Friday, November 26, 2010

Yesterday I was invited to have dinner with my daughter and her family. We have not been together for a "family meal" for a very long time. Normally, I am not able to join them because I usually have meeting on Thursday nights, and I vowed long ago not to miss meetings unless I was too sick to be there. This week, our Thursday meeting was changed to Friday because the other Cong. needs the hall for CO visit. That gave me the opportunity to go to my daughters home for a "family meal"... emoticon

Her hubby did all the grocery shopping and cooking for the dinner. He fixed turkey and all the trimmings, including "nibbles" beforehand. Before going, I thought about what I would be able to eat and still keep my Blood Sugars in check. I pretty well know what triggers a high reading. I also knew that I wanted to enjoy the meal. So, I planned my strategy this way: emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Morning reading was good (108)--Breakfast needed to be mostly protein, so I did an omelet with tiny bit of cheddar cheese and about 1/2 cup chopped fresh spinach leaves and LF sour cream w/chives. Easy on the salt. I also had 1 slice of whole wheat toast w/ sugar free jam and coffee.

By the time lunch time came around, I needed to have something again so I would not end up w/ low BS. I chose healthy veggies and fruit along with a measured portion of cheese and whole grain crackers. Dinner was not until 5:00 so I needed something that would hold me til then.

At my daughters home, I again nibbled from the veggies tray and drank water. When it came to eat dinner, I said no to white potato, and rolls. Enjoyed the turkey, green beans casserole (recipe from Trader Joe's) made with yummy portebella mushrooms in the sauce. Sweet potatoes were not candied, so I could have some. I even was able to try the stuffing/dressing that had oysters in it. I had not planned for the dressing, but I had some to try. I kept my portions small and enjoyed the dinner without paying for it later.
I even splurged and had some of the pecan pie (not the crust)

When I got home, and later checked my BS later in the evening, I was right on target. This morning my FBS was 96. So I guess my plan worked. Guess I can say "I Done Good". emoticon

Today I am glad that I was able to enjoy the meal with my daughter and her family. I am now going to finish studying for the Spiritual Meal we will receive at the meeting tonight. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Well 2010 is almost over with a new year looming just aroung a very short corner. Now's the time to reset my goals; especially my spiritual goals. With the new year will come new challenges and new worries and concerns. More than ever, we will all need to "Make sure of the more important things" and look to our wonderful Creator for His Spirit to help us to cope with whatever lays ahead. Only with His help will we find the Hope we need to endure and succeed. My prayer is for all of my Friends and Family to "Keep Awake" and "Stand Firm" and Draw Close to God with Love and Faith. emoticon

My next blog probably won't be until I can list all of my new goals that I want to work on for the new year. Until then, Stay Well & Stay Safe.
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