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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wow, it's been two weeks since I posted a blog. and I'm a venter, whiner, complainer, motivator, talker, etcer... is there such a word. Needless to say, it's still be rough. Financially things have not improved, gotten worse, but it's life. I'm looking into other employment because I am quite miserable at work, but it's a slow progress.

Thanksgiving came and went. I stayed up pretty much most of the night defrosting a 20 pound turkey (bought it way late and it was bigger than I usually cook) and baked pies (Notabouttheface has an awesome light pumpkin pie recipe). Anyway I was told that it was the best Thanksgiving dinner I've ever made. My very picky eater future daughter in law ate a bit of everything as did my sometimes very picky eater daughter did. She complained that there was no pecan pie, but she got over it. It wasn't a truly hateful complained, she's just being Ash. and then the drama started....

I started coughing and hacking about 4 pm, took a short nap and got up and did some stuff. Daughter waffles back and forth about going back to college because she had to work the next day. She ended up leaving that evening. THREE hours later, she calls me slightly hysterical telling me she has a flat tire. Okay, calm down, breath. We have roadside assistance, call them. Well, there is somebody here that might help. Now to help understand why she is slightly hysterical. One, she's beautiful and 20. Two, she's in the middle of nowhere, we were lucky she had cell reception. Three... she's in the middle of nowhere. Okay that was a little redundant. Okay, keep the phone on while you talk to them through the crack of your window. She hangs up the phone. (can I beat her senseless now?). She calls me back, it's a man and a woman and he checks the trunk, no spare, no donut.. Where is it? This is a car that routinely had flats until we changed the rims, where is the freaking donut? I guess the last place that changed her tires conveniently "borrowed" it? So anyway, he can't help her. She now calls roadside assistance. Tow truck driver calls her back, says it's about two hours. I guess more conversation ensued. One of his questions was are you alone? Okay, two ways of looking at that... he's a creep, or he's determining HOW quickly to get there. Anyway, she was creeped out by his tone and scared of being alone with him when he got there. SHEEEEEEOOOOOOOTTTTTT.... Crap. Okay, I'm on my way. Hubby has to work at 5:30 in the morning yuck. He's like, I'm not letting you go out alone, she's 3 hours out. Okay, fine. We start on the way. Not even 45 minutes out, she's texting, where are you. I tell her. Then she calls me. A deputy sheriff is here. Okay, good. Hangs up, calls me back. I told him how I felt about the tow truck driver and he said he would stay with me, even asked if I wanted him to bring his wife over. She said no. Anyway the gest of that was, turn around and go home mom. So, we did. Whew, that made a really long night only long. Anyway, she's $80 poorer for having to buy a new tire but she's safely home and we're back home about 11 pm. and my throat HURTS and I'm coughing and I have the beginnings of laryngitis.

I sleep until 1:00 p.m. the next day. Wow.. get up. clean up a little around the house, lie around some more. Hubby gets home, we eat and I lie around some more and at 7 p.m... oh crap.. I have to go get a birthday cake for grandma and make pasta salad. So off to the store in my slovenly state I go. Find one of the last cakes and take care of that issue. Make pasta salad and go to bed. Son gets there about midnight (he's going with us).

Sunday morning, off to grandma's we go. I call my brother when we are about two hours out. Where you at... Wal Mart, we haven't left yet? You haven't left WHERE yet,? Don't you have a six hour drive? No, no, we are with mom and two hours out. Okay, whew. Do we wait for you or go in? We were given permission to go in.... it's a good thing, we would have been wandering around for over an hour.

Anyway, grandmother's birthday was Sunday. She's 97. She got to see the whole family of her son (my father) all together again. We haven't done that in a few years because of all the drama with my mother. Mom compliments me on my weight loss first thing. That was crazy. My brother sent me an email this morning and said about the same thing. Wow... My grandmother didn't say I was getting fat as she has been doing lately. She did do that to my husband, although he too has lost about 20 pounds. Oh well, she's 97, what can a person do? emoticon

Anyway, it was a good visit. My mother seems like she is trying to change from her toxic/narcissistic behavior. She apologized for something she said she may have done in the past. It was brought up when we were discussing disciplining children. I spanked my son, but not my daughter (as much). Anyway, that's a whole long discussion.

So, all in all, I'm still sick. My eating has not sucked but I haven't been tracking because I haven't been eating that much. One meal a day seems like and just drinking a lot (water) because of the crap going on in my head. and I haven't worked out in a week. That's killing me. I'm going to get into the gym today and get back to some cardio. I don't think I could lift weights right now to save my life.

Getting back on track for December because our schedule won't change that much. Anyway, not much really to say but a lot of words said. Have a GREAT December.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad everything worked out ok.
    Hopefully you will be feeling better soon.
    3064 days ago
    Glad that your daughter was okay, it sounded like quite the ordeal! Nice of you to get compliments from the family too! Hope the yucky stuff clears up soon and glad you liked the pumpkin pie! :)
    3064 days ago
    Woah! You have a lot going on!

    You had me at Cake, btw.

    Happy December!
    3064 days ago
    I hope you're feeling better today. It certainly sounds like you had an eventful night. Do your best to drink plenty of HOT tea and honey !! The honey is actually better for your throat than cough syrup. I know, I just got over a very nasty bought of cold/flu/bronchitis. I don't know which. It may have been all three. either way, I was hacking up a lung for two weeks. I lost my voice as a result !!! I'm finally starting to get back to normal, but my voice is still a tad rough.

    My point, if you can squelch this cold/flu now. do it. otherwise, if it gets stuck in your lungs, you're doomed. I rarely get sick. If I do get sick, I'm sick for a day or two. this went for over 3 weeks !! So, take care of yourself.

    As for creepy tow truck drivers... many are just that, creepy tow truck drivers who know they can take advantage of you if they want !! It's terrible.

    Now, I'm glad your daughter got home safe and sound, but here's something she should consider i.e. she should consider learning how to change a tire on her on. She should look into taking a class on basic car maintenance. If she knew how to change a tire, last night's incident wouldn't have happened. I know how to change a tire. It's a skill many women should learn.

    So... take it easy... push those fluids and don't forget the honey. it really helps.

    3064 days ago
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