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Friday, November 19, 2010

Stole this from ANNE7X7 who stole it from GORDIESMOMMY...

1. Why are you on Spark?
Because I was sick and tired of my life. Thanks, SP!

2. What works for you (weight loss)?

3. How did you find out?
I can't remember.

4. Why do you do it?
Because it works and keeps me accountable to myself and others.

5. When do you do it?
Everywhere (whenever I remember to! LOL)

6. Who helps you?
My Spark Friends and my kids.

7. Where do you do it?
At work, at home, outside...EVERYWHERE! nudge nudge wink wink ;)

8. How do you feel before/during/after you do it?
If we are talking about working out...
DURING= like I'm gonna die
AFTER= Like I want to go again!

9. Do you love yourself?
I'm getting there, but I would still have to say not enough! :(

10. All the time?

11. Is your enabler also your disabler?
ummmm....I am sure

12. Do you have an enabler/disabler? Who are they?
Yes, I am my worst enemy and my best motivator most of the time...My extended family can enable as well...but mostly it's all me...

**Now for the personal stuff

13. What is your favourite colour?
Blue, Pink and black...ya ya, I isn't a colour...too flippin' bad!

14. What does that colour signify to you?
It is what it is....a colour...I like it...there is no deep hidden meaning behind it :)

15. What is your 'catch phrase'?
Not sure I have one....I tell my son to get his "Ass off the couch" a lot...if that counts? or "Hurry up!" to my daughter? or "get out of bed" to both of them....hehehe

16. When do you say it most?

17. Favourite number? Why?
7. Cause I was born on the seventh.

18. Middle name/initial?
OIEY VEY!!!! I HATE this question....Currie

19. Will you tell us the story behind your name?
Cuz my parents hated me!??? That's what i think the REAL story is...

20. In a relationship?
With my kids! :)

21. Want to be in a relationship?

22. Top or bottom?
depends on how tired I am!!!! Muahahahaha

23. Boxers/briefs/commando on guys (yourself)?
Boxers on him.

24. Hipsters/boy shorts/thongs/briefs on girls (yourself)?
Boy shorts are comfy.

25. Is comfort or style overrated?
Style is definitely overrated!

26. Fave go to healthy snack?
Fruit (berries, apples, etc)

27. Fave not healthy snack?

28. Alcohol?

29. Fave drink?
Non-alcoholic: Milk
Alcoholic: Baileys

30. Best fast food burger?
The Works...Elk burger , with Brie cheese! YUMMMMMM

31. Best fries home/restaurant?
McDonalds....I don't care what ANYBODY says....I LOVE THEM!

32. Last thing you put in your mouth?
How personal...RUDE!!!! LOL....Water

33. Fave dinner meal?
Rare Prime Rib and veggies, no gravies

34. Can you make your fave meal?
Not at all!!!

35. Share?
Can't...don't make it...EVER

36. Smell that brings back a happy memory from childhood?
Clementines = Christmas (and Egg nog!)

37. What do you see when you look in the mirror?
If you can't say anything nioce don't say anything at all...SO I say NOTHING!

38. What is more bothersome: shopping for new clothes because your stuff is too loose, or too tight?
BOTH, I don't like shopping for clothes for myself.

39. What song is your personal anthem right now?
Don't have one...but the closest would be the Jullee Black , Running song I used in my last blog!

40. Gotten really angry at anyone lately?
My's a regular occurrence these days!

41. No, I mean really, really angry?
See above.

42. Has there been one phrase from your life that has struck you to the core?

I birthday card at 18 from a special friend...I have never forgotten it.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” Flavia Weedn

43. Find a positive one.

44. What is your mantra today?
Stop eating, you pig! ;)

45. Ever played spin the bottle?

46. When?
Grade 6...I was terrified...YUCK!

47. Ever reverse-snort liquid out your nose after reading/seeing/hearing something funny?

48. What came out?
Tomato Juice...into my Chicken Noodle mother MADE me eat it too!! I was in grade 4.

49. Why?
probably because I heard something funny?!

50. Want kids?

51. Have kids?

52. If yes to 51, do you want more?

53. Are you working a job that you like/love/hate?
I like it.

54. What makes it worth working there?
the pension, the days off the flexibility it provides me when it comes to my kids, the benefits...I am a Federal Gov't employee.

55. Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars

56. Vampires or zombies?
Vampires if I HAD to choose

57. Current fave show you cannot live without?
the ONLY show I feel that strongly about is Big Brother...and we are off season right now!!! Excuse me while I go cry for a bit!

58. Fave show that is not on right now, but you are waiting for?
see above

59. Christmas?
What about it? I love it!

60. When is a good time to put up your tree?
One week before Christmas...cut it down fresh so it smells DIVINE!

61. Other decorations?
They are up, but not on....not til December 1st (outdoor ones)
indoor decor...the week before Christmas as well!

62. Turkey-white or brown meat?
Allergic to it!
but I do LOVE brown meat! YUM

63. Stuffing?
not overly just cuz it's bread, which is the root of all evil to me!...and it's made in the turkey...which I am allergic not really a great idea :)

64. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?
Neither...but sweet potatoes if I HAD to

65. Fave Thanksgiving veggie?

66. Fave all time cookie?
Shortbread at Christmas! Melts in your mouth like butter!

67. Lincoln logs or Tinker toys?
never played with either...I think my brother had Tinker toys though

68. He-Man or She-Ra?
She-Ra of course...girl power!!

69. 69?
Hmmmm...what does THAT mean....LOL

70. Do you sneak snacks at present?
From my daughter yes...only so I don't have to share with her...I AM allowed them in my routine I am not sneaking them because I CAN'T eat them...

71. Do you like to wrap presents?

72. Do you want presents or gift cards this year?
All of the above!

73. Pets?
2 dogs
3 cats
1 hamster
1 guinea pig

74. What kind (or if no pets, what) would you like to have?
another Great Dane...I miss our last one

75. Blog much?

76. Get discouraged?

77. How do you break through your blues?
being consistent, doing it cuz it's got to be done! or simply reading SP blogs...that REALLY helps

78. Tea or coffee or hot chocolate?
I prefer HC...but drink tea from TEAOPIA....YUMMY!

80. Ever tried Poutine (french fries with cheese and gravy)?
What, you mean some people have never tried it???

81. Do you have plants in your home?

82. Ever lived as an adult at your parent/in-law's?

83. What is the first thing you would do after winning the lottery.....say $20 mil?
Pay off my debts and the debts of my family and close friends

84. Facebook/Twitter/something else?

85. Want to write a book?
Not really

86. What is the last thing (on paper) that you read?
ANNE7X7's blog....i had to print it killed a tree I think!

87. What is the biggest hurdle you face today?
Being a GREAT parent, as opposed to just BEING a parent

89. What is the biggest hurdle young people face today?
Social pressures of ANY kind...which tortures their self-esteem. Balancing who they are with what they want the word to see of them and still keep their integrity.

90. What is your greatest invention?
I invented straightening shampoo in the second grade...for a school project...I was laughed at by everyone...even my it's EVERYWHERE! CURSE THEM!!!! I could be a gazillionaire!

91. Wax or shave?
depends on where :0

92. Bikini or brazilian?

93. Zumba?
Never tried it, and from watching other classes, it doesn't seem like my thing (too much coordination involved)

94. Romance or action flicks?
Chick flicks

95. Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

96. "As you wish"---name the movie.
I don't get it. I guess it's a quote from a movie I've never seen?

97. Gold or platinum?

98. Goonie?

99. Nail polish or naked?
clear polish

100. Cook or wash dishes?

My gawd that was long! What was I thinking??

Later Sparkers!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Interesting blog !
    3716 days ago
    This is fun! I may steal it, too, but I reserve the right to dodge some of the questions that are beneath my dignity at my age. emoticon emoticon
    3716 days ago
    That was long.....funny...
    3716 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    My notes on your blog:

    - You're a copier. I'm telling.
    - Your catch phrase is RUN RUN RUN
    - Were you born on the 7th?
    - You're dirty
    - I love that you just left some of my answers
    - OMG I can't believe I forgot BigBrother. Told you it goes out of my mind as soon as it's done
    - Bread = not evil. Bread = delicious to the power of 20.
    - Friends off cause you don't like potatoes.
    - # 69: Who is trying to avoid the dirty questions now???
    - Friends on because you are freaking hilarious.
    - It's creppy that you printed my blog. Just saying. I'm guessing it's easier to read on paper these days?
    - #99: LIES. You know you like it better naked ;)

    3716 days ago
    LOL - great questions, could start to write a paragraph on each one
    3716 days ago
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