Can you tell this is becoming harder?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some more things I love about me, in list form.

1. My collarbones! haha (silly, I know)
2. I'm a great listener.
3. My husband says I have a great booty (now, I don't necessarily agree with him on this one, but I'm going with it anyway).
4. I learn things quickly.
5. I'm a compassionate, loving friend.
6. I tell people how much they mean to me on a daily basis.
7. I love boosting people up! It makes me happy!
8. I have strong, long, and muscular legs. I have the runner's legs I've always wanted.

Gosh, now I'm starting to sound extremely vain. But it's true! It's great to be able to think bout the things that make yourself great!

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