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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sparkfriends! I am getting married!!!!!!


7th of May 2011, we'll tie the ol' knot..I can't believe it, I'm so jazzed.


You guys are the first people I am telling, how funny is that - I can't go on facebook with it cos our families don't know yet, it's only 6.51 am y'see, he proposed last night over dinner at one of the most awarded restaurants in the city, Dear Friends in Caversham, which is a sorta country area.

We had the7 course tasting menu and after the third course he said

'Baby, you know I love you with all my heart...

(I put down my fork)

and the last three years (or almost three) have been the happiest ones of my life. I want it to go on for a long time which is why....'

(he gets off his chair and drops to his knees next to me and flourishes a ring box enthusiastically, so the ring FALLS OUT onto the floor next to him, but he doesn't notice)

'Will you marry me?' he says

'As long as you pick the ring up off the floor!' say I!

Then hugs and yessess and kisses all round.

Of course, this being Australia, everyone else in the restaurant pretended not to notice what was happening, even when I then went and kneeled by HIS chair and said 'Will YOU marry ME?' (he said yes too, so THAT worked out pretty good) but the people at the next table left soon after and gave the maitre'd $50 to buy us a drink and take off our bill.

It's the most beautiful white gold ring with a princess cut .5 ct solitaire, very simple and elegant - he went for quality in the diamond over size and it's so sparkly it's just beautiful...not that I would have minded if he'd tied a piece of fishing wire around my finger.

I am the happiest girl in the whole world.

Thanks for sharing this with me, my friends xx
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