#426: Do You Dream Big Dreams?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I read once that the seed is an apple you can't yet see. Much like the thin person emoticon inside many of us we can not yet see but the one we dream of every day. Sometimes, though, our dreams lack size and conviction and stymie our progress. Do yours? Or do you believe you can move mountains with enough determination? emoticon

Victor Hugo admonished that we should "Dream no small dream." Do you dream and think big like the cartoon character Hagar the Horrible? One day Hagar and his young son sat on a log together as Hagar tried to teach the boy about the magic of thinking big. For an example, Hagar held up a string with a peanut tied to its end. "What's this?" he asked his son. "A string with a peanut on it," was the reply. "No," Hagar said, "it's an elephant lure."

Many people dream small dreams and have small goals because they have never allowed themselves to believe they could attain greatness. Their lives have been ones of insignificance and lack of accomplishments. They do not believe they can reach skyward and grab a star emoticon.

This is the thinking we need to wipe off the slates of our minds. We need to imagine grandiose challenges and develop a conviction deep in our souls that we can not only reach those challenges but surpass them.

Dreams have no expiration date. We may not reach our goals and fulfill our dreams overnight. Nothing worthwhile rarely is. But if we keep our eyes wide open, our focus straight ahead and realize that some dreams may take a lifetime to come true, we will eventually reach higher plateaus than we would have ever believed possible.

Imagine the first space scientists gathered in an obscure lab discussing space travel. Is it believable that their goal was to build a ship that could reach the clouds emoticon? Of course not. They dreamed of reaching the moon emoticon and Mars and beyond to undiscovered galaxies. They thought and dreamed big and consequently have capsules still racing through space after years of high-speed travel.

Dream big. Allow your mind to be unfettered from the constraints others will try to put on your thinking. Naysayers are plentiful. Ignore their small-minded thinking. Pursue life with vigor and steadfast determination. Believe that nothing is impossible. Believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. emoticon

Yes, seeds are apples in disguise. Johnny Appleseed knew this as he sowed his fields. He didn't dream of one apple tree but had a big dream of an entire landscape covered with such trees.

So, when we experience those moments when our faith is tested, our resolve is weak and our determination falters, let us remember that those small seeds can create enormous orchards that feed multitudes of people and remind ourselves to dream BIG! emoticon
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