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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I am definitely someone who tries to eat enough protein bc it helps keep my hunger & blood sugar regulated. (I have not been diagnosed w/ any blood sugar issues but I have symptoms of hypoglycemia when I don't eat for awhile.) The POSSIBLE/PROBABLE problem (see my previous blog) is that I often turn to things w/ soy in them (Kashi cereal, Luna bars, etc.) I don't eat tofu or anything like that. I don't buy "fake meat" anymore bc the ingredients that are practically written in a foreign language disgust me. The other problem is that I'm not a huge fan of meat. I eat it, but there are times when I JUST DON'T WANT IT. Period. Certainly not as a snack or at breakfast!

Overall (protein aside) I just feel like I am in a funk w/ what to eat right now. Smoothies don't fill me up. Fruit usually just makes me hungrier. There are NOT a ton of veggies I like. Whenever I need a snack I will ALWAYS pick some kind of "bar" over veggies. I am definitely trying to cut back/eliminate HFCS and trans fats (except 2T of that DAMN peppermint mocha creamer - call me a hypocrite!) I am really trying to read INGREDIENTS and not just the nutrition profile.

Any suggestions for healthy/natural meals/snacks (preferably w/ some protein) would be great!! THANKS GUYS!
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  • GFMAMA888
    Golfchick: I have actually mixed cottage cheese and Chobani together recently! Adds more protein and makes the yogurt less sweet .YUM!
    Candy: I do like tuna but try to limit to 1x/wk since I am trying to conceive ;) LOVE the pepper idea!!!!
    Kelly: I have tried the eggs n oats...didn't like...although I could do it separately!!
    Lasher: I never heard of the cheese you're talking about! So is it just the curd part of cottage cheese. pressed down?
    3022 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/9/2010 3:26:33 PM
    I love dry pressed cottage cheese (cheese curd) you can add it to anything sweet or spicy. It has a very bland taste on its own... just milk solids in it., but 11g protein for 2 oz
    3023 days ago
    Have you tried Rachel_Mac's egg-n-oats? I'm addicted to this and I vary it up a little bit and actually use quinoa instead of oats. I also love protein smoothies with spinach in them. Another favorite is greek yogurt, almond butter, chia seeds, a little vanilla protein powder with an apple! I swear those are my staples latey.
    3023 days ago
    What about tuna? I get the mini cans (70grams) in olive oil. Usually I will cut a pepper in half and scoop the tuna in and just eat it like that. Very high protein, good fat, and veggies!
    3023 days ago
    What about tuna? I get the mini cans (70grams) in olive oil. Usually I will cut a pepper in half and scoop the tuna in and just eat it like that. Very high protein, good fat, and veggies!
    3023 days ago
    I found a greek yogurt, Chobani, that has 14g of protein and is non-fat. Costco has the individual portions with peach, strawberry and blueberry flavors. Cottage cheese is right in the same value range. I like the cottage cheese because it can go sweet (add fruit) or savory (add spices or veggies) (IMHO it's worth the 20 extra calories to go up to the 2% v non-fat, the flavor is SOOO much better!!)
    Nuts are great snacks if you eat them (I don't/can't) Walnuts or almonds are easy to carry and bag up in individual packets, great for last minute snacking!
    3023 days ago
  • GFMAMA888
    Thanks for the suggestions!! Keep 'em coming! I do like eggs, black beans, chick peas, cannelini beans, greek yogurt, cheese, nuts & peanut I guess there is hope for me! I am always up for trying new things. I get bored SO EASILY w eating the same stuff so I will make it a point to try quinoa and maybe some new varieties of beans!
    3023 days ago
    I asked the same question a few weeks ago, and got the same answers. Something no one mentioned is whey protien, which I picked up before I got the quinoa suggestion. A little of each new food does a world of good. Still haven't found quinoa, mostly because I forgot to look, but it also has a lot of potassium--another nutrient I'd like to get more of.

    Best Greek yogurt recipe I've found is "Much Better than Ice Cream Greek yogurt and raspberries" in the recipe section. YUM! I use strawberries instead.

    3023 days ago
    I've started adding just a table spoon or two of Greek non-fat plain yogurt to my oatmeal.. it is super protein!!
    3023 days ago
    On the bean side, I like black beans. For a variety I pick cottage cheese/low fat cheeses, yogurts/dairy and I love peanut butter.
    3023 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Oh wow whatever answers you get will be super helpful to me too. I have been trying to cut back my meat consumption but I like to get lots of protein! I also refused to eat highly processed foods and depend on soy products. I was thinking about switching to mostly fish like tilapia and salmon (both relatively low in heavy metals compared to other fish). I also like to eat shrimp and scallops quite often. Eggs are a huge source of protein for me. I have 2 every morning for breakfast with a little cheese. I am going to check back here later and see what other suggestions you get too!
    PS. I think oatmeal has protein in it too? I also try and eat cottage cheese for the protein!
    3023 days ago
    I'm all about beans these days! I love edamame, but if you're already eating a lot of soy and are concerned about it, that's not a great option for you. I also turn to romano beans, chick peas, lentils and white kidney beans (despite their popularity, I can't stand black beans!) I will sometimes open a can of beans, heat up a serving and just eat them on their own, but they're great in salads or other dishes.
    Quinoa is also a great source of protein and fibre, and I'd eat it for pretty much any meal. You could also try hummus, on veggies, whole grain bread or crackers...Mmmmmmm!
    3024 days ago
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