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Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Tuesday I was at the job centre and as I was about to leave, I happened to see something that looked interesting. It was an ad for training as a bus driver, for women only. I asked my advisor if he could have a look at it. I've always liked driving and all through my life I've occasionally thought of working a a bus driver, but I've never done anything about it as the thought of sitting at the wheel of a London double decker scares me stiff. Bus companies give you training if you apply to them, and paying you pretty good money too. I'd never applied as I'd have felt too embarrassed to have to drop out when I was getting paid to learn, but this course was through the job centre and I wouldn't be getting paid, so I felt a little braver. The first two weeks were class based, while the last two weeks would be half class based and half work experience (in other words, sitting on the bus). I thought I'd dare - worst case scenario, I'd only waste a few days of their time before running off, and they wouldn't be paying me. To make a long story short, the lady on the phone had said that if I could make it there by 2.30 pm I could start this week. It was gone 12.30 and I left the job centre in a hurry. I cycled home like a mad person to drop the bike (it was pouring and I was too scared to cycle as far as the bus depot), then ran back out. I caught a bus from the main road. I would have walked to Finsbury Park but the bus arrived as I was approaching the stop, and as I was in such a hurry I jumped on it. I then jumped off and legged it to the other bus stop. This is when my bag flew behind me, with almost 5 kg of book inside, and, still running, I threw my arm back and half turned to grab it before it hit someone, and kept running for the other bus. By the time I sat down I realised I'd pulled a muscle when grabbing my bag. I made it just in time, only to find that this course was basically a con (among other things, they did no work practice) and if I wanted to do a proper one I would still have to go approach a bus company. Incidentally, when I saw the course at the job centre it appeared as if it was run by a bus company, but they certainly weren't.

That evening I missed a concert I had tickets for as I'd left them home in my hurry to be on time for this course, and by the time I'd got back and out again I'd have been late.

So, a pulled lower back muscle and a missed free concert for a con. I wish these people advertised more honestly, although that'd probably be an oxymoron!

Anyway, the following day I was feeling better thanks to some anti-inflammatory pills I'd taken, and went for a little ride as it was gloriously sunny, if freezing cold!
I stopped at the open air gym to do some strength training. I did some arms stuff, then went for sit ups. I started with a set of 10 and since it seemed reasonably easy I went for a second set of 10, aiming for a total of 20. I got to 15 all right, then the muscle I'd pulled the day before started aching. By the 17th it was hurting but I thought "only 3 more" and went for the next one. That's when I collapsed back down in agony. Yes, I did bring it on myself, but at least I gave some onlookers a giggle when I struggled to get up again and failed for several minutes :D

To cheer myself up I went to a local cafe' where I treated myself to a hot chocolate, and after a while Maybe Baby of my last blog appeared. We ended up sitting in the cafe' with steaming hot drinks until late (when it closed and they chucked us out), and half arranging a dinner for the weekend, if some other stuff we had half planned with other people fell through.
I told him about the bus driving thing and he remarked: aren't you a bit too skinny to drive one of those huge things?
Boy, that was weird! Me? A bit too skinny for anything? It's the first time that someone who didn't know me before I lost weight has said anything about me being skinny.
I'll have to think this over. I don't think of myself as skinny, I don't see myself as skinny. I get annoyed when people who knew me before I lost weight keep going at me for going too far, as I'm just below my upper healthy BMI limit (by the way, those 3 kg I mentioned in a recent blog have also gone. They disappeared as soon as my period started last week). I don't see or think of myself as fat either. But if someone who's just met me remarks that I am too skinny for something, should I be worried????
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  • LEXIE63
    Judging by your reaction to the possibility of being a bus driver, and your disappointment at the con, I think it is something you really fancy doing, and I look forward to the day when you get your license and drive your bus to Colchester to pick me up for that day out on the Duck Pond!! :-)

    I think Maybe Baby was confusing skinny with lack of muscle/strength, and is assuming you need a heap of muscle to drive a bus.
    Was it a compliment? You decide. :-)
    Lex xxx
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3635 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4929386
    Hey - I think it's great you wanted to driver a bus.
    I have my bus licence and work for a tour company driving backpackers round Scotland. I don't driver so much now but I loved it when I did.
    I'm also a qualified bus driving instructor and would suggest if you're seriously keep to go through a local transport bus company as they usually offer training as a condition to working with them for a certain length of contract.
    Onec you have your licence there are loads of options - coach driving, community transport, overseas coaching. Loads! I'm excited just writing about it!


    PS. I think the skinny comment was definitely a compliment.

    3635 days ago
    No, I think you're basically perfectly fit, and what he has in mind is something I just can't understand. Some bus drivers in my town are girls and they drive better than men- where's the problem? In the mind of the viewer. Maybe he wanted to pay you a compliment - thin is a compliment now!!!
    Good for you to have met him though emoticon
    3636 days ago
    I agree with Kelpie.
    Just accept the flattery.

    Hope you have gotten over the soreness.
    What a con eh? Missing the concert and all.

    Take it easy with exercising. emoticon
    3637 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    Firstly, do not worry at all, be flattered. He obviously sees bus driving as it used to be, hard work that requires muscles!
    As for the rest, really how are they allowed to advertise in the job centre!
    Hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    3637 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    Firstly, do not worry at all, be flattered. He obviously sees bus driving as it used to be, hard work that requires muscles!
    As for the rest, really how are they allowed to advertise in the job centre!
    Hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    3637 days ago
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