My Official "Before" Post (w/pics)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Okay, so even though my other two blogs are sort of about beginning this one is marking as my official "before" post. I wanted to post some pictures of me now to show you and really, myself, how much I need to change.

I found out at the gym that I'm actually 270 pounds, up 10 from what my Wii told me and up 10 from just five months ago. Part of that can be attributed to moving from Boston to LA. In Boston I walked everywhere, like, everywhere. In LA, I walked to my car. When I first moved to Boston, I dropped like 10 pounds just because I was walking so much.

Anyway, I am now at 270, just a few pounds shy of my highest weight 273 and it needs to change. I know the road ahead of me is long, and I'm okay with that. I'm changing my diet and how I look at food. I have my dad as a fitness buddy and even though we're challenging each other in a Biggest Loser thing, the prize being that the person with the lower percentage has to pay the winner's gym dues for a month.

There's this thing that's bothering me with my dad. I'm eating roasted vegetables and whole grains and tracking what I eat and how much of it I eat, but my dad (so far) doesn't seem that interested in changing how and what he eats. He goes to buffets and will have three plates, plates that are piled with food. The other night he had like 5 slices of pizza, and he drinks quite a bit. It worries me because even though he's very serious about working out, he's not really trying to change his whole lifestyle. I'm just not sure how sustainable this will be for him. As much as I love my dad and as much as I want him to succeed with this, if he continues to eat food the way he is, I think that in a few weeks when his body gets used to working out and his weight loss slows down a bit, he'll get discouraged and eventually quit.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about me. This is where I show you pictures of my body and you realize why I don't want to look like this anymore.

So this is my face, which is fairly prettier, but would be prettier if I didn't have multiple chins...

This is me seeing these pictures.

I'm hoping that I'll do one of these picture posts each month so you guys and I can see how my body changes!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    @xsencix Thanks. Yeah, I've always been in a bit of denial about what I really looked like, and I had intended just to take them and show them off with after pictures so I didn't have the shame of seeing the pictures and knowing it was still me. However, I feel empowered by them. Although I'm only in a bra, my body doesn't look so different with clothes on it, my stomach still bulges over everything, you just can't see the stretched skin. I also find it rather empowering showing the pictures on here. I know I'm in a safe place (this isn't connected to my facebook) and it allows me to show you all how much I need to change and you can see exactly why I want to change. It holds me accountable to showing off my progress.
    2706 days ago
    girl u are brave for the pictures.

    i wish i had the strength to post pics like that to see my self like that . congrats on making a lifestyle change... we have all been there before but keep moving forward
    2706 days ago
    @Polkadotrevival Yeah, the move was hard, and now I've moved again (back to Minnesota) where it's effing freezing making wanting to even go outside not much of an option. Thanks though on the advice about my dad and the encouragement!

    @Hardsilver About my dad, I hope that's the case, though I'm sure he'll write most of it off to the fact that I'm a vegan while he "couldn't possibly live without a big, juicy steak". Thank you for the compliment, I very much look forward to seeing my body change and evolve into what is should look like emoticon emoticon

    @Heidib2935 I look forward to the photos as well. I'm trying not to nag, as in I'm not saying anything about it at all, I'm just changing the way I eat, which is nice for me in a way because I just moved back in with my parents two weeks ago, and I've been sort of struggling to figure out how to remain independent in their house and idk, it's weird, but I'm not used to people cooking for me and my parents have been cooking for me most of the time, until now. Now that I'm changing the way I eat (even more since I'm already vegan) I'm cooking for myself again, which I very much like. emoticon
    2710 days ago
    A move can be hard, especially one that completely cuts physical activity from your lifestyle!

    Don't worry about your dad, he'll come to it soon or ask for help...then you can show him the ropes.

    I'm eager to see your progress pictures. emoticon
    2710 days ago
    You know, your Dad may start changing when he sees you loosing weight and him not. He may ask, "What are you doing that I'm not?" Then you can gently take him under your wing and maybe cook for him a little, and get him started on his own diet.

    As for your before pictures - I can't wait to see how amazing you look when you're finished! You have a lovely face. Once you match that up with the new and improved you, it will be startlingly amazing. I just know it! emoticon emoticon
    2710 days ago
  • HEIDIB2935
    Looking forward to your 'during' and 'after' photos. You can do it!!

    As far as your Dad, lead by example and don't nag. He may be the type who needs to make one change at a time. You can always resort to nagging in a few months! :)
    2710 days ago
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