Operation Thanksgiving: Day 4: Did Pretty Good

Friday, November 26, 2010

Did pretty good yesterday! No snacking, no mindless eating, no out of control with the desserts, finish a little above my high calorie range which I'm happy with. Today's another story. More running and visiting and dinner with family. I'm already off to a bad start. So.....I'm going to have a large glass of water right now....and determine not to put another bite in my mouth until dinner. Then, it will be salad and a little bit of steak and ABSOLUTELY NO DESSERT, cause I just had a piece of double chocolate cake, leftover from yesterday. I can do it! I'm sure I can do it and now that I just wrote it down, it moves from a mindless thought to a purposeful goal which I must PAY ATTENTION TO! I will check back later.
Hope you all aren't caught in a hostile shopping line right now!!!

On the up side, I just had a fantastic facial at my sister's spa...she spoils done...gray's gone...wrinkles decidedly reduces...eyelashes dyed...eyebrows waxed... I'm good I guess until after Christmas when the "real" me starts peaking back out again!

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