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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have had this blog on my mind for some time lately!

IT may seem pretty “in your face” pretty DIRECT!

This is just my take on things and I have to tell you that I could not have written it 2 mos ago…

I have learned the following:

YOU can waste allot of time saying the following:

I will start my new plan NEXT MONDAY!


I will GET BACK ON TRACK after Thanksgiving.

I will GET THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS and THEN I will buckle down and do this!

SPARK “FRIENDS” I said ALL these things before… I was the QUEEN of procrastination! NO one has one up on me.. in that department! (LOL) JUST ask my husband… he will agree.
I spent MORE TIME planning my diet and buying food THEN just DOING IT! I didn’t like that part… but boy I can write out and make a good plan… GOOD intentions were there! (can anyone relate?)

Here is a quote from my good friend TWO-TOO-MUCH (Nancy).

Jack Canfield is an author and motivational speaker:

“Remember, there is no perfect time for anything. There is only now..." - J.C.

IN my opinion…. Scientifically… THERE are allot of good eating plans out there… ones that WILL get you results and ones that are smart and healthy….

THEN there are the ones that are just plain silly! IN fact I have to admit that I lost MANY many pounds doing 100’s of different diets.. (NO kidding!!!) THEY all had one thing in common…. I gained the weight right back!

I WAS the QUEEN of buying the latest diet at the check out stand at Wal Mart! I was ADDICTED to buying the newest one.. the latest fad… and rushing home to READ it! THEN I would plan my list… buy the food
And do the diet for ½ day or 1 week or a little more.


I was a slow learner because I wanted A QUICK FIX!!! WE all want it yesterday! AM I RIGHT?

THEN I found Sparkpeople! So I jumped on board…. Followed the plan.. made lots of new friends and did a WHOLE lot of socializing! LOL

I lost weight.. (because Sparks is a sensible, smart, eating plan ) . I quit tracking… and I gained it back (at least most of it.) Not much learned here… ! I wanted it quick.. I wanted it NOW! We all can conjure up excuses as to why a plan doesn’t work for us! I said I was “tired of tracking”….

I have heard it upteen times… that you didn’t put it on in 2 mos.. why are you expecting to take it ALL OFF IN 2 mos!

YEAh, I know that.. BUT my mentality was a 2 yr old banging on the high chair saying I WANT IT MY WAY

N O W!!!!

SPARK PEOPLE out there reading this….

FIND a plan that WORKS for you….
IT is ok to keep looking for the right one…. IT is ok to try out THE SENSIBLE ones! IF they look like quick fixes then leave them alone! IF they say you have FREE REIGN TO EAT ALL YOU CAN EAT OF ANYTHING YOU WANT for one meal a day then RUN!!!!

IF they do not encourage healthy eating then run!

IT IS OK to LOOK for the right plan for you.. BUT DON”T use that as an excuse to NOT eat healthy and NOT MAKE effort to get fit!

WRITE down your goals, make 1 weeks ones.. 1 month ones, 3 months ones.. 1 yr ones.. BE specific! Take measurements,

TAKE before pictures
You don’t have to post them.. but do take them! Wear fitted clothing.. snugger clothing that SHOWS the bulges. LATER you will be so glad you did.


When I found the WHY CAN’T I STOP EATING PLAN through Nancy…

I was fighting cravings all day long…. I had adjusted the spark plan to be split up into about 6 meals a day… so I could spread my food out all day and eat every 3 hrs.

My internal self talk was this:

I will eat BEFORE I get hungry… so I won’t go nuts and binge..

I will rev my metabolism up…and keep that furnace burning all day!

I will add veggies and fruits to my meals and that will be healthy ‘enough”.

BEFORE you get defensive and leave me comments about my above comments… and want to say things like YOU SHOULD EAT 6 times a day or 5 times.. so you DON”T get hungry…..


I said these things and LIED to myself to JUSTIFY eating all day…. WHO knows if I personally would get hungry or not… I never listened to my body to know if I did or not.

THE food I was eating was not GOOD for you food… it was junk! Crackers, snack bars, baked chips, granola bars, light bread with peanut butter…. Etc.

OH yeah AND LET ME add this to my above comment… I would add an apple or banana to the above food choices because it was THE RIGHT thing to do… and I NEEDED to get my VEGGIES and FRUITS in for the day! I added in cheese and nuts too… because they were GOOD choices too….

BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND that lying underneath ALL OF THESE GOOD INTENTIONS was the thinking:


I would seriously buy a NEW snack (JUST FOR ME .. no one else in the house could eat them) and I WOULD BE ELATED that I could get 16 crackers as a SERVING….. !!!! IT was all about how much I could eat.. and get by with and still be in the allotted calorie range!

HA HA… WHO was I kidding!



I was like on the prowl all the day long… looking for food!

THEN I TRIED the above mentioned plan!

I had to.. because I was having cravings and wanting to graze ALL day long!

After 1 day I felt tons better… After 2 days I didn’t feel out of control and the fogginess and haze I had felt from eating junk was lifting.

After 3 days…. I felt really good!

THEN I started sleeping like a baby… (giving up sugar and flour will do that you know!) NOPE I had no clue!

THEN my face puffiness started going away… like a doughy puffy look I had that I thought was just plain old fat… turns out it was related to the sugars and flours!

THEN I felt bright eyed and bushy tailed and CLEAR AS A BELL minded! ALERT and AWAKE ALL DAY long… NO highs and lows in my blood sugars.

THEN I NOTICED that I just LOVED the way the fresh food tasted and how much food you eat with such low calories …… I was pretty blown away by the tastebuds thing I can tell you. I never knew that veggies and fruits tasted SO AMAZING.

BUT here is the secret to that… when you ARE not eating the processed sugars and breads and white flour junk then VEGETABLES taste so much better and fruits are SO SWEET!

THEN comes the sodium difference you will notice.
PROCESS foods are just loaded with sodium!
HEALTHY foods have very little natural occurring sodium in them… so without even realizing it you will cut your sodium to a healthy number with out much effort at all!


I HAVE HAD such success and found the magic plan for ME!

I don’t miss the sugar AT all … I promise!
I don’t miss the bread and the BLOAT that comes with it! I promise

Nancy.. shared this quote with me today!

It is by John Maxwell, also a motivational speaker -- I really love this one:

“The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without motivation. And then, guess what? After you start doing the thing, that's when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it.” -- J. M.

THIS IS JUST WHAT happened to me…
THE motivation DID come from what this plan did for me… and it
IS EASY for me to keep doing it…

THANK you GOD for leading me to this plan and helping my fly above the pull of food.

FOOD no longer is the center of my day!

FOOD no longer is anything to me but FUEL!

I eat 3 times a day (4 if I need to) I don't get hungry... I am very very satisfied. I only thinki of food as I enjoy it for fuel and then I move on to better things called "LIVING"!

HUGS to all of you!

I am here for you!

From Size 20 to a size 10

HEADING TO AN 8 by New Years!

I WILL END WITH THIS QUOTE (another one Nancy shared with me THANKS NANCY)

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of you doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. " - Earl Nightingale

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • 51NFIT
    Just found you and your blogs and reading the older ones. I had to laugh about buying food items just for you and only you - that's me! So much of what you said I can relate to.
    3191 days ago
    You said a mouthful there!!
    And you look absolutly amazing!!!
    3241 days ago
    You look simply marvelous!
    3241 days ago
    I can relate!
    3241 days ago
  • CBACH71
    3242 days ago
    I can totally relate to this blog! I too finally just "got it" and realized I wasn't going to be really motivated at first... I just had to do it and stick with it and the motivation to keep at it came later. I also agree that real food DOES taste better... and I also thought the progress was SLOW but looking back -- what else would I have done during that time?! Gained more weight? Done nothing?! It was totally worth the effort. Thanks for sharing with everyone your story and you insights -- you look GREAT :)
    3244 days ago
    This is me, always making plans to start a new diet and when the day comes, putting it off to start another day or month.
    3244 days ago
    Great job, keep it up. emoticon
    3246 days ago
    Wow, I can say that this sounds exactly like me, more then I'd like to admit.!
    3246 days ago
    THANK you so much for this blog!! emoticon This is exactly what i needed at the end of the day. I can relate to the procrastination and eating unhealthy foods....all that! I've been starting my mornings right with a good breakfast but when lunch came around, I would give up...(and blame it on NOT having motivation!!! sad...). And day after day.... BUT you have really opened my eyes. Shown me the benefits of JUST DOING IT. Many manu thinks to you and may God bless you in all aspects of your life! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3246 days ago
  • CLEE2830
    emoticon blog! Thank you for sharing!
    3246 days ago
    Great blog. The best way to shop for a 'good plan' is to only shop around the edges of the supermarket where the fresh food is!
    3247 days ago
    Well said and congratulations on your success!!!
    Unfortunately some of us are still on the first part of the journey you described, I hope you can make the transition as successfully as you emoticon
    3247 days ago
    You are so right! Everyone must find that healthy eating plan that they can live with for life or this go around will be the same as all the rest...maybe lose some, but in the end, gain. I read a book praising the benefits of "organic" eating and how much better it is for you, blah blah. Well, I decided I would try this...just for like a know to prove the author wrong. Silly me...after one week I realized what all that processed food was doing....making me want MORE processed food! 40+ pounds later(and lighter), I realize that I probably eat more food than I ever have and more often and I have only replaced all the processed junk with actual food. Once my body had the fuel it needed without the chemicals and additives, it released me of cravings...I so rarely get cravings now (maybe once a month, but I won't complain:)
    My plan may not be everyone's plan but find the one you can live with forever. I am so glad you found yours. WTG!
    3247 days ago
    I wish that there was a way to save blogs in SparkFavorites. This blog is amazing! I've been struggling with my weight loss plan for about a month now, and I realize that I need to eat cleaner. Those processed foods lead you to eat more since they don't fill you up as good as fruits and veggies. Right now, my goal is to have at least three servings of fruit and three servings of veggies a day. Then, when I can do that, I will up my intake to at least four servings of veggies and five servings of fruits a day.

    I also agree with your idea of making specific goals. Will do!

    3248 days ago
    “Remember, there is no perfect time for anything. There is only now..." - J.C.

    I LOVE this!!!!! Great blog!
    3248 days ago
    Great blog! I have to admit that I haven't been following the plan carefully. Although I don't eat many white flour products (have been eating whole wheat for years now) and don't eat much sugar, I have been stressed and not planning my meals well. Don't have a lot of time to cook so I just grab the easiest thing. And I have been sneaking a mini chocolate bar a few times a week. I haven't been eating as much fruit and vegetables as I should, even though I love them. But your success and your friendship and encouragement are motivating.

    I too am on the plan of "tomorrow or Monday or after the holidays" but those days never come and I have been doing this for nearly a year with SPARK now. I quit tracking. I don't drink enough water at all. And I haven't planned time for exercise because I figure I get enough at work walking 10 miles a shift plus the bending, lifting, etc. But so far nothing is working. I haven't gained since I lost 10 pounds but am very disappointed with myself that I haven't lost anything either.

    I also believe that stress prevents weight loss and I have a ton of that in my life. Will have for the next two years while working for my RN degree so I had better get a handle on that and not use it as an excuse.

    Thanks for the blog. Will have to post this near my computer since I am on that for school all the time and will constantly see it there as a reminder to do this for me! A gift to myself - ME!

    Congrats to you!
    3248 days ago
    You are amazing as ever, my friend!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3248 days ago
    Great Blog! emoticon
    3248 days ago
    Thanks Sherlyn, I needed to hear once again what I already know. I too did all those thing looking for the "magic fix." Now that I've found a plan that works for me, I still find myself romancing how I can tweek it. Not a good place for me to be. Today I commit to doing the plan we follow, without exception. Hugs to you!!!
    3249 days ago
    You speak the truth. I love this blog. I'm laughing as the frightened little sugar addict (ok, giant sugar addict) wants to run away and not listen. I literally can feel the angst about it, and hear myself saying all the things you mentioned as excuses at the top. O.K., clearly, I was lead to this blog. I need to pray for willingness. I'm not there yet. I know, it's an excuse. I admit it. BUt I'm not there yet - hopefully from re-reading this a few times, I will be!!!
    3251 days ago
    What an amazing....and TOTALLY TRUE blog. I plan, plan, plan.
    3251 days ago
  • OLSEN9310
    great blog! I agree that it is SOOOOO important to START NOW, TODAY, IMMEDIATELY! Get into the zone before the will be so much easier.

    and on another note....I have been watching my sodium intake more closely for the last 6-8 months and wow, what a huge difference it makes. if I have too much sodium in one day....I can feel it in my whole body....yuck! I would even say that it affects me more than any other nutrient as far as daily intake.

    great thoughts! & you look FABULOUS!
    3252 days ago
    emoticon I can relate to ALL of what you say... I have a library of diet books, exercise DVDs, shopping lists..... great at the planning... and I've said every single one on your list... start Monday/next week/after Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's...
    3252 days ago
    I've been learning this the hard way since 2001 [ugh]; it started with hives after eating cream of wheat years ago, then we hit a fad diet of bulgar and all the other whole wheat products [illnesses kept hitting me right and left] every time I ate anything with wheat I got sicker and sicker. I finally gave up dieting after losing 75 lbs and of course gained it all back ... Well, that sure didn't help me... so, I hit it again and this time I started noticing artificial sweeteners were giving me horrible headaches as were the healthy choice processed foods ... now I'm seeing reactions to sodium. I truthfully feel the best when I eat clean and get proper rest. I allow small amounts [moderation] of a sweet like a Peppermint York Patty every now and then [like once a week], but for the most part the only sugar I allow is the loving iced latte that my darling husband makes me for breakfast every morning. I sip on it all day long [it becomes more like a watery watered down drink] but it boasts my energy level or keeps me awake -vs- napping all day. emoticon
    The other thing I do, if I'm hungry in between meals, I will allow up to 3 oz of baked chicken... I precook it and freeze it in 3 oz serving sizes. It's very yummy for lunch with Doles cabbage [the cole slaw mix you buy in a bag]. I won't let myself eat crackers or snacks in-between meals but any time of day I'll eat the chicken if really hungry. When in season, green grapes in the middle of the night have saved me... I guess those two things would be classed as my six meals a day though I don't always need it [especially, when I eat clean].

    Hope I've not shared to much, but you got me on a roll of thinking out loud...lolrotf! I loved your blog!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3252 days ago
    Words of wisdom!

    I do have to admit that I don't do sugar or flour either...but I MISS THEM. I don't know if it is all in my head or what. I don't eat it, so my body is not "craving" it. I just want it. I was hoping I could ease up on my willpower and my body would just let me not want it...but I use a lot of willpower each day to make it through.

    I'm excited today. Today is a "cheat day" my husband's birthday. Chocolate cake...I'm been waiting a long time for this cheat day and now all I want is the cake and nothing I could at least stay in my calorie range. LOL ...But, I scrambled my eggs like a good girl this am...and I will have my salad for lunch. NO STARVING myself for a slice of cake! ;)
    3253 days ago
    Awesome blog!!!!
    3253 days ago
    Thanks for another great blog! You have such a direct and inspiring way with words emoticon
    3253 days ago
  • DEE797
    Another terrific blog. You said so many things that I can totally relate too. Thanks for sharing this with us, cause it was just what I needed to hear. YOU GO GIRL!
    3253 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    Your plan is a pretty good one and I've tried it, I love you & you inspire me, but like you said some things work for some people but not others, I think after I finish my box of cereal if I'm still not seeing "AMAZING" results. I'll go back to my Plan A!
    3253 days ago
    Excellent blog! You've said exactly what so many of us need to hear. Thanks for inspiring me to clean up my diet. I KNOW what I should be eating thanks to all kinds of books collecting dust on the shelf. Now I just need to make it happen :D
    3253 days ago
    Your so right! I was doing all the right things (I thought) but the sugar and flour does make such a difference. Everyone is different, but to those of us who can't tolerate it, not a good choice even in small amounts. I started two weeks ago without it and already notice a HUGE difference in my energy and cravings!You look awesome and I know you feel it!
    3253 days ago
  • BRANDI0074
    You rock!!! I am so thrilled to have you to help and encourage me through this journey!!! Very well put, and I like that you put it out there, to keep trying, find what works for you, find what gives you results and makes you a healthier person! Everytime I feel that Oh Im tired, I cant do this anymore, I read something from you and remember that I can and so can everyone else!!!!
    3253 days ago
    3253 days ago
    Yes BY FAR the best, honest, in-your-face accept it because it is the truth blog. I felt like you were talking about me or to me and your words were perfect! Thanks!
    3253 days ago
    THIS my dear spark-friend is an awesome TRUE blog. Its the facts. If you want something, you cant have an excuse, it cant be -- I will start TOMORROW, I will start NEW YEARS... if you mess up and over-indulge you cant wait until MONDAY to startover - the 'starting over' has to happen right at that moment.
    Everyone has to go thru the steps that teach them what you have already learned.
    You cant cheat your way thru this process - you cant speed it up, you have to be paitent, you have to learn what works and what doesnt. Our bodies are a bit of a science.
    I've learned you cant outrun a poor diet. You can have the workout in place, but ifyour diet still is full of JUNK - youre not going to see results from all the effort you put in.
    Again props for the great blog, I think it will be very helpful to others that need a little reality - no shortcuts. (-: anything worth having is worth working for.
    3254 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/17/2010 12:22:11 PM
    A 75-calorie low-fat sugar free cookie is definitely not equivalent to eating a banana. Unprocessed foods are naturally more filling so it only makes sense they would be much more satisfying. Processed foods are the sodium devil! emoticon Eating cleaner means you will be more satisfied and will naturally eat less. That's how God meant for us to eat, not all this man-made food!

    You are definitely an outstanding success! emoticon
    3254 days ago
    Great blog!! So true. I did all of those things and I bounced all over the place weight wise and stopped the refined sugar and white flour, etc. and everything you said here is true for me too. I haven't seen a single gain, heck I haven't seen a single day that I didn't lose something. I haven't had a single craving and I feel so much better. I actually feel confident that I am going to make it to goal!! Now, no matter how much time it may take, I'm going to be on my way to that goal the WHOLE time and I WILL get there!!
    I have to tell you that when I first read your blogs on this topic, I was like "well, it's great that it's working for you but it's not something that I could ever do." Then I started reading other stuff too. The most bizarre places it would come up. I went to my parents house to let their dogs out and there was a Wholesome Sugarfree Cooking cookbook and I started reading and learning more and WOW!! If everyone only knew........keep right on tellin' it like it is!! People WILL listen to you because you've seen success with it and this is NEED TO KNOW information!!!!
    You are doing awesome!! Thanks!
    3254 days ago
    By far one of the best blogs I've ever read...and so timely!
    Congrats to you for figuring it out! I can "hear" how much sweeter life is for you. Today is my "day 1...again!!" and this blog was a great way to get my mind set for the journey!
    Thank you!
    3254 days ago
    I so know what you mean about spending more time planning than actually doing it. Realizing that's what I was doing was huge for me!
    Great message!
    3254 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Well said ~ good blog!!
    3254 days ago
    Tell it like it is, Sister!
    Keep on keepin' on with your bad self!

    3254 days ago
    This was very inspirational; thanks for sharing. Where can I find more information on this eating plan?
    3254 days ago
    This is exectly me i'v started eating 3 times aday (maybe 4) and i feel much better i know i want to get on with it so that's what i'm gonna do.Seeing your success has made me more determind to do what i want to do not what others think i should do.
    3254 days ago
    You are a eat friend. You're right..when we try to fool people, the one we are fooling is ourselves.

    There have been times when I was SUPER embarrassed by everything I ate and didn't want to track it.

    Then I figured, don't track, the only person you're hurting is you! It still works for me.
    3254 days ago
    AWESOME! You have done so great! Thank you for this inspiring blog!
    3254 days ago
    Congrats on your look great! Everything you said is so true! Great blog! Congrats again and keep it up!! Can't wait to see size 8 pics :)
    3254 days ago
    Very well said. It is SO true. Sometimes I get a smell of food that I shouldn't have and it smells so good. I, also, think I've come so far from were I was 8 weeks ago. 8 weeks ago I would have said go ahead. It won't hurt you. You can work harder tomorrow and make up for it. It's so easy now to resist temptation. I, too, have realized that I sleep a lot more soundly than I ever have in the past. I'm actually noticing that my husband hears our daughter cry now before I do, sometimes. It's so nice not to have the sugar and flour.
    3254 days ago
    emoticon ANOTHER great blog!! Thank you so much Sherlyn..
    I will have to come back to this from time to time.
    God Bless~Christina
    3254 days ago
    You have put everything into words that I have been experiencing. Great blog!
    3254 days ago
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