T-49 "NO LONGER A HERMIT!" I love seeing old friends NOW!

Friday, November 12, 2010

T-49 Days til New Years. Not the HERMIT I once was. I now LIKE bumping into old friends…

I am a very social and friendly person. I love people. My weight gains changed all that.
When I would go places I avoided eye contact for the most part and that is SO unlike me.
I just hoped and prayed I would not see anyone I knew because of how I felt about my weight.

Can any of you relate?

Back in 87-2000 I worked in the Personnel Office of a large company here in our town.
We employed 500 people. I helped many many people on a daily basis over those 13 yrs. Since I was the go-to girl for all their problems from paychecks to insurance the employees mostly men (along with their spouses) grew to rely on me for lots of issues.

I was 110 (too low) when I started that job and had 2 babies while I was there…and my weight stayed around 140. Obviously I was up and down but 170 was high for me unless I was pregnant.

Everywhere I go now I see people that remember me from those years. I see lots of employees, ex employees (we had a turnover over 400 people a month).. so TONS of people know me.
NO I am not that great but believe me .. “people remember you when you did their benefits, fixed their check problems, gave them a Christmas ham (from the company), or just dealt with them on a daily basis”

SO a trip to Wal Mart the last 10 yrs has been dreaded by me! A trip ANYWHERE has been dreaded!

Family get togethers like holidays were so dreaded over ONE stinkin’ thing.. my weight!
I put on a smiling face and usually ended up enjoying myself but the
thought of my weight NEVER left my mind…..
SUCKS huh?


NOW I don’t dread the holidays at all because I like my weight…. I want to be slimmer but I am comfortable in my own skin now. I don’t feel ‘skinny’ but I do feel “normal” does that make sense??

Now I go to town gladly to get groceries to run errands. I love seeing people I know and talking to them... Some comment about how good I look.

Some I don't think notice the weightloss so much or if they do they don't say anything.
THat is ok... I like the compliments but I like feeling comfortable in my own skin more!

THEN somethimes I get comments that put you on a cloud for the rest of the day like
WOW you have really lost allot of weight.. OR
Sherlyn.. you are looking so good.. so HEALTHY!... (now that one I really like because I wanna look healthy)

I don't mind the questions like "how much have you lost or what are you doing to lose weight" I know some sparkers have blogged that they don't like those kind of questions!

I love answering them! I always mention Sparkpeople! (wink)

I will get to my goal pants one day…. SHOOTING FOR NEW YEARS DAY!
HUGS TO EACH and everyone of you that stop by … I am THANKFUL for your support!

11/7 176
11/8 175
11/9 174.8
11/10 174
11/11 173.4
11/12 173.4

MY eating is right on..
I am guzzling water,
I am ST and

HOw bout you.. are you on top of your game?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes!!! I can relate.

    Not sure how I got to your blog but I sure am glad that I did!!!!!! First of all - I gave up all the whites - sugar, flour etc. etc. a few years ago (perhaps Suzanne Sommers diet?) I felt good and made progress toward my goals. Several "re-starts" later I'm still stalling... this blog - about being a hermit - is me. never put it into words or thought about it as you did - but it is the truth. Will spend some time reading your earlier blogs NOW! emoticon

    You look emoticon
    3259 days ago
    I am on top of my game. After that rough weekend. It's like I took a step back. But you know what I'm taking 3,4,5,6 steps forward. I felt so terrible yesterday (Monday) bcus of the weekend stuffing my face what sugar and floury foods. I don't want to feel like that again. It felt soooo terrible. Next time I think about putting something that I can't have that's not on this program I'm going to think of yesterday on how I felt. It was a hang over for sure. LOL!!

    Great job on weight loss and committed exercising. U LOOK GREAT!!

    3262 days ago
    Woohoo! You are amazing!
    3264 days ago
    You are RAAWWWWWKIN, SHERYL, and I'm SO FREAKIN' PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!! What more can I say?????? Oh....okay, did I say........YOU FREAKIN' LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! XO MARYANN emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3264 days ago
    You know I can just see it in your pictures how much, dare I say it, friendlier you look.

    My situation is a little different. I have been overweight since I was in 2nd grade. What I am noticing is that I do like to go out more and I am more apt to actually start a conversation. I am not afraid to smile at someone and say "Hi" and I am not anywhere near my goal weight! I have gained so much confidence since starting SP. Someone asked me when I started getting comments on my weight loss and mostly I don't give anyone a chance. I am telling them how much I've lost and about SparkPeople before they even can comment.

    Isn't this so great? Today is a great day!

    Anna emoticon
    3265 days ago
    I can totally relate. Still yet, when I have what I feel are "fat" days those feelings come back. I would love to get rid of them once and for all.
    3265 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    I'm disapointed in myself because last Christmas I was a smokin, size 10, 130, lbs. Now I'm a can't zip up size 16s, 150 lbs! Its amazing how much difference 20 lbs can make on my small frame!
    I have always been self concious, even more so since I've put on this weight.:o(
    I was looking at a picture of me from about 7 years ago and I don't even reconize myself! :o(
    3265 days ago
    Have to say I agree. A few years ago we moved to a new state. None of my current friends here have ever known me thin. When I go back home to visit family, I feel embarrassed about myself and don't want to run into any of my old friends. I am planning on being in maintenance mode by the time next summer hits!

    You are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work :O) emoticon
    3265 days ago
    emoticon This sounds normal to me. I personally haven't felt that way, but some of my friends have expressed that very thing. I don't know why it didn't bother me. I am not wanting to bump into old friends now, but it because of losing my job and the way it was done. I find I want to do my shopping after midnight when Walmart isn't so busy. Hmmm .... what is wrong with that picture? lol I must be weird. Just to get back to you I'd like you to know that I am so proud of YOU! You not only look great but you sound wonderful! Keep smiling sunshine. emoticon
    3265 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/13/2010 7:37:01 AM
    I can TOTALLY relate to your blog. Gaining weight has totally changed my personality, it's really sad! Thank you for the motivation, I also want to look forward to things I currently dread:)
    3265 days ago
    I honestly had hoped that losing weight would help me come out of my shell, but honestly it hasn't! I am really going to blog about this soon, because I hate the fact that I am anti-social. You don't mind if I steal your blog idea, do you? ;o)

    I will say, though, I am no longer embarrassed to meet new people--- my husband's co-workers in particular. I always used to feel that they were judging me by my weight at first glance. Now they look at me and say to my husband (in front of me) "THAT'S your wife???? She's pretty!!!!" Like they don't think my husband could have a pretty wife, lol... When I went to my sister's wedding, her MIL said "Oh, this is your younger sister?"--- when I am 5 yrs older, lol... (felt bad for my sis, though, because she gets a lot of 'you look old' comments).

    3265 days ago
    You are amazing! Thanks so much for cheering me on!

    It's weird but people always accepted me even when I was heavier. Now however, my weight loss is getting noticeable and everyone is noticing it. It makes me said I am happier finally liking myself.
    3266 days ago
    I'm like you. I love feeling comfortable the way I am now. I saw my grandparents a couple of weeks ago. The last time I had seen them before that was before I started this plan. They were amazed with how I looked. Well, while we were out shopping last night we went by their house to visit for a short while and my grandpa said "You're still slimming down". My hubby had to go by and do something for them today after work and he told him, "She's looking good, huh." That makes you feel so good to hear that people notice that. I actually don't mind looking in the mirror in the morning anymore when I'm in my bra and panties and getting ready. That darn ol' baby belly's not anything like it use to be. Keep up the great work, Sherlyn!
    3266 days ago
    Can I relate? Boy, can I! I'm ashamed to admit it, but I don't even like getting groceries any more because the supermarket is where I ALWAYS run into people I used to work with or others that I haven't seen for a while. Sometimes, hubby gets a grocery order by himself and I'll make some excuse not to go. (Yes, he's definitely a keeper!) I, too, am a pretty outgoing person -- I don't seek attention, but I really enjoy being with people and having conversations. Putting these extra pounds on since I stopped working has really hampered that. So, yes -- I sure do relate!

    You look fantastic, Sherlyn, and you sure shouldn't avoid seeing people any more. Wait til all those compliments start flooding in!
    3266 days ago
    Ahhh, Sherlyn, I am SO proud of you! You inspire me so much!!! Thank you for an inspiring blog to keep me upbeat and hopeful! emoticon emoticon
    3266 days ago
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