My First Body Fat Test

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I kind of wish that I would have gotten this done 110 pounds ago so I could compare, but that's alright.

I know there different kinds of body fat tests out there and some are more accurate than others, but I'll tell you about what I had done. One of the trainers at my gym, Mike, did it and he did a skin fold test. He took nine different measurements on different parts of my body: pec, suscapular, bicep, tricep, kidney, suprailiac, abs, quads, and calf. Then he added those measurements up and did some calculations to compute my % body fat, pounds of body fat, and pounds of lean mass. He filled it all out on a sheet that looked like this:

I know the measurements are in millimeters, but I really have no idea what the "normal" ranges are for those so they really don't mean anything to me.

Final results: 25.44% body fat

I asked him what the healthy range was and he said that it varies for the different kinds of tests, but for this one he said absolutely ideal/awesome would be 18% or less. However, he said the average body fat % for females is actually 22-28%, so I'm right in the middle of that. He said that for my personal goals, he would like to see me in the "teens," so essentially less than 20%. I think that's a good goal for me. He also pointed out a couple of interesting things to me after he was done with the test:

1. A lot of the fat that's on me, especially on my abdominals, is very soft and loose, which means that it is breaking apart. This is a good thing, according to him. This means that as long as I keep doing what I'm doing, more fat loss is in my future :) He also mentioned that even though it felt like he was gripping a large amount of fat, the actual measurement wasn't that bad and he reminded me that I have a lot of excess skin too.

2. He really stressed the importance my strength training and how I definately need to keep doing that to maintain and build more lean mass. He gave me a sample plan that he uses with a lot of his clients, which was really nice of him!

3. Fun fact: If I lost ONLY fat from now on and kept the EXACT same amount of lean mass that I have now, I would be at less than 8% body fat when I got to my goal weight. HA. The thing is, it is quite unrealistic to think that I will only lose fat: As I lose more weight, some of it is going to be muscle mass too, no matter what I do.

All in all, I'm glad I got it done and I think I'm going to try to get it checked every month or so. Just another way of measuring my progress emoticon

OH! Random, but I bought the most awesomely soft and comfy Christmasy pajama pants from Target last night, and they were only $8!

..Would you expect anything less from me?

Oh, one more piece of news to celebrate: I broke 170 for the first time today! I was at 169.8 this morning. So now I'm probably not going to get on the scale for a few days because knowing me and my fluctuations, it won't stay that way tomorrow emoticon

Have a good weekend!
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  • MIKE758
    interesting you noticed your fat is getting softer - i have also noticed my abdominal fat is much easier to grab and feels soft whereas before it used to be tense and firm.

    your doing great - keep it up! emoticon
    3181 days ago
    Well, let me remind you why you didn't do this 110lbs ago.. cuz the thought of someone grabbing on to my.. errr I mean *your* rolls of fat makes you want to throw up! LOL okay.. that's what I'm thinking... I thought about getting myself weighed hydrostatically or using the bod pod (both are available in my area) but geez. I weigh 307lbs.. REALLY do I need someone to tell me I'm 50% fat?? I'm pretty clear on that.. so for now.. I'll just keep my measurements... but I think as I get below a BMI of 30 then I would want to do the hydrostatic weighing or something because by that time it really is about changing the composition of the body.. like where you are now - which FABULOUS!!
    3181 days ago
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