The girl got some WILL POWER!!!!! :)) OH YEAAA!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

SO Thanksgiving was a complete successs!!! I have been worried about it for months!! It is usually the time of year that without fail...I backslide!! Well after finally getting below 140 I vowed this year that I would NOT let that happen!! It just can't!

So as nervous as I was about Stuffing myself this Thanksgiving, I ate what I wanted but just in smaller portions to get the taste of everything that I would normally go back 2 and 3 times for. I was satisfied but couldn't help but still feel guilty! I stayed away from the scale for a day or so after Thanksgiving and then decided to face the music! I stepped on and to my surprise I was holding steady at 135!!! I could not believe that I didn't gain not one ounce!! I can't tell you how accomplished that made me feel!!! After feeling like I needed to DETOX from all the sweets i'd eaten i'm now down to 133.6! My record low!! :)) I am only 8.6 lbs away from my goal weight!!!!!! I still can't believe it when i say that!!!!

As i reach nearer and nearer to my goal weight I can't help but feel soo appreciative to all of my spark buddies who have kept me motivated! So thank you!! :))

Happy Sparking!!!!! :))
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