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A Few Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two years ago, before I found Spark People, I thought it was just old age creeping up on me that made getting up and down so difficult. I never dreamed I would ever again be able to sit on the floor and jump easily to my feet. Now I'm two years older, and I can do it almost without effort.

I used to think back of the way I'd kept house when I was younger (and thinner) and wonder why it seemed so hard to keep up with everything these days. I didn't attribute the difficulties to my poor nutrition and stressed body.

I'm still over 50 pounds from goal weight, but having shed 60 pounds, I'm finding some of the unexpected benefits amazing. I don't have to struggle to keep my house clean anymore. It's easy. I can sit down on the floor and get right back up without worrying if anybody is watching me flounder around like a beached whale. The stiffness is leaving my joints, and my knee hasn't bothered me for months now. I once believed I was doomed to have replacement knee surgery. Did I mention that my mood is also more stable now that I'm eating a healthy, balanced diet? Wow! Go figure!

Have you ever picked up a 60 pound sack and carried it around? Ugh! I used to do it every day, and wonder why life was so hard!

Which is why, if I struggle to do some things still, I'm a little kinder to myself than I used to be. After all, my poor body is still lugging that extra fifty pounds around everywhere.

Sometimes I feel as though I can't possibly reach that twenty minute goal on the elliptical trainer at the gym. It's so hard! So, I tell myself it will never be this hard ever again, because each day sees me a little lighter, a little fitter and a little closer to my goal.

Hard to believe I'm saying this, but I actually look forward to breaking into a sweat. Which interestingly enough, I never used to do until just recently. It's hard losing weight, but being overweight is much harder. Give me the gym any day.

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