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115 Pounds Lost: A Photo Blog

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've reached and passed my initial goal weight here on sparkpeople, and have, to date, lost 115 pounds. I can't even begin to describe the way my life has changed over the course of the past 16 months. Thanks to a fantastic support system--included in that this website!--I've got an entirely new life today! I'm going to let the pictures below do the talking!

This is my "before" picture at about 278 pounds, size 24

Side view at 278 lbs.

Dan and I took this picture while on a cruise right around our heaviest weights.

Messing around with friends about 20 pounds down.

This is me all dolled up for a friend's wedding in october 2009, about 20 pounds down.

I took this picture right before Christmas 2009. I weighed 239 lbs. here--40 down!

February 2010 at 226--50+ down!

April 2010 at 207--70 pounds down! (And Dan had just about hit his goal weight!)

May 2010 at 196--80 pounds down!

July 2010 at 180--Just shy of 100 pounds down!

Below are some pictures of me today at 115 pounds lost. I've gone from a size 24 jeans to a size 10, a size 2X top to a M, and can do all sorts of things today I never dreamed of being able to do in my entire life!

Here's me today!

Here's me from the side (being goofy)

Running has been really central to my journey. I never believed I'd be able to do it. This year I've participated in 5 5k's and watched my mile time go from a 15-minute mile pace to below a 10-minute mile pace. In this picture I'm running on the trail where I've shed the bulk of the weight I've lost!

Yoga has also been central to my journey!

I never believed I'd have the strength to ACTUALLY do yoga. This is me in one of my favorite inversions--and I'm happy to say I'm not, in fact, using the wall behind me!

I've also taken up biking....

...AND swimming. I'm training right now for a triathlon!

And I've learned entirely new ways of coping with life that don't involve food.

Words--and even pictures--can't do justice to the ways this journey has transformed my life, inside and out. Just 17 months ago I had given up on my health, my life, and myself entirely. I drank heavily, buried my feelings in food, and looked for any and every excuse not to participate in life. I was shut off from everything, unable to love or allow myself to be loved. It all started with a tiny spark--a quiet, hesitant question: what would a person who loved herself do right now? And a flame grew from there!

There was no magic in any of what I did (although the experience did feel, in many ways, very magical!). I counted calories, ate healthier foods, and became more active. I also surrounded myself with positive support systems--LOTS of them--and took on only one day at a time. Perhaps most central, I commited myself to large scale change by fixing what was broken on the INSIDE. None of these things happened quickly or perfectly--the road was filled with plenty of bumps. So I fell down. But I always got back up.

"Fall down seven times. Get up eight." --Japanese Proverb
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