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What I have given myself this past 18 months.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

(REVISED JUNE 12, 2011) ---

I have learned so much about excuses and giving up ... and NOT giving up... that I have to admit I draw a very short, fine line at BS anymore when it comes to anyone and everyone whining or crying about their weight or general health..... Tough love is all I have left to give.

It has taken me 18 months to get to a new place... I hated it at times and wished I could've found a short cut or magic bullets --- but short cuts can get us lost, and bullets can be pretty dangerous.

1. I am thankful I can get a full night's rest without having to worry that I may stop breathing due to apnea. I wake rested and feeling strong. For this I am greatful.
2. I am thankful that I can go to the gym when I want to and that I have the luxury to choose from a menu of exercises and machines. I can take any class or use any of the equipment I choose to without fear that I will hurt myself.
3. I am thankful that I can walk long distances without assistance or discomfort. I can park my car at the back of the lot, avoiding having to wait for a spot and burning some extra calories at the same time. I do not need a scooter when I shop, nor do I need a walker. No one has to help me in or out of a car, my bed, my bathtub, my home, or any other building.
4. I am thankful I am in relatively good health. I have no arthritis, no diabetes, no high blood pressure or heart disease, and no joint problems. I have some weight left to lose, but each pound puts me further out of their grasp.
5. I am thankful surgery was not an option for me. I have had to learn to do this on my own, and figure out how to make peace with food and with all the things I missed out on when I was younger b/c I was ashamed of my weight and was scared of rejection.
6. I am thankful I am not perfect and never will be. I am thankful for every pound I have lost and every pound I have yet to lose. They keep me honest.

These are gifts I gave myself this year!

As such, I would like to put an addendum to each of the above:

1. I no longer snore AND I am able to fit into some pretty cute (or sexy) jammies now ;)
2. I want to run! This is my year for completing a 5K! If I have to crawl, walk, roll, or scoot on my butt I WILL cross that finish line!
3. I no longer take elevators or escalators -- I actively LOOK for the stairs. I am teaching my daughter to do the same.
4. I am now in very good health! I have lost nearly 25% of my original body weight and I interval-train --- my heart is the little engine that could!
5. Food is no longer my enemy. I eat what I want when I want --as long as I remember that there is a trade off to come later that is only fair. Thing is, what I want is healthy snacks and drinks, plenty of water and little sugar. I now look forward to going out -- I dress to be noticed now! NO swimsuit coverup for me unless I am going insde a store on the way home fromt he pool ;)
6. I am still not perfect. I am still grateful for every pound gone and every pound I have yet to lose. I won't forget how hard I am still working and how much I love my life!
7. NO rashes this summer! No smelly, yeasty, painful burning under my boobs; no red, painful burns on the inside of thighs! NO sweating in 95 degree heat b/c I had to walk 50 feet to the car from the front door of my house.

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