T-50 days! Burn, baby Burn! SEE pics of MY NU-WAVE OVEN!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

T-50 days til New Years Day 2011!!! I am on FIRE BABY! I Love my NU-WAVE OVEN!

I have done great… I am on track… eating as I should. No sugar or flour and following the Why Can’t I Stop Eating food plan now for 3 ½ mos.

It is just a normal way of eating for me… no diet here!

I bought the neatest cooker I have ever seen about 2 mos. ago. It is great!

Yep, I was watching an infomercial! LOL
YES IT has been one of the best buys I have ever made! (that was such a relief! (wink)

It cooks from a frozen state and THAT really got my attention!

I have cooked chicken, pork chops, steaks, egg rolls (for the family)… basically anything I fix in my oven.. I fix in this now. My kids love how quick it is… course I DO TOO!

4 chicken breasts take me about 14 minutes total. 24 or so if they are frozen.
I did porkchops the other nite and they took 25 minutes and the were frozen.
Frozen Salmon took about 15 minutes total the other day. It was delicious but my husband ATE MOST OF IT! LOL
Thawed Tilapia takes me about 7 minutes total.

It has a timer so I can set it and go about my business! The food doesn’t get dried out. It will brown it too… and like the porkchops.. once they got slightly brown then I put foil over them to keep them from getting more brown. Then I continued to cook them.

It comes with a quick reference cooking guide to tell you an idea of the time it takes for fresh or frozen meats.

It will do Steaks, Roasts, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Pork Chops, Spare Ribs, hotdogs, chicken, turkey, (whole turkeys and whole chickens too! COOL)
Fish ( I have done Salmon and Tilapia)
Seafood, like scallops or lobster. Etc.

Vegetables like potatoes, corn on the cob, squash

You can bake apples or pears in it!

Mine came with a Pizza “kit” so I can do homemade pizza in it too!
I can do me a chicken breast or pork chop NO MATTER what I am cooking for supper…. I can always have something that TASTES like it took a long time… but in reality… it didn’t!

NOW my family is wanting more of what I eat.. because they love how the food tastes on this cooker.


I love Cavendars Seasonings but I use the one with NO SALT for me.

I love spicy seasonings….especially like the chicken has on it above. THAT is FAJITA LIME seasoning by Mrs. Dash.

Ask my any question you want.

OH I PAID 150.00 total for mine but I got a couple of extra things like an extender that makes the “dome lid” taller so I can do a whole chicken or ham or turkey that might weigh 16 lbs or so!

Isn't the sunlight pretty on this plate of food.. it was pouring thru the picture window and I captured it!!!

11/7 176
11/8 175
11/9 174.8
11/10 174
11/11 173.4

Still dropping... and very pleased with that

THANK YOU SPARKER FRIENDS for supporting me!
HUGS to each of you!

Here is a picture of my granddaughter Jada. She wanted to get in the pen WITH the puppies!

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