T-47 COWBOY UP BABY! A little secret about MUTUAL SPARKFRIENDS (wink)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

T-47 Cowboy Up Baby! A little secret about MUTUAL SPARK FRIENDS (wink) emoticon

Don’t you just love how one of your friends on your friend feed comments on someone blog or page and then you go check out that page or blog and find a new friend! I love how it just branches out and branches out to all kinds of great people here on Spark!
SPARK ROCKS!!! emoticon

I use to be hesitant about adding more friends because I would think “HOW can I keep up with them all” LOL emoticon

NOW I have come to realize I just do the best I can to keep up with them… but NOT LET that thought keep me from adding all the wonderful people I run into as friends!

I just feel so blessed to find new friends here on Spark and

BELIEVE me… I feel blessed beyond measure when you ADD ME AS A FRIEND!

GO AHEAD… ADD ME….. “I dare ya” (wink) emoticon

I love that I can go to “SEE ALL UPDATES” on the right side of the page of Spark under “MY FRIEND FEED”

Then when it opens up that page

I see this:

Your Friend Feed shows the recent Community activities of your mutual SparkFriends. Click here to see or edit your list of mutual friends. You can also filter which Community activities you'd like to see in your Friend Feed.

Your mutual friends have their own Friend Feeds, which include updates of your Community activities. You can view what your Feed looks like to others as well as edit your privacy settings to control which of your activities are visible to your mutual friends.

I can click on the “CLICK HERE” part in the top paragraph and see whom I need to add as friends.

I don’t have to mess with reading the spark emails…. They are just too time consuming and I delete them all every week. THAT was spark EMAILS not Spark private msg. Emails! LOL

I can ALSO scroll down that page after I click on “ CLICK HERE” and see whom I have added but they have not added me back…

THEN I can leave them a msg on their page or send them a goodie asking them to please add me back…

I have a rule of thumb though….

IF I ever am on someone’s page and CHOOSE to add them as a friend JUST BECAUSE I like something I have read about them… or I like a blog I wrote…

I ALWAYS ALWAYS leave them some kind of note that I am adding them as a friend and I tell them how they inspire me or what I liked that day that caused me to add them!

I think that is just a good way to start a friendship… just by saying HI… you inspire me… I am adding you as a friend! I think it is a nice courtesy! Don’t you?

IF I find someone has added me (when I am on the “MUTUAL FRIEND LOOKUP” page (you know the one you get to by clicking on the “CLICK HERE” part in that above paragraph))

I might just click the box and add them that way.. I don’t always go to their page and thank them for adding me… simply because it sometimes is time consuming and I don’t always have the time.. YOU just do the best you can do…. (in my opinion)!
I generally like to swing by and say thanks for the friend add but don’t ALWAYS do that!

SO I guess most of you already knew this mutual friend look up was available! HUH?

ONE thing I will say is every few months I do delete friends from my friend list that have not updated their status for a couple of months or more…. UNLESS it is a special friend whom I connected with and I am dropping them notes that I miss them!

IF it is someone I never heard from and just really never “clicked” with and they are not active on Spark I just remove them.

HUGS to all of you in SPARKLAND! Ain’t Spark Grand?!!!!!!! emoticon

11/7 176
11/8 175
11/9 174.8
11/10 174
11/11 173.4
11/12 173.4
11/13 173.2
11/14 173.0
I am still ON FIRE SPARKIES and lovin’ it! I am doing ST and am not so sore now!!!
I am eating healthy and on plan.

T-47 days til NEW YEARS DAY!!!

emoticonDO YOU HAVE NEW YEAR GOALS… are you chasing after them like nobody’s business? Each day will pass… and things will stay the same if you don’t chase after your goals.

emoticon IF it is not working then change it up…

emoticonIF is is not working coz you ain’t workin’ it then START workin’ it!

emoticonIf you think it will fall in your lap… while you sit there waiting for it too… then dream on… WAKE UP… coz it won’t!

emoticon If you don’t want to exercise coz you don’t “like” to exercise… well GET OVER IT… YOU need to move to be healthy! (hard one for me.. but baby I am doin’ it this time! HA HA)

AS my 24 yr old son says “COWBOY UP BABY COWBOY UP” emoticon

He says “LIFE”S tough momma bear… LIFE’S tough! ROLL with the punches and PUNCH BACK”

I think he is right, don’t you? (smiling big) emoticon

NOW for you viewing delight!

MY French Bulldog "LEON" that is available for adoption... (I raise Frenchies for many years)

THIS is his sister CANDY... she is just nosy ! LOL

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, such great directions. Thanks for the ideas! I'll be adding you as a friend if that's ok, and I think it is!
    3239 days ago
    Glad we are friends. You do inspire me in so many ways, and I love looking at all your progress pics!!
    3239 days ago
    I also did not know about the mutual friend, off to check it out, so thanks! Also added you as my new friend!

    3239 days ago
  • SUNNYDJ1971
    There is not much else I can say, but you are THE BEST! I am so glad you and I are friends! I love your blogs!
    3248 days ago
    Branching from another friend and adding you! Thanks for the mutual friend tip!
    3248 days ago
    It's always something new to learn..and find out..on Sparks...
    Wonderful of you to sharethis..Thanks!!!! emoticon
    3250 days ago
    HAHA! Isn't it funny that there are features of this site that take us forever to discover (i.e. just today I discovered the wonderful Summary Calendar!! HELLO!! How did I miss this?!!?)! I'm off right now to look at what you've shown us!

    Oh, and those puppies are ADORABLE!!
    3250 days ago
    Hey...I didn't know about all the options in the Friend Feed! Thanks...I was always feeling guilty for not keeping up and never knowing when someone had added me. This is awesome!
    3252 days ago
    Cowboy Puppy Up!! Thanks for the info & I won't be sneaking around as much now! ;)
    3253 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Well now I'm feeling rather DUH because I've never noticed that option. In clicking it I see that a few folks had added me as a friend that I didn't know about. Thanks for this blog!
    3254 days ago
    Cool blog, Cute pics.

    3254 days ago
    Hey Sherlyn, I didn't know about the mutual friends feature, thanks for that info. And more importantly, awesomeness on the weight loss, you keep rockin' it, my friend. You are such a motivator, even when you showed a gain, you still just kept doing what needed to be done. I do appreciate you!!!
    3254 days ago
    Hi Sheryl, I'm adding you as a friend! Hugs, my new friend! Wilma.
    3254 days ago
    Didn't know about the mutual friend thing. Can't wait to check it out! I try my best to keep up with everyone's blogs but it's hard. And also remove friends after 90 days of inactivity so I can make room for more invested Sparkfriends. emoticon
    3254 days ago
    Like you, I love to add new Sparkfriends who inspire me or whom I have something in common with. But, I also feel the need to clean house every few months of ones who have not been active for a while or who have had no connection with me whatsoever. Sparkfriends rock!!!
    3255 days ago
    As others have already stated, I didn't know about the mutual friend thing either. Heck, I didn't even know I could pick and choose what appears on my friend feed, thank you very much, now I can cut down the daily feed and not have to go back 3 or more pages to see things.

    3255 days ago
    OMGosh... I did not know of that feature either. I checked mine and I have over 100 people add me as a friend that I haven't added back. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Congrats on your 3lbs loss and your pup's are soooo cute.I want
    3255 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    WOW! Thank You! AWESOME!
    Very Dissapointed to see that some fellow Warriors haven't added me! :o(
    Your Sons a Smart Fella!
    LEON & CANDY are Adorable!!!!! :o)
    3255 days ago
    Hey! I did NOT know about the mutual friend thing! Something for me to poke around and see! Thanks! I am SO GLAD that we found each other as SparkFriends way back when! I can't even remember how it happened! You are a treasure! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3255 days ago
    I didn't know about that option! I need to go through some of my friends, too. Keep up the good work, Sherlyn. Keep on keepin' on!!
    3255 days ago
    I did NOT know about the mutual friend tip.... Thanks for sharing!!! I also recently went back and deleted well over 100 people--- ones that have not been active in the last 90 days or so and those that I haven't heard from. I used to just automatically add anyone who added me, but now I do the same as you... I will only add someone if they leave me a note on my page or blog. THe last part of your blog (the one with the question marks) is so encouraging... just what I needed to read today. Thanks!
    3255 days ago
    I've also found some very inspiring blogs through mutual "befriending" -- and look how you and I first met! It was just meant to be. And I'm so pleased for you that those lbs keep rolling off! You go, girlfriend!
    3255 days ago
    Kewwlllll blog, Sheryl. I did know about the mutual friends thingie, but I'm sure many don't . Thanks for being a helpful sparkie and well as an encouraging, loving one!
    Your sparkly friend,
    PS Thanks so much for the sweet, flattering sentiments spoken on my mommy blog!!!!!! (BLUSH) emoticon
    3255 days ago
    Well, I am definitely so glad that I met YOU on here and am so blessed that you added me and have been such an encouragement and source of support and love.

    I did not know about the mutual friend lookup so I will look that that. Thank you for teaching me something new today!

    Anna emoticon
    3255 days ago

    I, too, hesitate to add spark friends because I think I can't keep up with them. Perhaps I could cut down on what I see in my friend feed.

    I like your idea of leaving a comment when you add as a friend. To be honest, that is often how I determine whether or not I add someone as a friend. If they haven't taken the time to message me in some way and let me know why they added me, I simply leave a comment on their page and thank them for the add. If I don't hear back from them, I let it go.

    I do update my friend's list and delete some, but there are a few who I know come back after a long time away, and I am always hesitant to delete them. If they come back and all their friends have left them, what is there to bring them back again. I have about 5 like this that I keep on my friend list even if I haven't seem them on Spark for several months.

    I didn't know I could see who has added me and I haven't added, etc. I will need to check that out. I do like how the Spark chain grows.

    3255 days ago
    You're doing a great job! Glad you're rockin' the strength training! YAY!
    3255 days ago
    Yep, I think your son has it right!! I LOVE your ( emoticon ) points! Soooo, so, so true! Great job. Keep it up!! You'll be at goal before you know it!
    3255 days ago
    um your frenchies are ADORABLE!!!!! what a great breed of dog and I bet you laugh every day with them! Yes I love meeting new friends of friends, (like you!). I have made very wonderful friendships here for sure. I do the best I can to stay up with people and there are a handful whom I consider my BFF's who are necessary to my daily life. I love reading about new people and there stuggles and successes. I love spark, too!
    3255 days ago
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