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Friday, November 19, 2010

Well, it's been a while! I have been a busy girl! I believe I have finally shifted into my "lifestyle change" phase, as I really no longer feel the need to log and track my exercise and calories, so I rarely do. I've noticed that with everything I eat, I am subconsciously tallying the calories, and I workout every day, WITHOUT fail. If I don't, the entire day feels off.

So, what's new with me? EVERYTHING. The entire world is new, when seeing it from a "non-fat" person's eyes. I see the different reactions when I walk in the room, I feel my clothes FALLING off. When I shop for clothes, it isn't agonizing! I actually can see something on a hanger and think "I bet that will look good on me," and 9 times out of 10, it does! Everyone I see tells me how great I look, and my confidence is soaring! A friend from highschool sent me a message not long ago and said she was looking at my pictures and was amazed and asked what I was doing, and I told her all about sparkpeople and how motivating and life-changing it was for me, and I told her to find her motivation and stick to it. I got a single reply: "Honestly, YOU are my motivation." Do you have ANY idea how amazing that felt!? It has always been me looking at someone who was "able to do it," and wishing I had that motivation, self-discipline, and success. Someone was looking at ME that way! ME! It has given me such a sense of empowerment! I look in the mirror and I am SO proud! I think "I know you can do this!" I am 18 pounds from my initial goal, and I realize that I probably wont make the deadline that I set by Christmas, but I don't care! I will be close and it is a HUGE difference!

My husband, best friend, and I recently joined the local gym. While it is expensive, it's amazing! The amenities there can't be topped, and I've discovered that being under contract and spending so much money a month on a membership keeps me motivated to go everyday! They give you an evaluation when you first join to set goals and customize your program with a fitness expert and dietician, and at my appointment I was weighed, measured, and talked to. As the expert, Jeremy pinched fat on various parts of my body, I felt very self conscious. Then he got quiet as he crunched numbers, checked on charts, and wrote things down as I nervously looked around his office. He finished and looked up at me, and rolled his chair over to where I was sitting.

My heart started pounding, because I was terrified that I had worked so hard and come so far only to hear how much work I have left. I was afraid that the news would discourage me so badly that I would want to quit.

He showed me the form, and on it he had circled the category "moderately lean." Really?! He used the word "lean" in some context when referring to ME?! He told me that I was in the "moderately lean" category according to the charts, and the weight loss goal he had set for me was......drumroll please.......
FIVE POUNDS. FIVE POUNDS?! Not Forty?! Not FIFTY!? I had never heard such a low number when given advice to my losing weight! Of course, my personal goal far exceeds that number, but it was AMAZING to hear! He set my range of motion on all the strength machines, instructed me on the cardio machines, and set me up on the FitLinxx network, which is where the machines communicate via WiFi to the network and automatically log my workouts when I sign into them using my ID. I know, hi-tech huh!? Sure beats manually logging my fitness! I can log in to FitLinxx from home and see what all I did, how many calories I burned, and how many pounds I lifted that day. Neato Mosquito! Iris (my BFF) and I meet up there every morning and work out. We're both mothers to toddlers, so it is a welcomed break for us, since the gym offers on-site daycare. We get a break from the kids, plenty of exercise, and time to talk ALONE like adults without screaming kids! It's such a blessing!

And, as a testimony to my newfound confidence, here are some recent pictures of me getting down in a cute little black dress with my girls!

Me and my best friend and workout buddy, Iris

Me and Courtney

The girls-no, that isn't a roll hanging over, lol. The dress is made like that.

Me, Anna, and Erin on the dance floor! I jokingly said this could be a degree commerical!

Having Sushi and enjoying a bottle of Saki!
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    Wow, you are doing great and seem to be really enjoying life. Congrats and way to go!!!
    2745 days ago
    You look FABULOUS and HAPPY! What more could you want??????
    2745 days ago
    Oh! If only someone would say something like that to me!

    I am sooooooo happy for you! Good for you for joining a gym I'm sure that you're going to enjoy it very much.

    You sound so happy. I can feel it from your writing.

    Have a great weekend.
    2745 days ago
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