Progress pics week 1

Friday, December 10, 2010

So I started this challenge and it has really given me motivation to keep my workouts consistent. I don't want to post pics each week and not see a difference. This first week I had issues because I already had 2 planned bad eating days. I was also rushed thru the day so I wasn't able to fit in workouts, I was disappointed but I made up for it the rest of the week. I had my birthday party on Friday night and then Saturday night we had a company Christmas party...which I did better at than I did the previous night. Sunday I went right in the gym to get rid of the damage lol I've been working really hard in the gym this week and I'm really proud of myself. Wednesday I gotquite a blow (in previous blog) but I didn't give up and went to the gym to relieve the stress from that event. It helped, a lot. Yesterday I took my pictures and rushed to work, not time to upload to the computer or do this blog. I was super tired and stressed from Wednesdays news still but I cranked out a Jillian Michaels video instead of skipping a workout all together.

So here we go. Oh and I changed up the side poses so you may not reall y see much out of those. For some reason I didn't get the right setting either so my pictures look orange lol sorry!





Not sure if I really see much of a difference, you tell me...
I forgot to add that this week has been TOM. I'm proud to say I've been increasing my water to a minimum of 10 glasses/day. Some days I got as much as 14 glasses! This has been something I'm REALLY trying to be consistent with (aside from actually making it to the gym). Since Sunday my eating has been perfect...I'm not tracking but I'm eating 5 meals/day every 3-4 hrs. I'm feeling strong from increasing weight on ST. Each day I try to see if I can lift more so that's a nice way for me to see how much I'm improving as well.
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