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Finally RESULTS! :) From 208 lbs to 190 lbs! 1st goal MET! :):)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm sooooooooooo happy!!! All the hard work exercising & the resistance to everything sweet & fatty IS FINALLY PAYING OFFFFFFFF!!

at one point, i actually thought that i'll never get the scale 2 budge, but it finally did! YAY!

i decided 2 use a measuring tape & get on the scale every 2 weeks instead of every week (also cuz of the water retention before periods). i found out that i lost 4 cms from my hips (from 132 cms to 128 cms) (FINALLYYYYY) , & 4 cms from EACH thigh (from 82 cms to 78 cms) !!! :):)

it really feels great! it is sooooooooo worth all the times my body ached from the cardio & strength training! :):)

& it really makes all the difference in the world that i track my food intake everyday on SP, i never thought it was that important :)

even on my cheat day, i'm not inclined 2 go absolutely crazy! & in restaurants i try 2 pick one item that i really want (say a big juicy steak with sauce) with veggie sides instead of potatoes or pasta or rice :):)

it really isn't easy, but u get used 2 it that it's a "way of life" , not a "diet".

i use olive oil instead of butter now , even on cheat days & i'm careful 2 use a capful (1/2 tbsp) at a time. Also splenda & pure sugarless vanilla extract r lifesavers :)

i learned how 2 make low calorie stuff that is good enough 2 eat on cheat days as well as regular days.

i met my 1st goal, but i have a long way ahead of me :) Still i couldn't feel happier or more accomplished :)

& i will do my hardest 2 control my intake during the upcoming holidays :( (gosh i'm so scared of that! :( )

at least i need 2 keep working out, even if it's just a walk on hopping on stationary bike!

prayers 2 all with that! :):)

Happy holidays everyone! :)
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