Smoke out America

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have to get this off my chest so today I am going to do that.
I am a smoker, I have quit 5 times and have gone back each time for different reasons, its a very difficult habit to break (if your a smoker you will understand), I know its bad for me (I just wish when I was a teen smoking I would have been warned about this addiction) and I am not opposed to one day in America being smoke free emoticonI would like to challenge our government, to stop selling cigerettes on this one day out of a year and challenge the makers who profit from our addiction to stop making cigerettes for one day. I would call this fair. We all stop making them, stop selling them and stop smoking them for one day. What a deal, I just feel that the smoker is the victim of the profit that the taxes that our government makes and the profit that the makers earn, yet lets have a smoke out America, sounds sweet. I guess you could have a NO ALCOHOL AMERICA day too, but then where would the profit be.
I love America, God Bless all of us who have this addiction, keep trying to quit I know if they were not available nobody would smoke, oops thats to easy.....thanks for hearing me emoticon
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    i keep tryring to quit. and will be trying again as of this friday. i am going cold turkey, with just a mind set of i can do it. I know the facts it is healthier for me.. my only hope is i will not kill anyone along the way. my family will be gone friday to sunday, so hopefully that will give me enough time for the worst of the crabbies to go away.
    if only life were easier.. emoticon
    3551 days ago
    I can relate as a former smoker and drinker. I hope you can quit some day. It is so worth it.
    3552 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Smoking cigarettes is something I never got addicted to, thank God. My first attempt was at 16 at the beach when a girlfriend and I put a quarter in a machine that had a bunch of cigarette packs in it and a bar would move through them and maybe one would fall out. I got a pack and we tried a cigarette. Well, who knows how long they'd been in there or what brand they were, but it was AWFUL, really awful. So I never wanted to try another one. I was lucky. But I've lived with smokers since I was six years old.
    3556 days ago
    Cigarettes are definitely evil through and through. Quitting all together is obviously the ideal approach I just wanted to share what had been working for me lately. During my last quit attempt something deep down in me, physically and emotionally, I don't really know how to explain it, I just felt it, had told me that it was not just the nicotine in the cigarettes that I was, and we are addicted to but it is the 400+ chemicals that they put in their 'cancer' sticks to make us addicted to them, rat poison, methane, cadmium and ammonia, just to name a few. I'm sure this isn't a new discovery for everyone but it was for me. I found that by switching to American Spirits which are additive free, I smoke a fifth of the amount of cigarettes I used to. No lie. I don't get that craving anymore. I used to want another cigarette when I saw that my last was just about to be done. That's sick. And they burn so much longer too. There must be something in regular cigs that make them burn quick too. My girl smokes 100's and my spirits only come in regulars. Mine always last a lot longer. Again all smoke is bad for us. We should quit. We can do it. But I believe this is a nice stepping stone at least for myself. Figured I'd share it with with you all.
    3556 days ago
    I've quit three times. First time was when I was getting out of the service, I quit for 7 years before I picked up a cigar during the recent cigar hey-day. That lead to cheap cigars and then cheaper. I quit the second time for about 18 months before stress brought the cigars back. I quit, for what I hope is the last time, in July of 2009. Most difficult.
    3556 days ago
    I think this is a wonderful idea!!!

    I have been smoke free for over three years. It is a terribly hard habit to break. Tabacco is as hard an addiction to break as herion!!! Never stop trying to is so worth it!!!
    3556 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I started smoking at nine years old and smoked straight through for forty years and then just quit on October 7, 1991 at 7PM and have never smoked again. The first month was not easy. The first year I would have nightly dreams of smoking and wake up so angry at myself and then realize it was just a dream. If I can do it so can you and so can anyone at all. I think it depends on how bad you want to quit. I did it cold turkey and my family kept teasing me and nagging me and making fun of me but I would not let them change my mind on quitting. Thats how bad I wanted to be healthy and to live a long, strong and satisfied life. Now, my biggest challange so far is getting my eating habits under contol, because when I quit smoking the weight came on and fast too because my eating increased, but, we are the only ones who have control over what we do with these bodies that are given to us as a gift and to take care of them because this is the only body that we will ever get this side of heaven. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3556 days ago
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