SUCK IT! Entry Card and Day 1 Challenge

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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emoticon 1. Pick any 5 things to measure that you will measure again on New Year's Day. Post those current measurements here. it can be everything from how many modified pushups you can currently do, to a 5K time, to a bra size, I don't give a crap. Personalize it.

A. Length of Time Running @ Speed: 90 sec @ 4.5
B. Weight: 338.4
C. Jeans Size: 26-28
D. Morning Workouts/Week: 0
E. Fruits/Vegs per Day: 3ish

emoticon 2. Declare yourself. Do so by choosing one or more of the following.

A. Make your declaration of independence from imminent failure, guilt and pressure. Write a paragraph, a statement or a blog about how you will do your best, and not hate yourself if you fail.

I, Esther, do declare that I am, from this point forward until the end of 2010, releasing myself from guilt, pressure, and the risk of failure. I will remember that each day is a new day, each moment new. I will remember that no one gains 80 pounds back in a month without seriously attempting to or having some sort of physical conditional or malady. I will remember to celebrate my accomplishments by sharing them with all my Sparkies, but also by giving myself something small or big, even if it's just a self-manicure or a foot massage. And I will take the time this month to remember that laying down the guilt upon myself for supposed missteps, is a selfish act of punishment toward someone I love very dearly. If a friend or loved one made a tiny mistake, I would forgive immediately, so I should do the same to myself, instead of beating myself and dragging the family down into my misery. I will love me, and I will remind myself of that each and every day.

B. Post a current body shot if you have not already posted one, or at least an updated one you can use as a before picture. This isn't a long challenge, only 4.5 weeks- so you may not make alot of progress in a body shot- but the goal here is to not backtrack in December, right?

Always post a monthly picture. I did my WTF? pictures last night, but I need to do a more public version as well. Waiting for my new yoga pants to get here first...

C. Post an awesome profile picture of yourself, if you don't have one.

Reminder to myself: I'm going to do a photo shoot with myself this weekend and have fun with it, pulling in props and/or Christmasy fun!

D. Put up your ticker. This is IMMENSELY helpful. it shows where you are now, which can be tough to admit, but its courage that makes all the difference. You know that's the truth.

I always do pounds lost, because it means more to me and reminds me of what I have accomplished. I need that reminder much more than what I still have yet to lose.

E. Redo your sparkpage with flair and determination. Freshen it up. We're done with the tired same old same old.

Did last night! YAY!

emoticon 3. Make the decision that no matter how many times you fall in December, you wont wait 24-48 hours to make up for it. Make sure your next act, after falling, is standing up straight. Immediately. State one victory you have already had today.

I pushed myself through the midday blues and munchies by allowing myself a small cup of coffee. I may make this a regular thing, if it works. Less calories, a special treat, and I can still work off the caffeine. (Plus, I'm always falling asleep around 3pm...this might help!)

emoticon 4. Tell me what you are absolutely going to do right today.

I WILL go to the gym.
I WILL complete C25k, W2D2.
I WILL follow that cardio with ST.
I WILL choose between solo-ST or pilates.
I WILL not guilt myself if I don't choose pilates.
I WILL go home and eat something healthy.
I WILL wrap the few presents we have before bed.
I WILL be in bed, ready for sleep, by 10pm.

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    Rock your December!!! emoticon
    3846 days ago
    Love it!!! Best of luck to you this month!
    3847 days ago
    Yay! emoticon
    3848 days ago
    Wowsers! What an awesome challenge. Way to go Esther. I love your enthusiasm.
    3848 days ago
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