Weightloss pills, scales, strength training~! What is success? pics 2~!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weightloss pills, scales, strength training~! What is success?

Well, I debated blogging… since I don’t have much to report..

BUT then it hit me…. I am staying on track and still strength training so that is really counted as SUCCESS!

On Nov. 7th I “revamped “ my plan which means I cut out the wheat cereal that I had been eating because I noticed it was hindering my weight loss. I obviously have a problem with wheat but this was discovered after losing at a regular pace then adding shredded wheat to my normal BF routine and then not losing at all for 2 wks. I did away with it and went back to oatmeal and started losing again.

On Nov 7th I weighed 176
On Nov 12th I weighed 173.4
Today I weigh 173
I suspect that the weightlifting has allot to do with not dropping allot on the scales. WHO knows.

This may not seem like much weight to lose but I am very happy with it and my focus has not been the scales the last 2 wks.
I follow the WHY CAN”T I STOP EATING PLAN and eat very clean. (see blog 9-17)
NO junk, No sugar, very low sodium compared to the average diet.

I have focused on some jeans that were too snug to wear. They are size 10’s. They now fit me comfortably as you can see in the picture below.
FIRST pic is me in my 12's on Nov 15th see how baggy.

PIC below is me in my 12's again

LAST pic is me in my 10's that I couldn't even stand to wear 2 wks ago they were so tight!

MY GOAL BY NEW YEARS’ is a size 8. I honestly do not have a goal weight.

I seriously never thought I would say that I didn’t have a goal weight in mind but I have changed allot on my way of thinking over the last 4 months!

My body has changed so much from that little goal weight number I have in my head. I wanted to be 140 or 145 because I remember what I felt like when I weighed that.

NOW I have realized that I won’t have that toned body if I don’t exercise and work for it! I don’t want to just be ‘skinny fat” if you know what I mean.. I want to be toned.

LOSING weight is great but it is not all there is to getting healthy!

I need to exercise for my heart, for my stamina, for my muscle tone!

I used to have some serious toned muscles but I know for sure ONE THING I DID that really hurt that.
I am 100 percent of this..


I used a weightloss drug (under dr’s care) that helped me shed some serious weight back 3 yrs ago. It was called phentermine.
I started at 213 (which at THAT time was my highest ever weight) I lost 20 lbs my first month.
. I was told to skip breakfast, eat salad for lunch and have a normal meal with my family at night. JUST no ice cream, no crunchy stuff, no chocolate, no reg. Pop.

I lost 15 my second. Then I quit. My Mom had a sickness at the time I was supposed to go the 6 hr. roundtrip (YES 6 long hours to drive) LOL anyways 6 hrs to go see this dr. at his weightloss clinic. It was to be my 3rd trip to see him. He would spend 5 minutes with me, sell me more pills, and I would leave. The nurse did take my blood pressure and of course they weighed me. I didn't get to go because of my mom being sick.

THAT doctor never did do any bloodwork of any kind before he sold me the first pills. I learned later from my personal physician that this was a dangerous situation to NOT check my health with bloodwork. He said the other dr. should have checked my thyroid.


I had major things happen on this drug with heart racing out of my chest. MY legs felt weak and trembling as I would walk across the yard. I would get sick feeling and sit down and hold my head in my lap just to get over the weird spells!

BUT I WAS losing weight and that, my friends was all I focused on!

I didn’t sleep but maybe 1 hr a night at the most for about 15 days straight… I would have bursts of energy and nervousness that I would clean like there was no tomorrow.
MY FEET ached from being on them so much from running around like a goon with all this nervous energy! LOL

The weight loss dr. told me I was losing too fast and that I would lose my muscle tone if I didn’t slow down the weight loss. I told him about the shaky legs and the aching thigh muscles. HE and my personal physician said I was losing muscle tone big time!

I COULD see my muscles shrinking in my legs and arms…
BUT oh that scale looked good and I was being a STUPID HEAD.

The weightloss dr told me to add chicken with that salad at lunch to SLOW the weightloss down???

Anyways I feel God intervened with my mom being sick and I missed the 3rd appt and by the time she got well and I could go see him I got smart and a light went on that I was HURTING my health bigtime!

Within 3 mos I put back on all the weight plus another 8 lbs.


I started ST on Nov. 7th. I was not doing any kind of exercise before this except for walking once in a blue moon or some 20 min. cardio.

I was so stinkin’ sore for 4 days! LOL I worked different muscle groups every day but did the abs everyday. I didn’t do them because I loved working them.. I did them because my 19 yr old son and I were trash talking each other and challenging each other each night!

In the last week I have missed 3 days of working out… but I am back on track now.

I feel more toned already! I eased right into those 10’s that had been SUPER tight and NON WEARABLE.

NOV 7 th I could wear them AT ALL
NOV 15th.. they fit wonderfully.

I had only dropped 2.6 on the scales by that date but I am a believer in this strength training and toning NOW!!!

SUNSHINE667 and NATKITA told me all about this…They are fitting into smaller sizes at a higher weight than they could have before because of ST. THEY both look amazing!

CAROLYN1213 even wrote a great beginners weight lifting blog on 11/11. She looks amazing too!

Don’t wait to start with weights! (FOR BEGINNERS) is the name of her blog! THANKS Carolyn glad I asked you to help! YOU are a great HELP!

Have you considered lifting weights or using workout resistance bands to tone!

MIGHT be something you like…I know I am liking it! I LIKE the results EVEN BETTER!

I feel longer and leaner HA HA!

DH has noticed too (wink)

He compliments me 5 times a day at least and acts like I did it JUST for HIM! (wink) LOL
Sorry DH it was for me! Nothing wrong with him reaping some benefits too though! RIGHT?

Hugs to all you wonderful sparkfriends and if I don’t know you add me as a friend so we can support each other!

IF you are procrastinating about starting your journey to health or are putting “OFF” getting back on track…
GO read my LAST BLOG!

Here is a pretty pic I took right before we carved that big ole' pumpkin !

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing such a wonderful job!!! You should be so proud of yourself! You look awesome!!!!
    3239 days ago
    Thanks for sorting out those things that didn't work from those things that do! I used pills once (for 1 1/2 days, but they put my head on another planet and made my stomach feel very strange, so I flushed them. So I understand what you're talking about! Thanks for the wonderful updates!
    3248 days ago
    I live in Arkansas too.
    I am on a weight loss drug but I am not loosing as fast as you did and i am doing exercise and diet and she is making sure I am eating enough during the day. She said she would take me off the medicine if she thought I wasn't doing right or wasn't working on my eating.

    Congrats on your weight loss and I hope you get to your goals!
    3248 days ago
    finally have time to catch up! WHEW!!!

    I love resistance bands!!! I have been ST for awhile now...I have lost 35.6 pounds and can honestly say that my skin isn't sagging....I credit that to my ST and theFIRM!!!!

    You are doing FANTASTIC...keep it going ;)

    3249 days ago
    You are amazing! We are teeter-tauter friends....that's for darn sure! When I was in my 10's and 12's you were cheering me on! Now 6 months later you are in them, and I am back in 16's. Darn Accidents!!!! What a blessing to have such a GREAT ROLE MODEL AND FRIENDDDD!


    ~DIANE~ emoticon
    3250 days ago
    keep up the awesome work. emoticon emoticon
    3250 days ago
    You have some huge balls to let all that out! Bravo!

    I read the entire blog carefully and didn't see anything about water intake or other stuff that might not be as good. Only a question and observation.

    I totally agree that strength work can take off inches as well as pounds.

    For me I like to make 4 to 6-8 weeks runs at weight loss, then 6-8 weeks of stabilizing. I work really hard at work and in the gym. I need a rest and learning to hold that new weight solid is a learning experience and practice for when you get to your goal. I also change my strength training every 6 weeks or so. Right now I'm working on the balance of aerobic and strength work. Since the temps are cold I'm outside riding my bike 10 hrs a week, again I need to learn to accommodate that.

    I don't eat any bread and almost no rice. I do eat 2/3 cup of oatmeal once a day or every other day.

    I plan to cut calories again. I will also cut or limit my aerobic work to 20 min a day either walking or something at the gym. I might cut back to 1 spinning class per week. I will increase my corework, balance work, and stretching. My strength work will be changed, to heavy weights, less reps, and only 2x's per week per body group. This way I should maintain my muscle, keep from running out of gas (glycogen), and keep the hunger in check. Too much aerobic when making a run can deplete me. I'm going to make a calorie cutting effort from 12-3 to 1-6, that should keep me on track for the holidays and put me at goal.

    After that run I will hold that weight and do some heavy strength work. Mid Fed I'll crank up the aerobic to get ready for cycling out side. April to early May, I might make a 4 week calorie cutting run if I need it.

    Good luck and you will do it. Not even a doubt, not Rock that weight loss and dig in like a wood-tick. Keep learning what it takes for you to reach your goal.
    3251 days ago
    Oh yeah. You look great! Just great.

    I just wanted to vote again :)
    3251 days ago
    Seriously, this is such an amazing and important blog to me. The pill situation and that "doctor" are just so scary - but it is so easy to happen to a person. I remember taking diet pills after college and they made my heart almost jump out of my chest - I felt like I was gonna die. But that was a lifetime ago for both of us.

    Now you are rocking the weights and I agree - ST is simply magic. It changes the "shape" of the body so completely it is amazing. Not to mention, the feeling of being a gladiator. I love feeling strong!

    Finally, changing your body is one thing but transforming how you "think" is quite another. There are so many people who are losing physical, but not mental weight - but you are doing both. I am specifically referring to this.

    "I seriously never thought I would say that I didn’t have a goal weight in mind but I have changed allot on my way of thinking over the last 4 months! "

    This is an amazing statement. Four months is such a short time to accomplish a mind/body transformation. I am so proud of you. You are simply doing what this journey is all about. Simply amazing. You are amazing.

    Wow. What a year?! Go rock star.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Hmm... I wish everyone could read this blog :) ... I am glad I did.
    3251 days ago
    emoticon I love your positive attitude! I have been concentrating more on the size than the weight myself. I am at the same weight as I was 2 1/2 weeks after I started March of last year. However, I have dropped from an 18 to a loose 14/tight 12. Keep up the great work and keep smiling sunshine. emoticon
    3251 days ago
    Girl, you are doing FANTASTIC!!! You will be in an 8 in no time. That's my goal as well. My 10 jeans are baggy and I can get into an 8 but they I can't button them! I am hoping that will change soon. I just increased my weights so I am hoping that helps.

    Yep ST is the the way to go!!! I can't wait to see your progress, I know you will rock it!!

    Together we CAN do this!!!


    You are such a special sparkfriend!! Thanks for the plug in your blog! emoticon We are going to be a coupple of hot mamas! LOL
    3256 days ago
    Size 10s, amazing. You are such an inspiration to me to keep on doing what I know works for me. I have a tendency to self-sabotate, especially when there is a lot of sweet stuff around, like holiday season. I'm in my 12s, but haven't been working out like I did this summer. This weekend I made a commitment to step up my game. I made reservations for a trip to Florida in April during school break, and I want to buy some "skinny clothes" for my trip. Maybe I could stop at your house and borrow some of those size 10s, LOL!!!!!
    3256 days ago
  • SUNNYDJ1971
    I need to have your will power! I can get such a craving, that I just can't seem to help myself! You look great! I really wish we lived closer to each other! I would love to work out with you! You are so inspirational! Thank you!
    3257 days ago
    emoticon Lookin' good!!!!!!
    3257 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3257 days ago
    I'm so happy that you have found a lifestyle that you can live with forever. You look so fantastic!! Rock those size 10's!!!
    3257 days ago
    What a great blog my dear friend! I too took the dr. prescribed weight loss pill you spoke of. That was a couple years back. Luckily I didnt have the side affects you did, other than the returned weight when I stopped them. My weight also came to a hault on them. That was my reason for discontinuing taking them. Thought it was time to end those dr. visits for a paper scrip in hand, that insurance wouldnt cover, and the office call fee that racked up the bills fast. Here came the weight again, and yesss MORE AS YOU MENTIONED! Two of a kind we are~ha!

    Tis nothin' like being skinned~kat sisters! I am so PROUD OF YOU i COULD JUST EXPLODE WITH INNER JOY SHARED FOR YOUR GRAND SUCCESS!

    My Loveee Always,
    ~Diane~ emoticon
    3257 days ago
    I love this blog. I have a friend who weighs 135 and is in a size 4 or 5. She is like the "skinny fat" you were talking about. She lost 80 pounds but never exercised so she is not toned.

    I weigh about 169 and I can fit into her 4s and 5s and I really think it is because of strength training. I have weighed lower than 169 before and was in bigger sizes because the only exercise I really did was walk.

    I believe in ST too now LOL
    3258 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    Girl, you look emoticon in those size 10 jeans...

    Stay the course & you'll be singing in your new jeans real soon... emoticon
    3258 days ago
    You are doing great! Just keep up the good work and you will continue to be ........... yes, successful! You are rockin' lady! :-)
    3258 days ago
    Wow, looking GOOD girl!!!! That is really scary about that diet drug. I am glad you weren't on it any longer than you were! I never have tried any diet drugs. My Mom is a RN and she would have KILLED me if I even looked at them,lol!

    I definitely need to start ST again! Thanks for the reminder. I love your blogs, thank you!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3258 days ago
    I bet you will be in 8's in no time! In fact, I think those 10's look a little are doing awesome! XoXo
    3258 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    3258 days ago
    Great job, Sherlyn!! Those 10s look GREAT on you. I need to get to work on my strength training again. I do my cardio but I'm not consistent with my ST. I'm going to start doing it now, though! Thanks!!
    3259 days ago
    More great pictures. Those 10's are looking a little baggy too. I personally, love ST. I would choose it over any other exercising. It just makes you feel so good. I have a feeling you will be in those 8's before Christmas.
    3259 days ago
    Wow, I'm so glad you're not on phentermine any longer...there have been so many adverse affects from that drug -- you can't buy it here in Canada any longer. Strength training will make all the difference in the way you look AND it'll rev up your metabolism to boot! :) You're looking fantastic...I remember when your 14's were just starting to get baggy! Well are a Superstah!
    3259 days ago
    I so much enjoy your blogs!
    You are the real deal - I love it! I love how honest you are, I read your blogs and I FEEL the words. Your results are inspiring and your words of wisdom priceless. I think reading this blog today was just what I needed - perfect timing.
    May I add one more thing - your booty looks hella good in those size 10's - adios size 12 baggy jeans!
    3259 days ago
    Sherlyn, your blog is sadly true of so many. I remember my Mom taking diet pills when she woke up, and sleeping pills to try to sleep. One day, I will never forget, I was about 9 years old. I tried to wake her up, and I honestly thought she was dead! I screamed, my brothers came running, and told me she wasn't dead, just sleeping. I knew then it was drugs because they told me and showed me the bottle. Years later, I also took diet pills, thinking it wouldn't hurt me like it did my Mom. I lost weight, too, but you're so right. It is a temporary fix for one thing, while making a lot more problems in other areas!

    I'm so glad your doctor intervened and got you pointed in the right direction again! I will never take diet pills again, either, and I'm glad my daughters don't want them, either. I just started strength training a month ago, and I'll never stop!!!! emoticon emoticon for a great blog!
    3259 days ago
    Another great one!!! Keep inspiring us!
    3259 days ago
    I'm very happy to fit into size 20, down from 28... Someday I hope to be a 16! Hugs, Wilma
    3259 days ago
    Dang woman! You are SUPAHSTAR! Size TEN!!!!
    3259 days ago
    Great Blog!
    3259 days ago
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