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Thursday, December 02, 2010

So, I'm suggesting options for a family evening activity, (scrabble, cribbage, movie...) and am finding no support or enthusiasm since everyone is cranking away on their electronic item of the moment. I'm cranky. I leave the room. My spouse (DH? What does that stand for?) takes over... and the family evening activity is (large sigh) -- Arm wrestling.

Jim, my spouse is taking out the boys in the 'left arm event', since he is the only lefty in the family. My youngest son (14, a swimmer) challenges me...I almost walked away. But I thought of a male friend who had shared his experience on FB of sitting through his daughter's beauty pageant with good grace. I queued up. It was the first activity in a long time that the boys didn’t dash out off as soon as they were able. What we parents will do to stay relevant in our teenage children’s lives...

And what does this have to do with SP? I won as many matches as I lost-- I was a player. My boys (oldest 17- basketball, spouse-forester who's up and down hills all day, and my youngest, the 14-yr-old swimmer) were amazed. The almost 50-year-old former librarian mom who never has participated in sports, was a player. My spouse and I have told the boys how I USE to run (ski, rock climb, hike, etc)... but the kids have really never seen me do those things. I'm the mom-who-stays-home-with-the-ba
by, or the-sick-child, or the-child-who-had-an-event-to-
attend, etc. I never went. And then I was the mom-with-the-bad-back and the-bad-ankle. I cheered, but I never participated. So, they assumed I never have done those things.

I'm sad beyond belief I let this happen. My spouse has been on me about it for awhile. But I guess, it just had gotten easier to stay at home... And I will admit, those days the guys would go off hunting, I DID enjoy having a quiet house to myself... but still. The kids have seen me volunteer in school, but they haven't really seen me ski or backpack... or even run.

To my credit I did have physical issues. Ten years ago, a broken vertebrae was repaired. A year ago, I INSISTED that my doctor order blood work to gain some understanding of what hormone issues I had. And finally, sick of not moving, I had surgery to repair my ankle in March, 2010. .. so I did all the pre-work and as soon as I was out of the cast, 3 months later, I was walking. A month later (and down already about 20lbs from the previous year) I found SP.

Now the mom moves. I HATE that this fact is still somewhat novel to my kids. I'm sorry my spouse has had to go without another adult all these years in all his adventures. I'm determined to be a player now.

My sons were asking for a re-match... I say "bring it Boys!"

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