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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Perhaps you heard about a 13-year-old boy named Cody, his
bicycle, and his banned American flag. The story has been
covered by many media outlets, including Fox News.

Well, I want to tell you the rest of the story...

For the past several months, Cody Alicea regularly rode his
bike to school decorated with an American flag. He did it
because he loves his country and to honor veterans like
his grandfather.

Just last week while at Denair Middle School in Denair,
California, Cody was confronted by a school administrator.
The official told Cody he could no longer display his
American flag on his bike while his bike was on school

Cody was told that others had complained about
the American flag and were offended by its
presence. The school Superintendent went so far
as to say that displaying the U.S. flag could
promote racial tensions on campus!

Under protest, Cody began removing the flag and storing it
in his backpack during school hours.

Sadly, stories like this usually end here, with students
like Cody intimidated into silence and denied their rights
by school officials who are either misinformed or
intentionally bullying our children.

But not this time...

Because, friends like you made it possible for Liberty Counsel
to intervene and defend Cody's rights!

In fact, within a few hours of the first attack on Cody's
rights, our Liberty Counsel team was already taking action.

Our staff issued a strongly-worded "Demand Letter" to the
Denair Unified School District challenging their
"Unconstitutional Censorship of Student Expression."

We demanded that the Superintendent reverse the decision
to ban Cody from displaying his American flag while riding
his bicycle on school property and reminded the school that
the Supreme Court has clearly affirmed that students do not
"shed their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech or
expression at the school house gate."

Liberty Counsel also offered to defend Cody's rights at no
charge and take the school district to court if necessary.

Suddenly, the school changed its tune! They dropped their
ban on the American flag - and Cody's dad credits Liberty
Counsel for causing the change:

"One day [school officials] didn't want to speak
to us and the next day they couldn't talk fast
enough to apologize. They thought we were going
to sue them. I believe this letter from Liberty
Counsel made a giant difference. The school
staff is very sorry now."

The next day, the news was filled with reports of a spontaneous,
patriotic celebration outside the school! A caravan of
flag-flying motorcyclists accompanied Cody to school,
where he was greeted by flag-waving classmates who joined
together to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for the update, I had not heard "the rest of the story".
    2708 days ago
    Great to know we still have rights, because I was so angry they caused that kid to feel so bad, and what they did. I am so glad they changed their mind, and I would have sued for damages if I were the parents for that sure can hurt a child. worst kind of harrassment is from an adult and one whose in a powerful position. I hope he got fired! I take personal freedom taken aay from me very seriously! And to think they also shamed this kid about being Patriotic. Shame on that school! whats this world coming to that Citizens ahve to take second palce to foreigners in oru schools! Pathetic! Glad you shared it with us! For I felt it was going way too far!It was his personal rights to display a flag! and it was infringing on his Constitutional rights! I think its pathetic that these dam liberals want to shame us to forget all abotu what we gained in Freedoms. Its bad when you cant be proud of your country! Real bad when adults do such to children too! To me this was the alst straw! I blame Obama for it all! Because he got away with it, Liberals think they can take all our rights away! Dam the bullies!
    2708 days ago
    Isn't there an American Flag in every classroom? If not, I'd like to know why not!!! Here in Ohio it is part of the Educational Content Standards that students recognize the American Flag starting in Preschool!
    2710 days ago
    As I understand it racial tensions at the school escalated when some students brought Mexican flags to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. That's when the policy of no flags started. Not sure if any Hispanic students actually complained about the American flag, I read conflicting reports about this. One story said he was asked not to fly the flag because of complaints while another story said it was out of concern for his safety.

    Of course the school overstepped its authority here but I just wanted to point out there is a little more to the story than what gets reported in the conservative echo chamber.
    2710 days ago
    YAAY! What a wonderful blog:) It's so great to hear the whole story about things like this. Keep it up Liberty Counsel. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2710 days ago
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