Sunday 21 November - what a week and thank God it is over!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well it is early Sunday morning and I am glad that the week is over! There have been good moments and bad, unfortunately the bad seemed to outweigh the good because the bad moments have to do with family.
So lets start on the bad and end with the good, hopefully that will get me feeling better...
The beginning of the week was going really well, then Wednesday happened. Now I usually check my watch to see what the date is but for some reason I didn't really bother. I felt really out of sync on Wednesday, dropping things, just generally not feeling myself. When I finally got to my laptop in the pm I noticed a mail from my mother. She mentioned that it would have been my step father's birthday had he still been alive. Not a big deal to some but a pretty big deal to me and my mom. When my own father didn't really have faith in me my step father did. Now this is going back more than 10 years ago but it always stuck in my mind. I didn't always get on with my step father but since that day I started to get to know the real him. Luckily I did as he was diagnosed with cancer a few years later and unfortunately died a horrible death about 9 years ago. This devastated my mother and if I am honest it affected me too. So every year on his birthday I find that things tend to go haywire and I am out of sync for the day.
Nothing bad happened on Thursday or Friday.
Saturday my brother decided to tell me about my father who also lives in the UK where my brother lives. He has been told that he has an irregular heart beat and is going for a whole range of tests. Nothing major to some but it is to me as my father is in his 60's, he has cholestrol, he has type 2 diabetes, is morbidly obese, drinks way too much and I don't get to see him often enough. I am really worried as my brother isn't a person who over dramatizes things but his exact words to me were that this is the beginning of the end for my father. And of course to top it all off my sister whom I am not on talking terms to decides to put nasty and untrue things on fb about me, something that had nothing to do with me but was in actual fact her own stupidness. And when she hears about my father she decides to say sorry but it wasn't a sorry that was really meant which hurts more than anything else. I hate family fighting but I also am tired of being used and abused and then bad mouthed to everybody that will listen to her!!!!!!!!

Now for the good things about my week:
I had a great morning with my daughter on Tuesday while my son was in the creche for the morning. He goes every Tuesday for 4 hours so I can spend time with my daughter. We went shopping and everybody was admiring her. She is real petite and looks like a little porcelain doll! I ended up buying myself a pair of the reebok toning runners...
Wednesday the final big job on my car was done so now I feel safe in my car ready for the winter!
Friday my kiddies and I went to our weekly mother toddler group which was great. It is a great way for us 3 to make friends and just interact with other people. We all enjoy it and look forward to it!
Friday night we went to the airport to collect my brother. He came over for the weekend from the UK to see his nephews and nieces. He is my son's godfather so it is important for him to see him on a regular basis. Unfortunately we haven't seen each other in about 2 years as he was getting his British passport sorted. Well it was great seeing him and even better him seeing my kids as he met my daughter for the first time and fell in love with her and he saw how big my son was getting.
We had a great morning together on Saturday until my sister tried to ruin things as per usual... But this is the good things that happened so won' t harper on that subject. I saw my nephews and niece for the first time in over a month and they all 3 commented on my weight loss which felt great!!!!

This morning I stepped on the scales thinking I would have picked up weight because it is once again TOM and I didn't eat the best but these are my stats:

Weight: 139.2kg (down 0.1kg)
Fat: 50.9% (down 0.8%)
Muscle: 45% (stayed same)
Water 34.9% (stayed same)
I am happy the 2 most important numbers are going the way it should - DOWN!!!!

So that was my week in a nutshell.
Time to get breakfast into my kiddies and have a great day with them!

Chat later
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's so frustrating that we get speed wobbles when things go wrong as they surely will. In the perfect world I just keep going on with good habits...sadly this isnt a perfect world. Good for you though having your figures come down, that can only mean you've been doing well despite what life has sent your way. congrats.
    3478 days ago
    Thanks Sheila,
    Not sure if my sister can settle down... All I can do is hope!
    It was great seeing my brother, pity he couldn't be here for longer!
    Hoping the next week will be better, although saying that I have to get laser treatment on Wednesday, not looking forward to that but if that is the only bad thing to happen this week then I am ready, BRING IT ON!!!!
    3480 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    Urrrrrghhh! Families :(

    I understand perfectly about dates affecting you whether or not you realise what's up - no matter how hard you try to turn it around, we might just as well wallow in it for those hours and pick it all up again the next day - pity for me that History was one of my favourite subjects so dates tend to lodge themselves into my being.

    Glad you had some quality time with the brother and hope your sister can settle down and be pleasant

    Well done on the stats this week :))
    3480 days ago
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