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31 Days to Healthier Holidays - December 10

Friday, December 10, 2010

Walk More, walk more, walk more... Today, Spark took my lead, lol.. Here is what the calendar says:

Walk more. Keep a brisk walking pace while you do your holiday shopping. Instead of wasting time
looking for a closer parking spot, take a faraway one to increase your activity (and save time).

Well, I couldn't agree more. In addition to actual exercise sessions, where we change our clothes, get our hearts pumping, the sweat flowing, releasing those wonderful endorphins and putting us in "the zone," any increase in activity is good for us. So if we get extra walking in during the day, all the better..

This goes along with a couple of day's ago advice, kind of. One of the days talked about taking opportunities to multi-task, knowing what's on the "to do" list so as not to miss out on opportunities to get B done while doing A, as long as you're in the vicinity. Getting in extra walking, or carrying those shopping bags all the way out to the car which is parked far away, all add to the idea of fitting it in as much as possible. I think that by focusing everything on the journey, you create a synergy that I remember reading about in The Spark. Adding one thing to another to another kind of gets that snowball rolling and growing, and things begin to click on all cylinders.. Be organized, get more done, reduce stress by being more organized and multi-tasking, be more organized and have more time, take that extra time to get your exercise in, less stress means less stress eating, feeling good about where you are physically, and having that "good" feeling that comes from exercise helps you to pay more attention to what you're eating, thereby making you feel even better.. You see??

Ah, so easy to say.. I know, not so easy to do. But the toughest step, for me, is the first..so off I go to try!!
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