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feeling LEFT out and punished

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Am I the only one who feels like they are being punished during the holiday season? Holidays are hard enough to get through with all the family stressers and drama, add the fact that I am trying to get healthy and can't eat all the goodies that I love are pushing me over the cliff. I LOVE to eat...plain and simple. I really love to eat during the holiday season. So what is happening is I'm blowing. All these months of hard work and doing the right thing are just non existent right now. Here is my plan. For the next few weeks I am going to stick strickly to my meal plan but on the weekends will allow myself to do the holiday thing. I will also make sure that I keep doing my walks (will be easy since I have dogs to walk) and hopefully I'll get past these next 2 holidays with minimal damage. I've had people tell me to make the low cal. version of this and that, it's still as godd...blah blah blah. NO, NO it's not as good. Eat nuts it'll fill you up, um, maybe but I'll still want my mashed potatoes and punkin pie. And the cheese platters just call my name. I am just being honest with myself here. I want the holiday punch, I want the brownies my little nephew worked so hard to make. So here it is, straight eating is going to suck the next 2 months on the weekends, although I will keep to my exercise regimine. I wish you all luck during this time, I know I'll need it.
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    Thank you, SandyJake for your honest blog. I have always lived to eat - not eat to live. I love food, too, so making changes is often difficult unless I can successfully remind myself that I want to be healthier, and I can't if I'm constantly stuffing myself. Fortunately, we'll be spending Thanksgiving at my Daughter's - no leftovers for me to gorge on, and I will be diligent about taking smaller portions that I want, with no seconds.

    Christmas dinner will be another story - it's to be at my house this year, and I'm planning a big dinner. BUT, I've already served notice to my DH that I'm sending home lots of leftovers w/my kids.

    Now to keep up with exercise....Good luck/planning/eating to all of us who have problems at holiday times.
    2780 days ago
    Do you think you can limit yourself a bit more? I know that FOR ME, blowing my diet 2 days a week is going to result in large weight gains, and I fear it will for you too. You give yourself away when you write: "HOPEFULLY I'll get past these next 2 holidays with minimal damage." That tells me your "plan" is not one YOU have much faith in!

    Also, my personal experience: we went on a long vacation. I gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted, as much as I wanted. I ADORE/am ADDICTED TO sugar in all its forms -- and you know I dessert as much as I could. I stuffed my pie-hole with food, glorious food! I stuffed myself SO MUCH that I was near to feeling sick; there were actually 3 occasions that I could not eat dessert! So it is my FIRM belief that YES, you CAN fill up on your diet foods.

    You are not being punished; you are pursuing your goals (or not), and making choices. Is there NOTHING on your diet that you ENJOY? I should hope that there is (I'd think I was on the wrong diet if I did not have anything on it that I enjoyed eating...). Stock up on those "legal" things. Assuming that your nephew doesn't live with you, then you will have a good idea when those brownies are going to make their appearance, and you can fill up on other things such that you want only a small piece of Nephew's temptation.

    I'd also wish you "best of luck" -- but really, I'm wishing you "better planning!"
    2780 days ago
    This will be a hard thing for me, too. I have always been a big eater and have had to work hard to cut down so that I could get healthier! I will do as I did last year and try to eat some of all of it but not all of it!!

    Your dog is beautiful! We have a German Shepard, too, but she looks small compared to your big boy.
    2780 days ago
    excellent idea about the portion sizes...I will definately try that. See? I thought that I was on a whole new thought process about my eating and the thought of eating what I want just smallers portions never crossed my mind. All I was thinking was I'm being punished because I'm fat and want to get healthy. Grrrrrrrrrr that makes me mad at myself, but no matter. I' will survive this one way or another. Thanks for the comment
    2780 days ago
    I completely understand where you are coming from! This is such a hard time of year for trying to get healthy! My plan is similar to yours, but instead of just letting myself go on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I plan to eat the things I want, but just eat much smaller portions than I have in years past. Instead of stuffing myself to the brink of exploding and then going back for seconds (yeah... I've done that almost every year!) I'm going to sensibly make my plate (complete with the potatoes and pie) and when its gone, its gone! Even doing this, I don't doubt that I will blow my calorie budget on both of the big days, but I also know that by continuing exercising and keeping with my goals the rest of the time, the damage will not be nearly as severe. I also know that by planning for this, instead of holding myself to unreasonable goals and failing miserably at them, I will not just give up and fall off the wagon once all is said and done. Best of luck to you over the next few months, and savor those treats! And good for you being realistic yet motivated in your goals!
    2780 days ago
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