Everybody needs cake :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

As it obviously cures the common cold too. That's my excuse anyway! Not that you need excuses for this,
, especially when it's his birthday :)))

Or maybe it was the pea and ham soup that Mr Gent also brought (together with the Moroccan chicken and chickpeas soup that we didn't get to eat, I'll probably have that tomorrow).
Or could it be that after we watched the DVD of Bill Bailey live in Dublin, he offered to read aloud to me? We were snuggled up in bed, I with my eyes closed listening to his husky voice (he was also recovering from a cold) reading Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense and Nonsense Songs, alternating between drifting off to sleep and giggling :)))

Luckily I always have a stash of cards for various occasions in my drawer, as whenever I see some nice handmade ones I buy a few, so I could give him a birthday card even if I hadn't bought him anything.

When we got up this morning we finished off the cake and washed it down with some Innocent smoothie, before heading off to Camden market. He showed me one of his favourite kinds of shops, a comics one in Inverness Terrace (Mr Gent is a bit of a nerd, but hey, nobody's perfect - in fact, I quite like that about him :D). We then toured the market where I had a leather belt cut to order - I like oversized ones but I couldn't rescue my old ones any more, as I've lost almost 30 cm from my waist (/boast *g*) and they go all the way around me twice. I might get them cut down to size at some point, but today I felt like treating myself to a new one. We stopped at a Chinese food stall to get some lunch, followed by a coffee at another stall nearby. He had tea as he's not keen on coffee (as I said, nobody's perfect :D), and I bought him some strawberry and kiwi tea as a birthday present. Those teas smelled so lovely that I almost grabbed a handful of leaves and chewed on them as we were deciding which one he'd like!
He also showed me around the pub in the stables, where they made each of the old stable spaces into an alcove with tables and stuff for people to sit and drink. It was lovely!

He left in the late afternoon and I got home in time for a light dinner and an evening spent on the sofa watching movies, feeling much better than I had the whole week. And next weekend we might get round to the ice skating and Christmas markets :)
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