Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First I'm sorry to have disappeared for awhile! I had a nasty fall last week, I tried running after a couple days, but it went very poorly :( I wanted to press restart yesterday, but I'm a bit under the weather. Feeling achy and some sinus issues. Hopefully tomorrow?

Lots of meetings this week. Still trying to figure out the holiday party for Forty Plus. Stopped by the Statehouse yesterday to drop off my awesome portfolio. Hopefully it will get me an interview (and the job!). Had my first Civil War 150 meeting tonight for Junior League. It was really great and I think I'm going to have even more fun ^_^ It's really just a Junior League week since this is the Holiday Weekend. My birthday is next Wednesday and I get to go to the spa, yay!!! I think if I could figure out how to add in a haircut, it'd be a good day.

So food's been a mess (cheese ball, yum) but I still haven't had any fast food, so yay! Plus I've been eating salads (but not so great dressing) and I've been loving the bite sized shredded wheat for breakfast. No exercise though :P But I want to fix that this week! I did start taking my anti-depressants as the weather is getting bad, and it's dark out by 6PM, but I'm taking the lowest dose, so yay again, go me.

Nick and I started studying Korean together last week. We did the first few lessons on, it's really great! It's fun having something to do together- well, on the nights we aren't insanely exhausted! Want to know what the title of my blog means? Check it out! http://thekoreanway.wordpress.

Well, I'm pretty worn out and I think I'm going to take my nighttime meds and hope I feel all better in the morning! Send me 'healthy' thoughts! And I'll keep thinking 元気だӕ
5;て 元気だӕ
5;て Muahaha, three languages in ONE post, can you handle it? Wow...I really need to get some rest ^_^ Thanks for reading!
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