn't do it!!!! My parents force me to eat meat. I hate red meat and refuse to eat it based on how my body digests it.
    2714 days ago
    I'm not a vegetarian but have to applaud your decision. I eat very little meat and if I order chicken out it is only grilled. I don't trust anything battered! I get frustrated with vegetable choices, not enough of them!! Good luck on your quest to eat more healthy. I am sure you will do fine.
    Maybe this link will help you with some new choices:

    2714 days ago
    Sorry you had to go through that. I was a vegetarian for about 2 years only because that is all my dad ate and I adopted the behavior. It was a good experience but I could never give up on meat. I say whatever works for you go for it. If your committed and diligent with it I am sure you'll see the benefits come your way. Good luck!
    2714 days ago
    Congratulations girl! I'm sorry that you had to go through getting a feather in your mouth (Bleh! Agh! Ugh! GROSS!) to come to this decision, but I think you'll be so happy you did! My husband I have been for almost 3 years (since my daughter was born), and in those 3 years, I have lost 120 pounds, he has lost 50, and we just feel healthier and lighter! The other great thing about being a vegetarian is that it really limits your ability to eat out - this might make some people sad, but it's been a fabulous perk to my weight loss because I can't just swing through and get a Wendy's Baconator on my way home from work anymore - instead I'd have to stop and get a Subway veggie sub, which is super-light and healthy!

    I'm so happy for you!
    2715 days ago
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