Day 44-45

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yesterday I had my first official weigh-in since I cut my calories down to 1200/day. I am weighing in officially every time I reach a 3500 calorie deficit on my spreadsheet, each of which should correlate to the loss of a pound. Well, disappointingly I weighed in at 185.4 which is up 2 pounds from my last weigh in. I suppose it's in the range of normal fluctuation but I was hoping to see a different result. I told my sweetheart about my spreadsheet and my disappointing weigh in and he said "Well, obviously there is something wrong with your calculations and you aren't doing something right." Not exactly the support I was looking for. He just doesn't understand and I should stop trying to share with him about this because it only makes it worse for me. I told him I can't eat less or work out more and he acts as if I am not doing enough. I have been constantly hungry all the time for the past week. I will stick with this method for now. It's only been a week. I got on the scale this morning and it said 184.8 even while I was wearing my pajamas so I guess that's better than yesterday, at least.

I ate 1158 calories yesterday and burned 365. I didn't get as much exercise as I have been since we went to the opera last night so after work D walked the dog for me while I made dinner for us which was fine since it was raining pretty bad and I had already taken one walk in the rain in the morning. I did ride the bike but only for 25 minutes, not 30, and I did do my core strength. The opera was fantastic by the way, very funny and the music was amazing.

Time for me to eat some breakfast, I think eggs with veggies and goat cheese and maybe a slice of ezekiel bread too. Then I need to take a walk with Mr.
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    About three years ago I met and continue to have a great Sparking friend in Canada who had much the same problem...she never ate above 1200 nutrient dense calories and burned a lot of calories using a treadmill, a pedometer to meet min 10,000 steps per day and did strength exercises 5 days a week. She was 5'3" and had three young boys and her husband to look after and ate differently than them...she was super organized..still is..when she and her husband wanted to try for another child..didn't happen..finally it was a second opinion from a fertility specialist who told her she had PCOS...another woman I knew here had diagnosed thyroid problems...it took her a year at 1200 calories and daily spinning to lose 60 lbs but she did it...

    What I'm saying is I have run into lots of people who have plateaued, then dedicated a lot of time and effort into the calculations..eventually they lose but some far slower than others..and some finding out along the way that their metabolism is slow and not a lot one can do but keep committed..others find thyroid problems etc.

    Nikki keep working at it and after a month if you are not losing with exercise and low range calories..if you can, consult a physician..giving it 4-6 weeks accounts for fluctuations and definitely by that time if you haven't lost..that's definitely something to take up with a doctor, calculations and food diary in hand.

    Many hugs..I hope you know you are amongst many, myself included that were slow losers...high range exercise, low range calories..very very frustrating and you are definitely not alone.
    3819 days ago
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    3819 days ago
    I can totally relate, I don't think men really get it though. I do not find a deficit of 3500 calories equals a pound loss even allowing for daily fluctuations, not sure why.
    3819 days ago
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