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31 Days to Healthier Holidays - December 1 and 2

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I read the blog 31 Days to Healthier Holidays yesterday and was inspired to try to blog every day in December using the guidelines on that calendar. I wish I had sat down at the computer last night and begun that instead of the grazing and eating I did, but I didn't. I am not going to let one missed day ruin this plan, though, because I really, really like the idea of a December journal.

First, I'm hoping it engages me and gets me to commit to my journey to health more than I have been for the past several months (not a coincidence, I believe, that all this unrest within began with my trip to the GYN in October). Second, I want it to distract me from this uncertainty with my health that I am feeling. So off I go..

Day 1 was to "take inventory of the situations that make it difficult to not eat healthy and make a plan for staying on track in each situation."

Situation 1: Holiday Stress Eating
I am a stress eater. When I feel pressure, I eat. This year, in addition to the usual stress of getting everything done, there is one huge addition: I am hosting 65 for dinner on Christmas day. For me, the key to relieving stress is to have a plan for what is stressing me. So first, I must make a list of all the things that have to be done, and then I have to prioritize that list, and DO ONE THING AT A TIME. So here is my list, in priority order:

clean the house
decorate the house
plan the menu, assign what needs to be assigned (I host, but don't have to do all the cooking!)
make the shopping list for dinner
finalize the gift shopping list
shop for gifts
finalize the physical set up for Christmas day - arrange for extra tables and chairs
food shop

Situation 2: Christmas parties
make a plate, sit and eat, then go find someone I haven't talked to in forever and get engrossed in a conversation: talk sports, politics, gossip, just make it too interesting to care about the food!!

Situation 3: Christmas shopping
there will be one day, perhaps 2, in the next 2 weeks, that I leave the house at 8 am and stay out shopping until night time..which will necessitate eating out. If I'm at a mall, go to the salads..first, because they're better for you, second because I can't get loaded down, I'll never want to continue the shopping. If at some point, I need a break to just sit and think about what I've done and what's left to do, get a nice cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts or Au Bon Pain, and sit and enjoy.

Situation 4: Office food
as the holiday draws nearer, people start bringing in all sorts of food to work. There are 2 strategies that work for me here: first, stay away from the area that the food is in, that's pretty easy because my office is in a different room than the rest of my staff, second, make sure to bring lunch every day and have plenty of planned, healthy snacks available. Even if I eat more of the snack than I usually would, or it's a little more caloric than usual, it's going to be better than the stuff that's brought in..

Day 2: stay active. Don't mistake being busy for being active. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, breaking it up into smaller sessions if necessary.

Well, I set out to do that yesterday and today. I did not succeed in getting back to it yesterday, very much hope to today. I'm even thinking that if I get into the swing of getting back later in the day, I'll end up doing 40 minutes a day instead of 30. But one foot in front of the other first, just get back to it, the hardest thing of all.

All I can do is keep on trying. Even though I could think "I feel like a failure because I keep saying all this stuff but have yet to put my money where my mouth is in a meaningful way," I choose not to look at it that way, because you know what?? It is self-defeating to look at it that way. Because at least I keep on trying. At least I haven't thrown my hands up and said "it's hopeless" and eaten my way to 300 lbs, which I believe I would easily be at if I didn't, at least occasionally, manage to put the brakes on.. So I will continue to try, and hopefully, once this current questionable health situation is resolved, I'll be more able to concentrate.. But in the meantime, baby steps...

Tomorrow: "splurging wisely."

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