The Battle Within

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Yesterday I learned some disturbing news about my boss; that he was really the instigator in trying to get rid of me last year. Whole long story, turmoil, anyway the inbetween guy got let go because he did more than try to fire me... he was just a plain idiot.

Then someone else just kind of pissed me off royally with attitude.

Needless to say I came in today with a bad attitude. Morale is down here at my company as it is with a lot of decisions that have been made, etc, etc. Yeah I know it's everywhere. But then they turn around and say "we're all about the employees"... "we made 20% profit", "we're capping your raises or not giving any at all".. you know those kind of stories. I'm fine if you're not about the employees, just don't tell me you are and then your actions speak the opposite. Hypocrisy, I believe is the correct word anyway... I'm on a total tangent here.

Oh someone told me they would give me tickets to the Mavericks game tonight, awesome tickets.. but instead they were given away to someone else. Oh, nice, thanks for getting my hopes up for something good in my week. Bastard!! (sorry if that offends anyone).

So I ate my lunch today... at 9:00 am... now I did get to work at 5:30 am so for some people that would constitute lunch. But.. I still have to make it until 3:00. Argh. Then I'm mad, I'm hostile, I'm depressed. My husband's birthday is Sunday, I was hoping to surprise him with that game tonight.

emoticon You know you need some boots, go to DSW at lunch

emoticon No Sherri, the scale is about to break the plateau, it's actually moved a couple of pounds, you might break 170 this next week.

emoticon No it's not you stupid logical thinker. It hasn't moved in four months, why do you think her fat body is suddenly going to give up some lard now.

emoticon You stupid devil, of course it's going to give up some ill gotten pounds because she's still been working although her mental state has been a little off. She's done pretty good at maintaining her exercise for someone with so much stress.. and it's probably YOUR fault she got sick enough to miss the gym for two weeks.

emoticon Of course it was my fault. I brought all this stress on her. She can't handle it. She's just going to start drinking beer, Pepsi and eating all that pasta again because she can't control her impulses. That and Rolos, you know how she loves Rolos.

emoticon Why are you so hateful? She's trying and she hasn't had Rolos in MONTHs. She gets one package about every three months when you and TOM gang up on her. What's YOUR problem.

emoticon I don't like to lose. You know I'm her competitive side.

emoticon No you're not. You're evil and manipulative. You won't let go of her past, keep her self esteem down, made her feel fat when she wasn't, kept her from going after her dreams, now she doesn't even know what those are because she's so messed up.

emoticon I'm not sorry. That's my job.

emoticon Fine then. It's my job to step on your head and beat you down. and you know what.. she's going to the gym at lunch and she's not going to go to Whataburger or Subway or whatever and spend money on junk food because she already ate her lunch. Because she has a can of soup at her desk. She's going to eat that.

emoticon Whatever.. I'll catch her on another weak moment

emoticon Maybe, but I'll be there to protect her and with me, we will find those dreams and beat you down some more. Get over yourself you freaking devil.

ME - Went to the gym, ate my soup. On my second 100 ounces of water. I guess I win for the day?

Keep at it guys!

PS I still do need those boots and I have a coupon... but yeah, at least I didn't go at lunch
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    I love rolos...My company never gives raises--and it is 'bout impossible to get a promotion--even if your boss pushes for one! We get a once a year bonus--which after it is taxed--is laughable--the top people here are horrible and no one can stand them because they treat people like crap...I have NEVER worked for such a horrible company or horrible people...but..I have a job--and I love rolos...

    Have a great weekend and congrats on making the good choices (so hard to do!)

    3025 days ago
  • no profile photo TEJAS1291
    Such is life Sherri!!! Glad the good side won out on this little argument!! LOL Sounds like you are very disenchanted with the job right now!!! I hope things change for the better on that front! As for the 4 month plateau...stress can be a major contributor to plateaus...I don't know what your exercise routine is right now,but you might try switching things and mixing it up,that broke my plateau.Good luck!!!
    3025 days ago
    Yeah, I'm glad the emoticon won the day!

    Keep hanging in there. It sucks to work a job you do not like or the people around you are unlikeable!


    3026 days ago
    Good for you! One victory at a time.
    3026 days ago
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