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Friday, November 12, 2010

I had yesterday all planned out. My schedule was set, my food was planned and tracked, and I was going to zumba in the evening.

That is until Hubby-to-be called and said that he wanted to hang out with our best friends that we haven't seen in weeks...

So I obliged and decided to skip Zumba and go to the gym instead. I got on the treadmill and my friend Jen called. Jen's boyfriend is out of the country and she is lonely and depressed.... so I talked to her for over 30 minutes and made plans for tonight.... but I got off of the treadmill to talk to her and never got back on. EPIC FAIL #1 of the day...

I then get changed back into my non-exercise clothes and sit on the couch for 45 minutes and watch a show from our DVR... at this time my brain says "Remember you have that delicious 75% dark chocolate with Espresso in the kitchen.... you NEED to eat some NOW!'... and so I ventured to the kitchen and ate THREE squares. EPIC FAIL #2 of the day...

And to make matters worse I then head over to our friends for dinner... we ordered out. I did not want a salad, TOM wanted pizza.... and I once again gave in to the inner monster that plagues me once a month. I ordered a small vegetable pizza. Did I share? HELL NO! I ate... and ate... and ate. I ate 6.5 of the 8 slices of the small pizza. It was delicious but uncalled for... EPIC FAIL #3 for the day...

I am going to blame yesterday's indulgence on TOM. It is in the past and today is a new day. Today I am going to be good.

On a good note... I did drink 12 glassed of water yesterday.

On another good note... I still ate less carbs and more protein that I typically do! SCORE!

On another positive note... Today was weigh-in day. I weighed in 2.4# less than yesterday morning. WHAT?!?! After all of that overeating I lost weight?!?! SCORE!

I find that once a month of so I have a day when I give in to temptation.., and it is usually as TOM is starting...

I also find that because I binge so infrequently that when I do it causes me to lose additional weight. It is almost as if my body craves those binge days so that it can re-stock and drop the excess weight... It know it is odd but this is not the first time I have posted a significant loss after a night of over-eating...

Has this ever happened to you?

Today's Food Blog: Today is another low-carb day...


Dunkin Donut's Multi-Grain Bagel w/ Light Cream Cheese and a Iced Gingerbread Coffee with Milk


HUGE SALAD with Spinach, Carrots, Mushroom, Pepper, Onion, Feta Cheese, Cucumber, Tomato, and sunflower seeds topped with Kraft Light Raspberry Vinigarette Dressing!
... and a Coke Zero for a little variety ...


Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna

Pre-Bed Snack:

We tried to make brownies without eggs because we did not have any... instead we got this chocolatey blob... it still tasted good though!!!

Macros (Not including dessert until I know what it is...)
Calories: 1,170
Carbs: 156g
Fat: 43g
Protein: 46g
Sodium: 3,048mg
.... I am a tad over my low-carb goal for the day and a tad under my protein goal for the day.... and I am way over on sodium (but I will just drink extra water to make up for it)!!!!!

I am excited for both Bootcamp and Zumba tomorrow morning!!!!!

Have a SPARKTASTIC Friday!!!!
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  • no profile photo CD4400837
    I think I'm going to try your pizza diet! Didn't you also have pizza about a month ago or so and weighed in the next morning showing a weight loss?
    I understand about TOM too. I'm the same way. I just let myself eat what I crave and not worry about it.
    emoticon emoticon
    3873 days ago
    We've all been there! Binge and binge and binge...then step on the scale and....LOSE WEIGHT! just move on from the mistake. You'll be fine.
    3873 days ago
  • ICKA_2
    I can eat 6 slices of pizza too =( actually I could probably have eaten all 8 lol. But it didn't do your progress any harm so yay! Sometimes it really is ok to induldge once in awhile
    3873 days ago
    WHAT? all these people have success after a slip up, i DO NOT. EVER. i even THINK about a slip up and I gain! nevermind the fact that even when I DONT slip up I gain!! Ive been eating perfectly for almost four weeks, and steadily losing. until this week I am up two pounds for noooo apparant reason, no tom, no sodium overload, and its not coming off! sooo frustrating!
    Good job on losing though! sometimes being flexible and skipping the gym makes you more motivated to work hard the next day. have a great weekend!!
    3873 days ago
    I've found that it happens to me sometimes, too. I once ate way too much at a fast food place a few months back, and somehow lost weight. I'm guessing my body was not used to the fast food and wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible!
    3873 days ago
    LOL @ "EPIC FAILS"-- we've ALL done them, babe. MANY times. I have at least a couple "epic fails" in my healthy attempts each week. Meh. It's a new day. My most recent "fail" was Wednesday night... had a dinner date with a friend-- a little later than usual at 7:30, since she had a hair appt and I was giving lessons. Well, 7:30 turned into 8:20 after her appt. went long, and I was SO STARVING by then, that I gobbled up my whole meal with extra dipping sauce for the shrimp and finished off HER meal, and ate a huge piece of bread, and a scoop of butter pecan ice cream-- ALL PAST 8:30 AT NIGHT. Gaaaahh not so great. I'm STILL up 2.5# since Wednesday mornings weigh-in (been weighing every day this week to see how my food the day before affects my weight in the morning). Cripes. I hope I don't KEEP GAINING for the whole next week on my vacation! It will be a trick to keep it off.... Hmm..

    Other notes... WTG ON THE 2.4#! That rocks. ;) Just goes to show that you're body is so used to being healthy, it's just going to keep on keepin' on. :) Oh- and your salad looks DELICSH! :)
    3873 days ago
    There is quite a bit of research to suggest that your leptin (hormone which monitors your nutrition status to the body) levels plummet up to 50% when you begin a diet with calorie restriction to reduce body fat. The bad thing about plummeting leptin levels is that this puts in you in a prime position to save fat in stead of burning it. So your pig-out sessions help bump up your leptin levels, causing your body to release fat because it doesn't perceive a nutrition crisis. Sounds confusing, but the research is quite clear. People who were on calorie deficits and then received leptin injections to boost leptin levels dropped more weight than those who just stayed with their calorie restrictive diets. So once a week or so, it's ok to pig out.
    3873 days ago
    Make sure you post that recipe with the quinoa. Sounds yummy! I agree that may be your body does crave those extra calories. You have been working hard so it makes sense to me. And since you don't do it everyday you aren't going to see the gain!!

    Have a great weekend!!
    3873 days ago
    isn't that crazy when you lose weight after pigging out??! i think that's why 'calorie cycling' works... because if i ate that much every day, i'd surely gain weight, but when I eat like that once in awhile, I lose! It's weird!! Like my 8 cookies yesterday, and I'm down 1.4 lbs from yesterday.. odd.
    3873 days ago
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