Day 47..Getting back to the basics

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

So as of today I have 23 more days until the New Year and am sad to say that I WONT be making my goal weight on 150 by than HOWEVER instead of getting down on myself and completely giving up (which quiet frankly that's what I've been doing these past few weeks) I have decided that for the next 23 days of my life (well lets count today so 24) I am going straight back to the basics.
See I have a pattern, like many of us do, my biggest weight loss pattern is that I am inpatient (well actually I'm inpatient when it comes to ANYTHING!!! something I'm truly trying to work on) I always do this to myself, its a weird sort of self sabotaging thing I guess where as soon as I start to feel better and look better and people start to notice I fall back into my lazy pattern and dont feel the need to workout or track what I'm eating. I get confidence in myself, which of course is not a bad thing until it starts affecting my schedule. I start going out more which of course leads to drinking more which in turn affects my sleep and my workouts.... eghh anyone see where I'm going with this??
SO.. this has been my life and my pattern these past few weeks and I was even thinking today how sad it was that I would still be FAT and down on myself for New Years. Than my faithful spark lifted me up! I was reading some blogs and came across a few where the person had written a letter from themselves to themselves so I though what a great Idea! So the following is what I came up, a letter to myself from my future self...

Hello Bri,
I know that lately you have been having all kinds of fun in your new sexy body. I know that you feel a lot more confident and beautiful and that's great BUT you've been drinking ALOT and staying out way to late which leads to you being to tired to wake up in the morning and workout which in turn is causing you to gain back the weight we worked so hard to get off and of course by now you are feeling upset at yourself and sitting here starring at the calendar realizing that there is only three and a half weeks until New Years. Now dont get upset, dont feel down the good new is you still have three and a half weeks! If you got back to the basics and started tracking all your food and working out for a min. of 30 mains a day five days a week and stop drinking alcohol and eating food past 6pm like you where so diligently doing before you could lose 4 lbs a week again which in turn adds up to about 15 lbs! Which means that although you would not be at your ideal goal weight of 150 you would in fact be at 162 which means that you would be at your pre baby weight and only two pounds shy of what you weighed when you met DH four years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So you get it now right Bri?? I mean its really simple just pump your brakes for a second and Stop to think about the basics, you know how to lose weight, you've lost 25 pounds already and can wear a size 13 and sometimes even a ten which is pretty good since two months ago your big butt couldnt even wear a size 14 without major muffin top.
You can chase your son at the park and get up and down off of a plushy couch without having to get a crane! Do you want to look back in three weeks and realize that you have just completely wasted this time!
I'm done being stuck in this fat body watching you be lazy. You need to just stop making excuses, stop saying you cant and Just DO IT!
Its actually pretty simple Bri see all you need to do is move more, eat less and drink water water water! You got this!
Remember how jealous you where this morning when you where looking at all your spark friends after photos and thinking "Man sure wish I had some awesome progress to share" but oh no you would rather eat McDonalds and lay on the couch indulging in 7 eleven cookies and General Hospital episodes... Hello you have DVR!! Dont you think you should go workout and than treat yourself to some soaps cause if not that's fine but your fass ass is going to be really sad on New Years when that sexy black dress you have hanging in the close looks like crap on you! Remember that tipping point that pushed you to start spark to being with? Oh yes I'm talking about that night you went to the bar with DH and you where wearing that little black dress (yes your ideal one for New Years) and that girl sitting next to you was laughing at you and saying that you should not be wearing that! Remember how that felt! Remember you made DH stop playing pool and leave the bar because you where so humiliated and felt like such a slob! Do you want to feel that way again? I mean from where I am you are fifteen pounds lighter and looking damn good in that dress! You and DH are dancing for the first time since you got married and laughing and you finally feel 21 but hey if you would rather spend the night comparing yourself to everyone else in the room and feeling like you dont measure up and feeling to self conscious and to insecure to get up and dance than go for it.. but that doesnt sound like much fun to me!
Come on girl you can do it, you can succeed! Remember what your learning?? Create your own happiness right? So the way I see it you have two choices... 1. Fall back into old patterns thus not moving forward at all or 2. Get up and GO GO till you cant GO GO anymore than drink some water and GO GO some more!

I love you Bri and want you to be happy and succeed! Please do this for all of us, yourself and your family! emoticon

Phew.. That was intense and alot but some one had to rip me a new one and get me back on track!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MIPPY265
    I love it!!! You got it all out there. Now next time your feeling like this all you have to do it come back here and read your blog. And stay on track.

    You WILL look marvelous in the dress on New Years Eve!!!
    2725 days ago
    You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
    2726 days ago
  • RACEMOM576900
    Wonderful blog!! Way to change that attitude and habit of yo-yo diet binging!! Keep it up. Just motivated me to go do some stairs!
    2726 days ago
    Great idea....I think you got yourself lined out... emoticon
    2726 days ago
    I had a similar chat with myself recently. We all need to go back to basics sometimes. You can do this!!
    2726 days ago
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