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Mindful Eating, Decluttering and Trainer

Friday, December 10, 2010

I was home for lunch today and just a little hungry. I really focused on what I was doing as I had some extra time. I made an open faced tuna salad sandwich. I toasted one slice of frozen sprouted wheat bread and let it cool a bit before I buttered it. It took less butter than hot toast would take. I waited to see if I was still hungry or if one slice would suffice. Yes it did! I realized I was mindfully eating, not too hungry, not rushed and eating slowly really tasting the food. Rather just focusing on what I eat, I will also note how I eat and train myself to be a mindful eater.

We are getting our house ready to sell. We have lived here 11 years and will be moving 18 hours away. The last few years we put off buying new things knowing we would move. So decluttering is selling furniture, lamps, etc. yet keeping enough so the house shows well. I would apprecitate any moving tips you may have.

I get motion sickness performing abdominal exercises on a ball, or a mat. I looked it up online and it's more common than I thought. Having a trainer caused me to try the type of exercise I avoid, but I decided to give it a try and I am still trying to get over it or modify the exercises.

This is Alan and I before we went out dancing all night.
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    You look beautiful!!

    I love mindful eating too. It makes everything taste better and makes eating more enjoyable.
    2683 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2685 days ago
    way to go first on the mindful eating and on the dancing the night away you lucky thing.did i mention you are both looking good?you do anyway.right re the move.first in trying to sell your place this is a nice time of year to make your house look all homly and inviteing.put up the decorations and christmas lights,also in the garden when possible,make it inviting have a fire going in the fireplace if you have one.when you know the protental buyers are coming.have a day blanket lying on the couch or over it.make sure you have some freshly brewed coffee going to offer them and because of the smell,have some freshl bread or cookies either baking in the oven or just come out of the oven so they can smell it it makes a place seem more homly and family orintated.if you have a little coffee table or bedside tisch have a couple of books lying there with one looking as if you have just put it down.all this will help to sell the house.if you have friendly neighbours ask them to pop by and say hello when the people are there to see the house.might help as well especially if you know if the people who are coming have kids or not.

    packing tips,first decluttering,any object you have not worn,played with or used in the last year adn half,chuck.sounds hard but if you haven´t needed it in that long and in any of the seasons of the year you probably wont need it.if you already know what your house is like that you are moving too,when you pack put them in boxes etc and label the box with the room it will be going into in the new house,that will make it easier to put straight away in the right room rather than by labeling it with what is in the box.write fragile and this way up on fagile stuff.remember when you are doing books,books are heavy so not too many in a box or pack them in small boxes.what i did with my books was put them in suitcases that had wheels on then,saved carrying.get everybody to pack their own personal stuff and label it them self.that way if anything gets lost or broken it is there own fault and not yours.you have enough to worry about with the moive itself than having to look for everyones elses things.remember to do a to do list of things you are to cancel or change.forward your mail to new address,cancel newspapers or vegtable deliveries.get all your medical records from dr etc.cancelling telephone, electric.that is your responsibilitry not the new people in your house.also in the new house try and sort out the telephone,computer network etc before you move so you have it when you first move in.you don´t know what you might need the first day,same with electric etc they can take a while to get conected overwise.have a look on the computere the place you are going to move to.look up dr´s,churches etc.find what is on offer for you what shops etc.after living where you are for such a long time and leaving your friends you might feel lonely,disorinated and home sick.by knowing what is available for you and maybe having something to look forward to might help.good luck and if you need any other tips let me know.my father was in the forces and we used to move around often as a child then i was in a job which involved working around the world with several changes.you can do this.izt just takes organisation and strong nerves whaich you process both.
    2686 days ago
    Love the photo! Good luck with the decluttering, and moving. Fantastic job on lunch. Mindful eating is key!!
    2686 days ago
  • CINDER1971
    I thinks it's great you and your husband go out dancing. My fiance is NOT a dancer...if I can get him to sway, it's a major accomplishment. The mindful eating thing is amazing. Great job. Good luck with your move. Oh, and motion sickness on the ball or mat? Have you tried closing your eyes? I know it sounds silly but I get some kind of weird vertigo sometimes when I'm doing situps but if I shut my eyes, it goes away. I don't know why.
    2686 days ago
    You both look great! You must be doing something right-(like mindful eating!)
    2686 days ago
    Congrats on the mindful eating. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the move! Our last move is still fresh in my memory although it was about 6 yrs. ago.
    2686 days ago
    I think mindful eating is the key to success. I haven't moved in 12 years so I've almost forgotten how hard it was. I try to declutter frequently, but my husband is a pack rat, so I can only do so much. Good luck to you!
    2686 days ago
    Great photo. Good luck with the decluttering. We are trying to do some of the same - it is truly a challenge.

    Great job on the lunch also. You are doing everything right.
    2686 days ago
    Great photo! Looks like you're on your way out to a very fun evening!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2686 days ago
    My advice on moving? 1. Avoid it if at all possible. 2. Consider a professional mover. 3. If 2 not followed ask for friends, relativies to help--it is really too much for one or two people to do by themselves. Not planning to ever move again--had too many already! Best of luck on the move--and way to go on the mindful eating!
    2686 days ago
    Great picture. emoticon
    2686 days ago
    Good work on the mindful eating. As for the motion sickness maybe try lying on your back, knees bent, with the exercise ball between your feet and lifting the ball off the floor.
    You look very spiffy all dressed up and on your way out! And your going out to be active too!

    2686 days ago
  • YICHE12
    You two look lovely. I sure hope to get some dancing done during these holidays. DH and I haven't gone out dancing in quite a while now and we both love dancing.
    2686 days ago
  • BETRME100
    What a great picture...and going out dancing is one of my favorite things to do too!!

    Isn't it amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years? My boss is moving and has so much stuff that he never uses...I suggested he sell some of it...he has furniture, in his garage, that he hates...but he keeps it because it belonged to his grandmother...

    Good luck with your move!!
    2686 days ago
    Beautiful picture.
    2686 days ago
    Mindful eating - that's great, Lynn. I need to do that more often!
    I love the photo and love the idea that you all went out dancing all night! We love to dance & it is great exercise!
    I hope the motion sickness goes away with some of those exercises. That is no fun!
    We have not moved in a while, but, the best advice I can give you already know... declutter, - makes everything look very neat and clean, and makes the rooms look bigger, too!
    Have a nice weekend!
    2686 days ago
    I loved the mindful eating sentence. It is always a good day when we realize that is how we are eating.

    As to moving tips, if you are still looking to get rid of things I recommend contacting your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Goodwill. Either one will take donations of household goods and you get a tax deduction from your donation.
    2686 days ago
    Thank you for the reminder to try mindful eating. A good strategy.

    I have been in my house for 28 years so I have decades' worth of decluttering to do! You are wise to think ahead.

    Sorry you are having motion sickness issues with the exercises. Keeping your head above everything should help (I think!). Just like in a ship, try looking ahead at a single object.

    Good luck!

    2686 days ago
    I love the picture! You guys look great and so happy!

    emoticon on the Mindful eating, I think that I sometimes just eat because I want to or by habit.

    I haven't moved in 14 years, so I have no advice on that. Good luck with your move and 18 hours away! That's a big move!
    2686 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your tips in this blog - I will have to remember to eat mindfully. Can't help on the moving tips as we've been in the same house for 29 years! You make a very good-looking couple!

    Have a great weekend!
    2686 days ago
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