Wake up call!

Friday, December 03, 2010

On Tuesday night I went to bed very late, due to submitting a job application to the wrong website and having to re-do it from scratch on the correct one :s
It had to be in by 9 am the following day so I thought it better not to risk missing the deadline and did it before bed.
So, when the phone rang just before 10 o'clock on Wednesday morning I just about managed to mumble "hello".

It was Mr Gent who had a day off as his work place was closed due to the snow, and I invited him over for a snowball fight :D
In the end we skipped the fight as we had some lunch and warmed up a bit when he arrived, before setting off to Broadcasting House for another recording I'd won tickets for. He stayed the night and yesterday we went for a walk along the Parkland Walk to Finsbury Park, where we laughed at the ducks jumping in the icy cold water on the Western side and paddling frantically to get out of it and onto the ice on the Eastern side :D
He left after a hot chocolate at a nearby cafe', and I met a friend who's just moved to the UK. I've taken it upon myself to introduce her to the culinary delights of this land, so I took her to Crouch End for fish and chips!

I also stopped at a phone shop to pick up my mobile upgrade. I am now the proud owner of a Vivaz (

As soon as I get round to charging it up and working out how it works I'll start using it - hopefully the pictures will be great!
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