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Multivitamin and Weight Loss

Monday, November 29, 2010

An article in today's Toronto Star says that taking a multivitamin helps with weight loss. Here's the link if you want to read the whole article:


In a nutshell, women who took a standard multi for 6 months lost 8 pounds more than women who took placebos. The theory is that taking the multi fills in nutritional "gaps" and revs the metabolism by some 6% while increasing satiety and reducing binge eating. The multi also reduces risk of heart attack some 41% by discouraging plaque buildup in the blood vessels, reducing inflammation and increasing arterial flexibility.

The key is to choose a multi which provides 100% of recommended daily nutrients, and then to supplement that with some additional Vitamin D3 because most multis don't provide the recently adjusted recommended amounts.

With my depodge programme, I have been eating at the low end of my calorie range. I do eat very carefully: lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, low or no fat dairy, whole grains: but 1200 calories makes it difficult to get the optimal nutrition in all categories every day. (In addition to calories/fat/protein/carbs I also track sodium, calcium, Vitamins A, C, D, E, folate, magnesium, etc.). So because I was noticing deficits, I had recently started taking a multi, additional calcium plus additional D3. (Recent research indicates D3 may help prevent cancer recurrence, particularly for persons living in northern climates where we tend to be sunshine deprived in winter).

The depodge is going well - I'm eying that black leather pencil skirt size 6 and thinking that any day now . . . . -- so maybe it's been the attention to micronutrients represented by the multi ++ which has been assisting as much as the low range calorie intake.

And that PGX supplement for fibre/satiety/blood sugar constancy continues to be of great assistance: this is product I really swear by when things feel like they're getting a little out of hand. It's a mulberry-derived University of Toronto "invention", so maybe not widely available outside Canada? I've mentioned it here a couple of times and would be interested to hear about others' experience with it if there's anyone else out there who has also tried it.

With my two rounds of flu, I haven't been getting in regular gym workouts -- but much as I love the gym for toning/mood control/strengthening, I know that the key to weight loss for me is nutrition tracking. And I also know that I always get right back to the gym when I'm well, so I don't worry too much about temporary interruptions.

A daily multivitamin: this is a pretty easy and low cost thing to do, especially if it helps with weight loss and weight loss maintenance. The Star article says it will: and from my own recent experience, I think maybe for me it does.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I couldn't do without my vitamins - they are a vital part of my day lol!
    2696 days ago
    I always feel better when I take my vitamins too. Thanks for the info.

    emoticon emoticon
    2696 days ago
    Thanks for the link - interesting.

    Glad the depodge is going well and look forward to a photo of the leather skirt in action - or a report about it at the very least. emoticon
    2697 days ago
    I'm a big fan of vitamins - not massive doses, just the basics. Makes a big difference, especially given the quality of produce at this time of year!
    2698 days ago
  • BILBY4
    I'm suspicious of writers who refer to 'research' and then don't state explicitly, even with a footnote, what the research was. Sorry, that's sloppy and unconvincing. Even if we don't think they made the whole thing up, why confidence should we have that they have drawn accurate conclusions from the studies?
    "That’s one reason we still recommend a multi." And the other might be the income from GoogleAds in the side panel? Just wondering.
    Vitamins can only be of benefit if the diet is deficient. To my mind it's a more positive approach to consider improving the fundamentals of the diet rather than chucking a multi on top.
    Hope the flu is behind you soon!
    Wishing you well with your program,

    2698 days ago
    Oh, I take HANDFULS of vitamins and stuff... but I have no PGX... now I must find some...

    You know I am a great believer in better living through chemistry, El!!
    2698 days ago
    that's really interesting. I do take a variety of vitamins and minerals but had not heard of the D3 - must look into it. Thanks Ellen for sharing.
    2698 days ago
    Now I have reason to be more vigilant about taking my multi/omega 3/vit D combo. Thanks. :)

    I have tried PGX without much success. Glad it works for you tho.
    2699 days ago
    Oooh, black leather pencil skirt... you're my hero!

    Interesting article you mention. I just read something that seems to say the same thing, but from a different angle. Essentially, your body is hungry for nutrients, and if you consume a meal that doesn't provide your body the nutrients it needs, you will get "hungry" as your body attempts to make you consume the nutrients it needs. I have to imagine vitamin and mineral supplements would then also make it easier to avoid overeating.

    I've been tracking a whole host of vitamins and minerals, too, and finding that I don't get the full amount in my diet, either. But I don't take a multi, I just supplement some vitamins and take a multi-mineral. Not sure if that's better, though.
    2699 days ago
    I don't know about helping with weight loss, but I feel much better when I take my vitamins. Extra D is a must!
    2699 days ago
    I never take vitamins but I can now see a New year's resolution in my future to start taking a multivitamin.
    2699 days ago
    Sounds like you are back making good progress. I have been traveling too much on business and the nutrition tracking has suffered. I need to get things back in line...
    2699 days ago
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