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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well the title says it all...I'm in a great mood this week!! Today's weigh in was wonderful. The scale finally went down 2 pounds today!! It's been forever since that has happened. Now it is weight I had already lost and gained again, but hey...that's's just down!! I went back to eating oatmeal and weighing and measuring foods more this week! Also put in a whole week of working out with out any excuses and look where it got me....YEA!!!

I also just feel great! For a month or longer I had such a hard time staying focused and being in a decent mood. My depression had gotten a hold of me and it wouldn't let go. I've never been diagnosed manic, but that is kind of how I feel. Especially compared to where I was. I have a bubbly feeling inside....too much joy!! Is that possible? Just changing my attitude the past week and a half I think has totally helped. I'm just not letting anything any one does or says to me effect my moods! I tell myself that every day and so far it is working. I think I told you all about the customer that I was rude too and tracked down on facebook. Well she ended up coming back to the shop. She was impressed that I took the time to track her down. So that ended up having a good ending.

My true test of my new attitude will be next week I think. Well that and then into Christmas. My mom is coming next week. I miss her horribly but her visits can be stressful. I'm hoping that I handle it the way I have been. She's just a negative person at times. That can make it hard when you are trying to face everything with a positive attitude. I have to work really really hard not to be like her and be negative! I'm working towards that whole half full perspective!!!

I am working on de-cluttering too! Wow, this sure is a weight off of shoulders. My house is not hoarder like....but there are areas where it is easier to just throw something in a closet, room or pile and forget about it. Easier then dealing with it at the time. Well that has been my philosophy for about 10 years now. So you can imagine there are some piles that need to be gone through. The computer room was first. I can report that it now looks like a new room. I threw out anything that wasn't worth putting in my garage sale and only kept keepsakes really. How liberating it has been. I'm going to continue doing this even after mom leaves. All my closets could use this and one spare room that has turned into the catch all. My goal is to finish it all up and have a huge garage sale with all the proceeds going to my walk!! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone!! I just didn't realize how heavy that burden has been on my shoulders. It's just another aspect of trying to get healthy!!

My training for the walk is going great! I did a 3.4 mile route yesterday in the fastest time I ever have! I was totally jazzed! The first time I walked it I think it took me 70 minutes. Last night I did it in 48!! Tonight I will do some strength training to go with my morning yoga. I want to work on my legs especially strengthen my knees for this walk. I'm totally pumped to be doing this!! I'm really glad I have this motivation!!

Well I've been rambling long enough! Thank you all my spark friends! You are always here to support me and I soooo appreciate that! Let's all get up and get moving today!!!
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