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Graphic Warnings Coming On Cigarette Packs

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Health News article mentioned the possible addition of "graphic warnings" to be added to cigarette packs. I'm not a smoker but I think it's a fantastic idea. They're talking about photos of cancer-wracked bodies, of babies in ventilators and bodies in the morgue.

They should expand that list to add photos of people dragging oxygen tanks everywhere they go because they can't breath without them, and a few graphic photos of folks in the hospital wards with half their throats and faces missing, breathing through tracheotomy tubes.

Now, if anyone reading this is a smoker, please know I say this out of concern and my experience as a registered nurse in Australia in the 1980's. I lost count of the number of patients who told me their sad, tragic stories about how they wished they'd listened to their doctors, friends, children etc BEFORE it was too late to reverse the damage done.

Even though I raised my five children in a non-smoking home, all three of my sons started smoking when they left home -- two of them when they joined the military. One quit a year ago. One is trying to quit. The other hasn't seen the truth yet.

Smoking doesn't just kill you. It robs you blind financially and physically. My son who quit once said, "Yeah, but not for thirty years."

My response was, "Don't bet on it, but if you do, just know that in thirty years, when you should still have years of life ahead of you, enjoying your children and grandchildren, you will be kicking yourself and wishing you hadn't ruined your health, and your life."

Bring on those graphic warnings! Every day, more children start smoking. I hope we can reach them before it's too late.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have also seen what smoking can do in the lives of those I love. I thank God that was a habit that never appealed to me.

    When i visited my doctor last week, he had pictures he had taken of various trips abroad. One showed cases of cigarettes for sale with very large warnings on each carton. There were a variety of messages and they could not be ignored. I should have asked him where that was. It looked pretty impressive to me. At least, you could not deny seeing the message everytime you purchased cigarettes.
    2746 days ago
  • SJG1953
    My mom and dad both died too young because of cigarette smoking. :(
    2746 days ago
  • ASMPP1
    I agree. I have seen the result of too many who have smoked and what has happened to them.
    2747 days ago
    My problem with this is, it's not really DEALING with the situation. Does anyone actually think that putting an image of a guy with X's over his eyes, or some graphic like that, will stop one single person from smoking? There are already warnings all over the box.
    I don't smoke. No one in my house does... for the reasons that are obvious to you and me. But those reasons... the logical, sane, real reasons, are lost to people who smoke. Putting a cartoon image of a dead person on the side of a pack of cigarettes isn't going to matter to someone who smokes. They know smoking will hurt them and possibly kill them. They have made a lifestyle choice.
    You wanna stop people from smoking? Educate the kids. Spend the money... you know, all that money that was won then the government sued the tobacco companies? (gee.. where did all THOSE millions of dollars go?) Teach them not to make the most stupid choice of their lives. The government should actually ENGAGE in this problem... not just dance around it and then pat themselves on the back for a job well done.
    2747 days ago
    I think it is a good idea. I have never smoked (very allergic to it, and just think of all the things it does to your body, both inside and out), but my brother and sister both do or did. Why would you choose to do that to your body?
    2748 days ago
    don't smoke but cool idea!
    2748 days ago
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