I hit and passed my goal weight and yes I CRIED!

Friday, December 03, 2010

I know it might seem like I am obsessed by numbers but really I'm not. I started this journey almost 5 years ago. Since then I have had a mental picture in my head of seeing the scale say 160. For two days now it has been stuck at 160.2. Some people might count that as a victory. While I did cover up the .2 and just savor that 160 I was just a smidge away from the goal line my app shows me. Today the scale said 159.2. Holy sh*t! I did it? I did it! Just being able to say I weight one fifty whatever feels so good. It took about 5 minutes for it to sink in then I started crying. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't sad but happy and overwhelmed. I have cried happy tears before but this was so different. It was tears of validation. Tears of VICTORY! I DID IT! I did it without gimmicky pills or by starving myself. No surgeries (for some people that's a really good option so I'm not judging) or any tricks. It was all pure hard work and knowledge. I learned how to do it right and keep it right. I don't feel like cute little pudgy caterpillar anymore. I have emerged out of the cocoon and am a beautiful butterfly. I want to spread my wings and share this joy with everyone. If you think you'll never see that goal weight...that it's just too hard please stick with it. You can do it. I did. You are worth it. You are important. Please keep on going...never stop.
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