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Monday, December 13, 2010

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~!~ SI 12/13 - Payback's a Beeyotch! ~!~

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From Yoovie's Post:
"If you stuck to your guns this weekend and pushed a bit, then today will be an easier day for you. Either its a rest day cause you did a ton of strength training or cardio over the weekend, or you had a long run yesterday, or simply because the kids aren't home. Maybe you stayed in your calorie range all weekend and today is a treat day? OR you busted your ass so much that any workout you have planned for today will be much easier because of it.


You flunked.

You missed your workouts and ate bad.
or you just didn't exercise.
OR you did exercise but ate AWFUL.

So.... whatcha gonna do about it? You had a crap weekend- are you quitting on December, or will payback be a beeyotch today?

List what you accomplished this weekend.

- I ran for 4.25 miles on Saturday and 7.15 miles on Sunday.

What did you eat?

- Oof. Here is where I 50% flunked and 50% passed.

Friday night - I made a stir fry of shrimp, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers with olive oil and made Smart Pasta with it. Also ate an Angus Mushroom and Swiss snack wrap on the way home from the grocery store. And had 6 Hershey's kisses. The caramel-filled kind. Plenty of water.

Saturday - Early-morning breakfast was a banana and grapes. Mid-morning brunchy-type breakfast (when I made DH and daughter this) was pancakes and low-calorie syrup. I make them small....but I had 5. Lunch was tuna packed in water with a bit of Miracle Whip, an Everything bagel thin with cream cheese. Dinner was a hamburger bun with deli turkey and a bit of cheddar cheese, shrimp with cocktail sauce, an English muffin (low-calorie) with 1 tablespoon of PB, and a baked potato with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and a bit of cheese. This was munched on over a period of 3 hours while reading a book (smart, right?). I then had a "dessert" of 1 graham cracker, hot cocoa, and 1/2 cup of mint chocolate chip low-fat ice cream.

Sunday ~ Breakfast was a serving of grapes and mid-morning had 1-1/2 bananas. Lunch was vegetable soup, low sodium, along with tuna with a teaspoon of Miracle Whip. Supper was a low-calorie English muffin with 1 TBSP of PB, and I had an evening "snack" of 9!!!!!! Hershey's kisses.

I have pretty much pinpointed my problem area. Evening before going to bed. DH seems to always be gone in the evening (either working, or spending time with his brother, friends, etc). I asked him to spend his time away (besides working) after bedtime (my bedtime should be 8 p.m. so that is workable). That way I will be in bed when my "munchies" hit.

emoticon Are you rewarding yourself today or catching up today? emoticon

Catching up. I did a tremendous job at the gym this weekend with the running I did, but I feel like I went off kilter with my eating in the evening and have my official weigh-in with WW tomorrow. Therefore, I did a spin class today followed by a good strength training session and am focusing on water today along with protein-packed foods.

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I had a great weekend overall, and had the "lightbulb" moment about my evening munchies that add up. I had a talk with my DH about how this impacts me, and how it would be great for him to be home with us until bedtime since being alone every night, seems to result in mowing down everything in the kitchen.

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Enjoy the season? It's too fricking cold here to really enjoy the winter aspect, but we are going to my parents' house this evening to watch some delayed Vikings football and have tacos. When I say tacos, I mean my mother prepares a flipping buffet!!! She has EVERYTHING available including soft tacos, hard tacos, those flat shell thingies, taco salads (with Dorito's), taco meat, refried beans, sour cream (and not the fat-free kind) etc. etc. etc.

What would be some advice for getting through this evening of fat and carbs? Like I mentioned above, my weigh-in is tomorrow, and it is imperative I do my best (mainly just weigh in at 160 pounds at 5 p.m. with clothes on).

Thanks, I appreciate it!!!!!

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    Wow! You had a busy weekend. Maybe you had a couple of snacky things, but all in all, I think you did great! You had meals that were pretty darn healthy and did a lot of exercising. Try not to let other people's habits side track you. (I know that's hard when it's family) My husband loves to eat snacks and is always offering me some. I've finally crossed that point of just saying "No Thanks!"
    2721 days ago
    I agree with LIZARDREAMING's suggestion...bring something green! And while you're getting that, get some soft corn tortillas...they have about 30 calories (I LOVE them) can have 3 of them for the same calories as a 6 inch flour tortilla!! I always feel less deprived when I can have MORE of something! If you don't get the corn tortillas, make a big plate of lettuce, with one crunched up hard tortilla, a little bit of everything else and lots of salsa! You can do it!!
    2721 days ago
    What a great blog - you really are mindful about this process. You kicked butt on exercise! For some reason beef kills me before a weigh in. That feast sounds oh so tasty, but the beef and salt would show up on the scale for me. Can you bring a little thing of brown rice to bulk up a teeny bit of beef or beans and like others have said, lots of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, some salsa and avocado? Have fun!!
    2721 days ago
    I always allow myself what I want, but in moderation. If I try to deny myself anything, I'll end up going overboard on something else later on.
    So make yourself just one taco with just a tiny bit of the bad stuff that you like and ALOT of the good stuff like lettuce and tomatoes/etc.
    2721 days ago
    OOOO, what an inducement to EAT!!!

    No salad greens? Bring them yourself girlfriend! Then onto the greens do a couple of spoons of the meat and beans, a sprinkle of cheese, and break up one of those flat crunchy taco's to use as individual chips and good luck!!
    2721 days ago
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