What do you use to replace food?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I had the realization that when we get over one bad habit or coping strategy, we replace it with something else. Sometimes it's glaringly obvious, sometimes it's not. I'll go out on a limb and say that a lot of my SPark family use food for more than just nutrition.

I want to replace my eating coping mechanism, but I think I need something new that's positive. Unfortunately, I feel boxed in to a corner. My medical issues have me severely limited with everything - physically and emotionally and completely deprived of energy. I would love to go out and meet people, find some things I TRULY enjoy, besides stuffing my face. It's kind of like rebounding from a relationship. You've got to know there's something else good out there to get moving forward again and leave the ex behind you.

So, what do you use to replace food?? I'm open to all suggestions, even if I can't do them right now. I'm curious what people have discovered.
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    wow ... came here to read your blog & got really inspired with ideas from the other peeps who commented!

    just like you, sometimes I'm at a loss as to what to replace food with but I do find that I'm spending a little more time with my dog and my house looks nicer.

    I hope you'll make a follow up blog in a couple weeks ~ I'd like to know what strategies you adopted & in the meantime, best of luck to you on your journey.
    3714 days ago
    Sometimes keeping the mind and hands busy will keep you from thinking of if you like to on something to keep you mind busy!!!

    3715 days ago
  • DONNAJZ4241
    I like to keep my hands busy so I knit. I find it very relaxing. I also read and play board games with my daughter. I spend tons of time on Spark People also.
    3715 days ago
    Sex,drugs, and rock and roll! Actually, the music is true.....Normandy emoticon
    3716 days ago
    So -first i opted for moving.
    This is a thing thats most important to fight AS.

    I started a tai-chi-class. I dont know if i can go with it for the long rung cause my knees hurts a lot. But ill talk to the teacher - there must be a possibilitiy.

    I looked for an RL-self-help group (This is very funny and lets me see im not alone!! We do physio-gymnastics together once a week, talk a lot, laugh a lot)

    I got me a gym-membership (no im not the only one there with some medical issues). Doctors tell me that makes not much sense, but i fell opposite. Strengh-training helps me a lot in reducing pain.

    I started volunteering - besides my work this makes me feel good

    Second: after been totally retired for more than two years i want to get my life back.
    I grab it piece by piece and look how i can get along with the things i once loved.
    Eatingwise i do the Becks-Diet-Solution. I think this is different and it will work.
    3716 days ago
    Hi are a few of the things I do to keep busy...One thing that I can get really engroseed in is doing puzzles, the ones that are 500 pieces. The time flies by and it is really relaxing. I also love to play games online. There is a great site called that has a lot of free games you can play or you can join and get access to ALL the games. Reading is also something I really enjoy....I just love murder mysteries. Good luck finding your subsitute for food. Keep working at it and you will find it. Have a great week. emoticon
    3716 days ago
    Like most of the others who have posted I have not found one thing that replaces food but rather many things. I think finding new challenges is the real key. New challenges in my life include:

    1. I am trying to learn Spanish (checkout the site livemocha if you'd like to learn a new language, like SparkPeople it is free).

    2. My new activity level is also a distraction. I like to go on long walks, play WII, or try new exercises I find on Spark.

    3. New community service projects are also a fun way to replace food, I have become more active at church and have recently learned of a community outreach to foreign students studying in my city that I am just beginning to look into.

    This is my list, and your list will reflect your interests and talents, but get out there and challenge yourself.

    3716 days ago
    Things I do:

    Take a walk

    Play Wii - the exercise and dance ones and also the just plain fun ones.

    Knitting, crocheting, cross stitch or another craft

    Chat with my new friends on messenger
    3716 days ago
    Some of the things that help me get my mind off eating are:

    taking a walk
    knitting, crocheting, counted cross stitch
    playing piano
    using the internet
    crossword puzzles

    When I get an urge to overeat I try to get involved in some other type of active pasttime and usually the urge to eat passes before I finish the activity

    3716 days ago
    I do notice that when I am losing weight I am a lot more bored becuase I have more time on my hands that I used to spend eating.

    So to change things I am planning on just being more productive during throughout the day. Between work, cooking, cleaning, planning meals and lunches I am trying to find activites that will keep me busy from eating. I have joined a knitting meetup group where I will learn how to knit on Tuesday nights. So on Tuesday nights I will be busy socially and learning a new skill that will keep me busy other days of the week practicing as well.

    A girl from Spark asked if I wanted to walk with her two evenings a week so that should keep me busy as well. I'm not all that gung ho about meeting new people but I do want to lose weight and I do need things to keep me busy so there has to be a give and take somewhere in your life.

    I hope you find something that helps you.
    3716 days ago
    Well, I don't see how this is going to help you, but what has changed everything for me is falling in love with my baby. I love spending time with her. And she is FULL of energy. She takes a lot to keep up with. And I want so very badly to be the best possible mama to her (because she has gone through a lot of pain to become my daughter and deserves the very best future I can provide for her) so I am motivated to get in better and better shape so I can play with her as much as she wants me to. My heart finally feels full so I'm not trying to fill an empty space anymore. I still have to fight a larger than average appetite, but I do not have the same constant fight with emotional eating. That occurs a lot less often now.

    People have said it before, but I think one of the key tricks is to find a different way to treat / pamper / take care of yourself. Maybe it's getting your nails done. Maybe it's a soothing bath. Maybe it's reading a book or watching a favorite (preferably comedic) movie. In fact, I don't think it's any one thing, but doing many of these things on a daily basis and over time you hopefully begin to feel the love you are giving yourself, and no longer go looking for it from food.

    emoticon Heather
    3716 days ago
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